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19th August 2010, 01:10
Here's an interesting story for you all. As some of you might know, I spent a few days in Chicago this week with a close friend. This gave me a good opportunity to explore a city I haven't visited in ages.

Anyway, here's the story. I was in the back of a cab returning from downtown Chicago to the hotel we had rented. We were pulling onto a busy street, attempting a left turn, when a car speeds around the corner. Unable to merge into the steady stream of traffic, we were stuck in his lane. Amazingly, the car just missed a collision with us. All of this happened in a matter of seconds. The car, somehow, managed to swerve around the cab and brake just ahead. I've been in many "close calls," but this one tops the list.

The first thing I did, after catching my breath, was to look down at my IPhone. On it's screen was the title of an online news article. The article was entitled, "Protected."

Throughout my life, I've had strange occurrences where I clearly was "protected," in some way or another. I'll use one example. One time while I was in a friend's garage, had I not moved a pace forward, I would have been crushed by a falling rafter.

And always, following these "close calls," I hear, for lack of a better word, the same message. It basically relays, "Close call, eh? Don't worry, though. We got you covered for now. Maybe after you do what you need to do here, we'll let the rafter take you out. But 'til then, you're safe."

Anyway, I was wondering if any others on this forum have had a similar experience, or any other "peak experiences," that they are willing to discuss and share. I'm more than willing to elaborate on my experience, as well as the other "close calls" I've been so lucky as to survive.

19th August 2010, 01:41
Hi there cipher,
That is an interesting story, especially the part where you noticed the title "Protected" on your IPhone. I am glad you were unharmed. I do remember telling you to "stay safe" on your trip. Glad to have you back!

A New Hope Reborn
23rd August 2010, 14:15
don't no if this counts but early on this year i was at a traffic light waiting to cross, just when the light turned green for me to cross i noticed a truck was approaching the crossing, then i got a strong feeling out of nowhere that if i crossed the truck would speed up and hit me. the feeling was so strong that i stop'et crossing and quickly went back. any how the truck stop'et just at the white line. the situation was strange could have been my imagination but i was thinking of some thing totally different so i don't know.