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24th August 2012, 22:49
Hello all,
Why do some see right through things and others blindly believe it (Genises, Anunnaki, etc)? For example, I have had my own beliefs since I was a child. I grew up in a Church going Presbyterian family. I believe in God, a divine being, great spirit, etc.. I also believe in the Anunnaki. When Obe Wan Kenobi described and explained "The Force" to young Luke in the original Star Wars, he put into words something that I had felt and believed since a child. Just always understood what The Force was, how it worked, etc..

When even as a child reading Genisis, Ezekial, etc, I knew without a doubt some of what it was talking about were two races of beings. I learned later what I was thinking was the other race was the Anunnaki and us. Now why would I think that as a child, not having read anything on the subject or been exposed to such ideas? It is like I could just naturally read between the lines , just common sense. And to me it was just plainly saying that there were two races of beings when it said things like "The sons of God and the daughters of men", plain and simple.

And something else. We have something like 300,000, 000 stars/suns in our galaxie alone. We have nine planets around ours but just say each sun has just 3 planets. That is over 900, 000, 000 planets in our galaxie alone. Surely common sense would tell someone we are not the only planet with intelligent life on it out of 900, 000, 000?!? If God created us and our world, he created them, and why not life on them, or perhaps his fellow Gods developed each his own planet or solar system? Just more food for thought! We have all read and heard of Alien abductions, Alien Hybrids, etc. Well, I don't doubt it because I have seen people in big cities, amongst crowds, etc, that are so funny looking there is not a doubt in my mind they are alien hybrids. Just my own opinion of course. Look at the attached pic. Well known actress, etc, but the moment I saw her and that high, huge cranium and pinched face and mouth I thought that is a perfect example of a perfected "Alien Hybrid" would look like! What do you think: http://www.theargonath.cc/characters/eowyn/pictures/etttdaughter5.jpg

I just wonder why some people have such open, enquiring minds, even as a child that can see through things. And other people just blindly believe and follow everything they are told or taught without "looking" and deciding with their own minds.
Just something to think about.

24th August 2012, 22:58
She is beautiful and fine, but to me what a perfected Alien Hybrid would look like. Might be one and not even know it. And perhaps the Aliens studying us know of ways of retrieving her memory, her knowledge of us. LOL!

24th August 2012, 23:07
Yep, I worked as a Correctional Officer in prisons. I know one inmate that was like that. Tall, lanky, and a head just like that pic of Eowyn, like an upside down lightbulb except his eyes were much bigger. I was working the yard during chow one day and he was in the chow line. He was a good fifty yards away and I was staring at him, watching him, thinking about who or what he was, how strange he was, abiout Aliens, wondering if he was a hybrid. Suddenly he whirled around and looked right at me! Did he catch on my brainwaves, read my thoughts?!? And at fifty yards I cold see those big eyes slowly blink! Dang, gave me the creeps. When I told my coworker to look and told him that had to be an Alien Hybrid. He just laughed at me and said I was nuts to believe in such crap and nonsense! Oh well, folks will be awakened one day and it will be a shock when "they" arrive, or come back!!

24th August 2012, 23:13
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Alien-Demon Breeding Facility
Posted on February 26, 2011 by admin

Denver Airport – Google Earth Coordinates 104 44 30 - 40 36 10
About to Be Unleashed
Way Too Close of an Encounter

Where to begin? So much information and so little time … right?

By now many people are aware that there have been numerous reports of “alien breeding” occurring in the Deep Underground Military Bases. As far back as 1991, the reports indicated that 1 in 40 “so called” humans walking among us are hybrids of some type. You have endless streams of information from people who have witnessed these abominations (alien breeding underground), and “not so surprisingly” they all seem to eventually “disappear”, “commit suicide”, or are found dead for “whatever” reason is presented.

The original “Dulce Papers” are still floating around the Internet in various locations. They show what is evidently a hand sketched drawing of alien-human hybrid creatures in various stages of development in an eerie laboratory setting complete with security cameras and strange glowing broths of chemicals. It’s pretty creepy to say the least.

Where is Branton?

Then you have the “Branton” works. Reportedly “Branton” is a “pen-name”. Understandably so. If you search on “Branton Alien Nazi Reptilian NWO Warning” you will likely find his most alarming account of this unbelievable information. Branton is supposedly a Christian. Branton was supposedly inside of these Deep Underground Bases and saw this stuff with his own eyes. Evidently this fellow Branton, has disappeared and no one knows where he is today.

Here is an excerpt from the Branton paper mentioned above. This is an excellent work and will “short circuit” your earthly sensibilities.

The Reptiloids in Alpha Draconis and Rigel Orion claim that they originated on earth in prehistoric times and were part of a bipedal reptilian or saurian race [like the cunning velociraptors?]. Now they are here to take back ‘their planet’ from the human race. In order to accomplish this, they are using multi-leveled deception and propaganda — mostly through ‘channeled’ information and through information conveyed to ‘abductees’ — to convince humans to capitulate themselves over to aliens ‘guides’ and thus allow the aliens access to their minds and in turn to our society in general.

- Branton Alien Nazi Reptilian NWO Warning

Sherry Shriner Works and Warnings

You also have the works of Sherry Shriner. Now I admit I have studied her work and indeed listened to her radio shows. She has some surprisingly accurate data presented in a number of transcripts and writings. She is a Book of Enoch fan, and is WAY ahead of most Christian researchers in her knowledge of the “intergalactic” nature of the forthcoming “alien invasion”. And her write-ups of these creatures and their “human looking” versions is nothing less that “jaw dropping”.

[edit to add: Christians are having trouble reconciling the entire Bible as 'the Word of God' -- [the only word -- not one of my personal beliefs, nor that the whole book is the 'Word'] w/this new info]

However I warn you. Ms. Shriner denigrates Paul the apostle (thus discredits 2/3rds of the New Testament) and she blasphemes the Holy Spirit and claims that anyone who “speaks in tongues” is of the Devil and demonic. So there you go! There is proof positive that all these sources must be kept at arms length. Do your homework and learn if you are so led, but be careful out there. Behind every learned mouthpiece is a potential deception that will “jettison” you directly into the Great Tribulation. Sadly she is (maybe unwittingly) one of those sources.

Breeding Obsession and Resources

It is no secret for any mediocre student of “alien-demon” abductions, “they” have been obsessed with the reproductive system of the human being for a very very long time. There are abduction records that go back into the 50′s when Eisenhower signed the alien 1954 Greada Treaty. And before then you can dig up records that indicate even Roosevelt had dealings with similar issues. You can even find the mysterious and cryptic speech of General MacArthur where he mentions to an academy of military students that the real threat is one not of this earth.



25th August 2012, 00:14
Thanks. Very interesting. Yep, I have alwasy read that this hybrid stuff is so that when there are enough of them they will turn on us and help them take over. Who knows. I would love to hear that speach in which McArthur talks about danger not of this world.Reagan said something about that.

25th August 2012, 00:30
Experience? That could be it.

Short and sweet, From the Heart,

Forgive me... I'm too tired to post anymore... LOL :confused: I thought about it and realized that the conversation going on had more legs then I did.

25th August 2012, 00:55
have you heard anything about this? -- tho i'm not so sure about the 'battle plans' -- the Annunaki, as you call them, consider deception aka lying an honorable tactic of war

http://phantomsandmonsters.wetpaint.com/page/Exclusive%3A+Former+Police+Officer+Recalls+Reptili an+Encounters%2C+Sightings

NOTE: the following is some background information, recollections of his abduction and his assessment of the reptilians and their agenda:

"I served in the 8th District, New Orleans Police Department, New Orleans, LA. My badge number was 1765. I was one of the few hundred officers that stayed throughout the Katrina disaster."

"I had a few reptilian abductions back in 2005. You may already be familiar with the reptilian sightings in New Orleans after Katrina. These were documented by Joe Montaldo's group, ICAR. Both Police and National Guardsmen had simultaneous sightings and missing time. Groups of reptilians were seen "patrolling" parts of the city 8 days after the storm. However, my abduction actually took place a few weeks before Katrina. I was forced to act as an extra in a "training session" for the warrior class reptilians."

"I was brought to what was a shopping mall type setting. There's no way for me to be certain if this was an actual mall or some underground training replica. I still vividly remember the ornate decorative lamp posts that lined the main corridor. Although the mall had a roof, it also had expensive cobblestone style flooring. Design wise, it seemed to be a very upscale mall."

"There were dozens of other human abductees. Most were dressed as civilians. I was one of the few dressed as police. The police "uniform" I wore was non descript--no badges, no markings. We were instructed to stand near an intersection of two major corridors and wait. The lights went out...then there was a large explosion. The reptilians either bored, or explosively breached, via a hole in the roof of the mall's center point. Literally, seconds after this blast, the Reptilians were running down this hallway. I don't know if they teleported in or jumped down. Either way, they hit the ground level too quickly to have used ropes. They were all brown scaled and about 7-8 feet tall. They immediately began firing weapons over people's heads. They shot the lighted sign fronts and those lamp posts. They even shot a garbage can. This produced a shower of debris and sparks. 3 out of the 4 reptilians didn't have weapons! The few who did were carrying powerful backpack powered laser weapons. The backpacks themselves were extremely thin and barely thicker than a laptop. But, everything they shot exploded into flames instantly. I don't know if these weapons were particle beams or infrared. If I had to guess, I'd say some kind of infrared or plasma. The heat between the end of their guns and the targets was visible. The air shimmered like the heat above a large flame. They took specific care to target objects near people so that the shrapnel and noise would cause them to run. Within a few seconds, everyone was fleeing from the advancing troops. I think its entirely possible that these weapons are the source of "fire breathing dragon" legends."

"After the herd of panicked people tried to flee for the nearest exit, they were blocked by another wave of 10-12 reptilians. We few generic "police" actors were then made to stand up on a nearby pedestal. It looked to be some kind of abandoned red, plywood style stage. It must have already been cleared of its decorations--or was between holiday uses. Me and my fellow "police" handed over our weapons and allowed ourselves to be frisked. We were then allowed to leave. After this was demonstrated to the crowd, the reptilians began rapidly frisking them for weapons/contraband/stolen goods. After being frisked, they were told to exit the mall. The reptilians did all of this instruction in pantomime--with a lot of excited waving and pointing. That's where my dream ends. I've had no other conscious abductions since. However, I did have a number of permanent nervous system/physiological changes. I don't remember any of the medical abductions where those modifications took place." *(please read my note at the bottom of the post)

'Reptilian' depicted with power pack weapon. Depiction from "Verges of the Weird: A Chronicle of Alien Encounters"

"During the training, I received a telepathic sense of the reptilians broad battle plan. They would concentrate on counteracting areas vulnerable to looters. They plan on focusing 90 percent of their resources towards this end, because the damage and economic cost of opportunistic looters, and panic hoarders, really seems to worry them. They realize, rightly so, that we don't have nearly enough police or troops to deal with an all out panic situation. However, there means of dispersing looters seemed odd. Basically, they're trained to fire LIVE weapons into or around crowds and cause only minor injuries. They don't want to use stun, or non lethal weapons, because they would then have to move the unconscious, who would be subject to being trampled or waking up after they've moved to the next block and starting trouble again. Shooting signs, walls, lamp posts adjacent to panicking crowds just seems like a sloppy idea--but, I'm no military tactician."

"The purpose of the attack plan was to maintain stability and prevent irreversible damage to our business infrastructure. They seemed to have no concern for defending our electric, water, or medical infrastructure. They genuinely believe that opportunistic and panic motivated looters lack the knowledge or motivation to attack infrastructure. So, the reptilians plan to focus their resources on preventing a replay of Iraq. They will do anything necessary to stop looting within days of an initial panic event. As gleaned from other abduction cases, I've come to the conclusion that this battle plan is driven by the motivations of the winged 'draco' albino reptilians. As they run the reptilian hybrid power structure, their greatest fear is damage to their
business investments, followed by years of insurgency. They used New Orleans as a testing ground for this philosophy. Of course, if I invested in a third world country and woke to find the natives burning all my investments, I'd be inclined to commit troops quickly. From what I've seen, the reptilians are actually hoping to beat the first wave of looters to high probability targets, like malls and large department stores. No announcements, no 'Independence Day' type hovering ships. Just instant ground deployment."

In conclusion, it is important to realize 3 things about the reptilians:

1. They are extremely well trained for urban warfare.

2. They will not give warning before they strike. No hovering ships. Why? Because this would cause the exact type of panic looting/damage they are trying to prevent. By the time you see their ships, they will already be deploying out of them.

3. They are not concerned with persecuting or killing civilians. They are only concerned with minimizing the chaos and damage surrounding any mass catastrophic event. Their target is looters and violent insurgents. If you are not brandishing a weapon, or stealing something, they have absolutely no interest in bothering you. They are too focused on trying not to get killed by the opportunistic looters and armed psychos that will be taking to the streets. Even if they find a weapon on you, they're just going to take it and push you on your way. They don't have the staff or equipment to detain anyone.


25th August 2012, 00:57
Thanks. Very interesting. Yep, I have alwasy read that this hybrid stuff is so that when there are enough of them they will turn on us and help them take over. Who knows. I would love to hear that speach in which McArthur talks about danger not of this world.Reagan said something about that.

It is so bad for me, that I have to work hard at NEVER setting my eyes on anyone, for more than a second, and with my mind blanked.

Otherwise they will turn and stare at me. every time...a good 50, 100 times a day, it would occur.....

Also, wynderer lives on and at at vortex or ley line conjunctive point. Where 4 ley lines meet, IIRC. Lots of activity in that area. It is also (locally) famous for it's weather patterns, in some ways. Thus she lives in a natively active area, regarding dimensional activity, crossings, weather anomalies, and so on.

25th August 2012, 01:23
Why do some see right through things..?

5 Things

Emotional Intelligence
Lateral Thinking

25th August 2012, 03:54
Again thanks y'all. While the Reptilians might exist, I do not consider them the Anunnaki. I consider the Anunnaki to be as the Sumerians described them, perhaps taller than us, etc. I also believe that the Gods and Goddesses of the Sumerians, Middle eastern peoples, Egyptians, Greeks, Norse, etc, were all Anunnaki, perhaps various out posts or scientific groups. Perhaps they were just s the Sumerians said, the ones who created we humans, or were here as scientists and had outposts scattered all over the world, studying this planet or gather mineral material as the Sumerians said. Makes one think of the movie Avatar. Except it was we humans there gather and mining ore on their planet.

25th August 2012, 04:48
"Vision" is when you use your heart to see.

When you do ALL the BULL**** just stands out.

Can be a problem sometimes, calling the BS when people are in love with their idols *cough* charles *cough* *drake* cough *add your charlatan here* cough cough


25th August 2012, 14:58
we know we are more, and there is more out there, and more than just this life , we just look for any evidence we can find , we believe on substance until it becomes evidence. faith. Some like me only can operate on 10 percent brain power, under constant attack, but I'm working on that other 90 percent. We live on a planet full of waves of disinformation to keep us distracted , but every now and then the matrix breaks down , and we become an anomaly and anything becomes possible no matter how unlikely it may seem..

26th August 2012, 03:20
I believe in the disinformation part! I believe the government knows about many things and they and their lackies such as NASA keep things covered up and perpetuate their lies to us.

28th August 2012, 12:36
hi Freebooter -- for your consideration:

'The reptilians are masters of frequency and resonance and can shape shift at will. They have often appeared to abductees as "Nordics" or "Blondes" or "Spirit Guides" and have conveyed to them much neutralist-positivist information. Throughout history the reptilians have used the image of Nordics as a screen to carry out their nefarious activities.

By that I do not mean that there are no "Nordics" as such. Please do not hear what I didn’t say. I am merely saying that for their own reasons the reptilians have consistently and persistently utilized the "Blond Aryan" or "Nordic" image as a smokescreen to further their own agenda at the expense of the human race and may even be using captive or genetically engineered elements of Nordic beings as subject races within their spheres of influence. '

James Bartley, On The March - http://www.whale.to/b/bartley1.html

i see Elf blood, Elven blood in Eowyn -- not Grey or Nordic

28th August 2012, 14:29
Thanks. That is very interesting. I wonder what happens when these various type aliens meet or run into one another, the so called "Greys", Reptilians, Anunnaki (look like us), etc.