View Full Version : Two USMC veterans discuss “waking up” the military with Adam Kokesh

A Simple Human
4th September 2012, 06:11

Although not specifically mentioned, two United States Marine Corps veterans essentially discuss the NWO agenda with Adam Kokesh in this approximate 30 minute interview from Adam vs The Man.

They note the awakening some members of the military are currently undergoing, and acknowledge that the US military has become a “global police force” which carries out immoral actions. They express their concern for returning veterans, who are now classified as "terrorists", and state their support for Brandon J. Raub.

The veterans briefly discuss ways of taking the power back, along with, informing fellow soldiers and veterans. One veteran also suspects potential chaos by the end of this year.

It should be noted that the veteran wearing the orange shirt, Greg Price, is not actually Seth Green. :pound:


4th September 2012, 06:48
“The veterans are aware of their status as the ‘stepchildren’ of polite American society, a sense that’s enhanced by their abysmal treatment upon returning,” he posits. Because America’s decision to go to war was the sole reason these soldiers killed, they “now depend on that policy to justify their actions,” Klug believes. Those who disagree with the policy, then, become automatic enemies."


Actions with a high emotional charge make the person 'value' the action or look for 'values' in the action as a way to rationalise killing.



4th September 2012, 15:25
This video should go viral ....... IMHO What would your answers to the questions posed be? One quote that makes sense is the quote that we have been dumbed down systematically to achieve control over us .

4th September 2012, 17:33
Good vid , great to see more people opening their eyes !!