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30th August 2012, 19:01

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cobra Conferences Around the World

As you probably know, there is the second Window of Opportunity for divine intervention that is opening very soon:

For this time window I have received clearance to go public in a limited way in a number of conferences around the world where people will receive more in-depth intel and will be able to ask questions. The locations of those conferences are strategically positioned on planetary vortex points to enhance the planetary Light body grid. The purpose of the conferences is twofold: to strengthen the planetary Light body with vortex activations and to bring some Light and clarity in the minds of dedicated lightworkers. Each of the conferences will be a unique energetic event. You can help making this viral by posting this information on your websites, blogs and facebook.

The official website for the conferences is here:


The first conference will be taking place in Turin, Italy, from October 26th to 28th. This conference will be positioned within the same energy vortex that has triggered the first Renaissance more than 500 years ago. Now the same vortex will start triggering the second Renaissance. On that conference certain developments of Operation Dreamland will be happening that can not yet be disclosed. Link to that conference is here:


The second conference will be in Austin, Texas, from November 9th to 11th. Within this conference we will be having a special activation on November 11th. The link is here:


The third conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, from November 16th to 18th. As we were making the initial preparations for this conference, this UFO has appeared in North Carolina:


The link to the North Carolina conference is here:


The fourth conference will be taking place in Laguna Beach from November 23rd to 25th, right in the eye of the Pleiadian vortex. Our conference room will be located only a few hundred yards away from the exact spot where Dr. Fred Bell had physical contact with Semjase, a Pleiadian being of Light. At the conference you will be able to hear the amazing testimony of that contact from Robert Potter, Dr. Fred Bell’s close friend and himself a contactee. After the conference, further developments of Operation Dreamland are scheduled to be announced.

It is interesting to note that just as we were making the final preparation for this conference, the following UFO appeared in Laguna Beach:


It appears that at the conferences we might as well get some attention from our star brothers and sisters of Light.

The link to this conference is here:


The fifth conference will be taking place in St. Maarten from November 30th to December 2nd. Sint Maarten is not only a beautiful tropical island, but also an important energy spot within the Caribbean vortex. The Caribbean vortex is a huge energy portal that connects us with the old Atlantis and accelerates the activation of the new Atlantis, the forthcoming civilization of Light. We are making plans to announce a certain aspect of Operation Phoenix at this conference, but no guarantees yet.

And the link to St. Maarten conference is here:


Finally, we will have the Egypt trip from December 15th to 22nd (main program) or from December 8th to 22nd ( Nile cruise activation together with the main program). This Egypt trip will be the culmination of the Portal 2012. Its highlight will be the main Portal 2012 activation on the solstice day December 21st within the Great Pyramid with exclusive private access for our group. It will be a very special moment and a great chance for a quantum leap that has never happened before. It will be the moment of the end of a certain cycle as we will reach the zero point of Sheliak timewave. Do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime… The link is here:


Victory of the Light is near!

30th August 2012, 20:32
Wow, what a Energy coming from that!!!
I subscribed for the first one in Torino..........
I have some ideas what will happen there, but do not like to reveal, because in a case like that the intentions of all participants are creating a vortex of unity, which will be felt in the whole of the Universe. From there I feeel that my Life is compleatly in God's hand......
George / Centreoflight

3rd September 2012, 21:30
Where is the enthusiasm? What is going on in Avalon?

3rd September 2012, 21:46
I can understand your question, i feel that the vibe is not in evidence also. Now whether this is to do with the nay sayers getting an upper hand or simply that those that get the message are simply happier to follow there own path towards a known goal, this will remain to be seen.

Personally, I feel it is all a done deal, this baby is on it's way and there aint any one, anywhere that can stop it bursting forth. It's just that there has been too much talking and to be honest many people are as up to speed as they are going to get before the real awakening kicks in.

Bring it on Baby!

4th September 2012, 02:56
INow whether this is to do with the nay sayers getting an upper hand or simply that those that get the message are simply happier to follow there own path towards a known goal, this will remain to be seen.

I think the problem is not so much the prevalence of the "naysayer" but the fact that COBRA provides so much material for them. It seems that nothing Cobra has said has related to anything tangible, ever. You cant point to one single thing that COBRA has made public utterances on and say, "see this is real, meaningful and tangible".

Rather, everything that has been said has been done with the requirement that you place your faith in what has been said. It is your freewill choice to do that; just as it is my freewill choose not to. My advice, take care.

For example consider this from COBRA:

According to COBRA's update today, things are happening according to plan. Here is today's update:

Omega Pandora operational...
POS to surface stable...
Compression grid activated to LOGN 5.9...
Master delta LOC in progress...
Isidic security breach deflected...
HVBN stable, systems security breach in deflection...
M increase to 1.5...
Dreamland attempt in progress...


How is this in anyway meaningful? Forgive me, but to me it looks like part of an unsophisticated science fiction story. In earlier times I would have been embarrassed by it and risen in defense of the "integrity" of any alternative media that it was found in. Now I realise that this is not so important.

COBRA provides a service - adding to the plentiful catalyst out there in all forms of media, much of which leads on a path of useful discovery. No rights, no wrongs, just opportunities to make skillful or unskilful choices and to thereby garner experience along the way.

It amazes me to see the traction that such posts get, but I see that we all learn what we need to learn. So these days I am more inclined to shut up and just watch it happen, and if anyone wants anything from me, the only key I need is a question. Today, I feel like saying this post.

Basically, I would suggest that on Avalon, all the fish that can be easily caught on the COBRA hook, now have been; some that were so caught, have gotten off the hook and back in the water.

Such is life in the alternate media.

4th September 2012, 05:59
Anchor, I believe the cryptic messages are intended to convey coded messages to their teammates. Weather they are fact or fiction is anyone's guess. As for the content of his 'regular messages', only time will tell if they come to fruition. Either way, I prefer to remain fundamentally neutral about the vast majority of information that surfaces from all sources since almost everything in the alternative (and traditional) media has no immediate impact on my life. Consequently, I prefer to remain open minded until such messages are proven true or false. I have all the time in the world to wait and find out.