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27th August 2012, 05:03
When I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago, I went on a ghost tour. It was in Pacific Heights, which is beautiful, and had a lot of fun stories, and historical information. I remember the ghost tour guide stating that San Francisco med college did a study in which people prayed that the people in San Francisco hospital to get well. The study concluded that there were a lot of people that healed, more than before, sometimes miraculous. We are born healers, and if two or more have the same thoughts into the universe for healing, well it happens.

Ryan Buell who is from Paranormal State (TV show) has a form of pancreatic cancer. He has been a fighter to aid people in distress from paranormal activity, so now he is fighting cancer at age 30. I am asking those out there to meditate and pray for his recovery. He is a warrior, and I don't think his time is done yet, he still has things to do. I feel led to request prayers for him.

Thank you.

27th August 2012, 05:45
Thanks for posting Jules. Will definitely do!
* I have followed Ryan and his Spiritual Documentaries* for many years now.... Can't help but tap into his humble, helpfull, selfeless nature, and want this energy to return back to him ten-fold.... As that seems to be Nature's Law..... Much Love RB <3 <3 <3

27th August 2012, 14:02

Focus dissolve, shrink, destroy cancer cells, gone.