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20th August 2010, 22:18
The term illusion refers to a specific form of sensory distortion. Unlike a hallucination, which is a distortion in the absence of a stimulus, an illusion describes a misinterpretation of a true sensation.

The quote was from wikipedia...

A misinterpretation of a true sensation... Hmmm ...
Now put a finger to your forehead and think with me for awhile...
Think, think and think more...

Then walk on the street on broad daylight. Observe around you. Architecture of all. Man made architecture and nature one ....
Then turn on the news , watch TV for a day , look on Internet for another day.
Talk to folks in your life...

Then come back and think again.
Think and ask yourself , am I living in the midst of the illusion, the grand illusion?
Am I living or imitating a living?
Do I see beyond veils of reality?
Am I born to live forever in this reality?
Who am I among all these materialistic happenings and all the folks talking just about "new" material thingies?
Why on every step there is fear for everybody and love is absent ?

Then breathe slowly and deeply. Go to sleep. Tomorrow repeat the same process.
And then if your soul really want , really needs it ,you will be amazed of an inner voice telling you : "welcome to the Grand illusion, do you want out?"

Do you long for "true sensation" ?
Do your soul want to finally go back to its true eternal non material home with Creator?
Do you feel finally that all the time you are being loved by God?
Can you smell the free air my friend?

Perfect Love destroys the Fear and may it always be near.
In you ,for you ,for all.

21st August 2010, 11:48
Hi Beren,

I hope you will not be offended by this, but I think it's quite relevant to your post. If you think not, tell me and I will take it off the thread ;)


Yes, It's a grand illusion, but deep inside we're all the same. Nevertheless, a grand Illusion that matters, with a purpose, if not, it wouldn't exist.

Namaste, Steven

21st August 2010, 12:13
The Grand Illusion ~ Maya ~ Cosmic Delusion ~ Lila

Essentially express the same idea; an attempt to divert humanity from spirit to matter, from Reality to unreality. Maya is the cosmic magician that produces a multiplicity of forms to hide the One Formless Truth (God).

God talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita ( the Royal science of God Realization)
Paramahansa Yogananda



21st August 2010, 14:16
Steven, brother, I wanted to post this on the thread sometimes in the next few days !
It's beautiful how we cooperated here without direct contact in between and with exactly same thing in mind.
I exactly had those words in my mind the other night when I was making this thread, I like Styx and have all their albums, Dennis & crew knew what they were talking about and I had those words : " pay the price ,get your tickets for the show..." spinning in my mind whole evening...

22nd August 2010, 17:07
Thank you Beren for this thread. :) Also many thanks to Steven for posting the great song by Styx.
Here is another song I like about the 'grand illusion' by Status Quo. Enjoy... :thumb: :love:


22nd August 2010, 19:38
The Grand Illusion ~ Maya ~ Cosmic Delusion ~ Lila

Essentially express the same idea; an attempt to divert humanity from spirit to matter, from Reality to unreality. Maya is the cosmic magician that produces a multiplicity of forms to hide the One Formless Truth (God).



We are truly and essentially God`s children-our nature is spiritual. We are from God`s dimension and that`s surely is not materialistic one.
But in materialistic dimensions we are expressing our souls and its desires and wannabe`s. It`s no essentially bad thing but it can make you a hell alive when you decide to move yourself away from God. If negate God ,you deliberately and actively are making hell in your experience.
It can stop right away but it`s up to the one whom created hell in its life , to return back to God.
Also an identification with material plane or will in time erase memory of whom we are. In the end all will realize the truth but some on a darn hard way...

22nd August 2010, 19:50
Very good lyrics ! And the music too! Knowledge and the message from the heaven can be found everywhere ,we only have to look. :p


frank samuel
22nd August 2010, 20:54
If you are able to lift the veil and see through the dark tunnel you will find that at the end of that dark tunnel is a bright light of love, compassion and forgiveness. It is there for everyone alike irregardless of place location, terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin. The soul after all is formless, within this 3 dimensional form we become blinded and place many limitations upon ourselves that become part of the gran illusion.

Our hearts instead of becoming a reflection of the source that continues to grow by leaps and bounds becomes shriveled up and tangle up in the illusion of our limitations and severely limited perceptions which unfortunately reflect humans who are easily offended and are influence by likes and dislikes which have absolutely nothing to do with the realm of the heart.

In the realm of the heart we are all embrace by the warmth of love the very essence of our souls origin , the source of all creation. It is there where you can finally lift the veil of the grand illusion and find peace, tranquility, and the wisdom of the heart to embrace your enemy as part of you own family where instead of pointing fingers at the transgressions of others we are able to forgive them and find within ourselves the strength of character and the courage to bury our false pride and be finally free to love unconditionally.

Thank you Beren for this thread.

Many many blessings to all.:wub:

22nd August 2010, 21:29
So true, Frank. Thank you for your comments and be blessed. :wub:

Love is the source of Truth, :love:


28th February 2012, 21:55
"I am just a prisoner in a king`s disguise " COME alive!

"We seek the lion share never knowing why"

"Come alive spread your wings and fly"