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27th August 2012, 21:18
Edgar Mitchell clearly talks about the US involvement with UFOs and their existence in this short radio interview. The disc-jockey could have done a better job with the questions but this interview is still a good listen. I have no reason to think why he or any other highly ranking official would go on any program or publicly lie about such matters. It is my opinion we have been visited and our human history has been shaped by beings (gods) from other worlds.
You can check this out at:
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell confesses UFOs exist... and comment if you like.
Still can't upload videos yet.
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27th August 2012, 21:31

Soory it didnt play for me, you obviously corrected it, lol....

27th August 2012, 21:54
Thanks for uploading it for me Ammit. I had to edit my thread, when I posted it came up with a bunch of crazy lines and symbols between some of the words. This is only my second post so I'm still learning.
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27th August 2012, 22:54
Let me add a little fuel to the fire... so to speak. Check out the video:
NASA Astronaut Maj. Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs While In The Military! on youtube. Why the major News Agencies don't run with stories like these is a mystery to me. Their ratings would go through the roof! Could it be they are warned or held back by the "Higher Powers"? Maybe one day we will have the discloser we have all been waiting for.

27th August 2012, 23:40
Dr. Mitchell 'blew the lid off this secret' back in 1977... So, where are we now? Still 'runin round in circles' with fossil fuels, wheels on the ground, and wings in the air... (and don't forget Tesla, and T.H. Moray!)


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28th August 2012, 00:04
Why the major News Agencies don't run with stories like these is a mystery to me.

Welcome to the Forum Skywizard. Let me postulate the reason why disclosure has been kept under wraps since time immemorial. If the truth came out, it would totally disrupt the current religious and economic paradigm. The true origins of our species, as well as the slavery inherent in the electric and oil cartels, would no longer be tenable, as people would see through the religious lies and the energy slavery.

that's my take.

28th August 2012, 02:37
That's a great interview. Mitchell sounds so sincere and accepting of a collection of facts he has made up his own mind on. The reaction of the interviewer is interesting too. He sounds as though he came to mock but stayed to hear some new and interesting information.