View Full Version : America is 16 trillion in debt and counting......

5th September 2012, 03:13
Wow! Is all I can say. I mean after missing 3 car payments they repo your car. Miss 6 months worth of payments on your house it will be foreclosed on but 16 trillion in debt .....well, what can you say. Un freaking real........

5th September 2012, 04:10
I can only think about how much of a ridiculous number that is in terms of money, its never going to go away, been rising since the mid century ever more.
Worst thing is, the repercussions, where us normal people lose homes or have possessions taken away for personal debt, the government cuts spending on vital services further impacting peoples lives, while those in charge suffer no detrimental issues. I can't ever remember hearing of a politician in debt.

5th September 2012, 04:59
HR1489 or Glass Steagall gets control of the bankers debt

5th September 2012, 12:57
The problem has always been debt. In order for the economy that we live in to work most of those in it must be in some type of debt.

It is like watching a person riding a bike, they are always swaying from left to right because in order for there to be stability their must be some instability. The same goes for monetary policy, it only works if it is always changing hands. The problem is there are large amounts of money not being spent anymore, under the guise of fear, but mercantile exchange has never been "safe"

The trick is getting people to think that there is no hope, that there is no recourse except extreme austerity. What this will do is cause society to revert to a new version of serfdom, where everyone lives on land owned by someone else and they all work for the few who still have large sums of money. As long as we love money this will continue.

Lets take a moment and look at the true purpose of money. In all societies that have grown too large for pure bartering, some type of money was created in order to quantify work done, and allow that to be exchanged for goods or other services. I did x amount of work I get x amount of dollars. It became problematic when greed set in. Some wanted the goods and services available without the requisite work.

Various methods were used to create a way for someone to have more favor in the sway of money. One of these methods is the much lauded supply and demand theme. We all heard it in Grade school. The more people demand the higher the price, the less demand the lower the price. We never asked why though. The answer is greed. If more people want it, it doesn't cost me more to make the item, but I can raise the price because I have created an environment where people feel they need it. For example, the actual price to retrieve petroleum out of the ground has increased twofold since 1990, but the price to purchase it has increased by a factor of 4. (1990 gas cost $1.00 now over $4.00)

Another method used to promote a favored position in the sway of money is interest, simple but especially compound. It truly is creating debt from nothing. I give you $1.00 for you to use, and you owe me the $1.00 back. But interest causes you to owe me more back, and depending on what calculations I use you could owe me more than you ever would've been able to borrow.

The problem with our current economy is the greed that is promoted as Prosperity or the American dream, which is really just a nice way of saying I am gonna get what I want with no regard to who it marginalizes.

For one person to have more means someone else will have less. This is what is law in a society that is based on Scarcity. We are in the position that we are in because we have bought into the idea that there isn't enough for everyone, but the truth is there is, some of use just have an insatiable hunger for more.

What do men in power want? More power.
What do famous people want? More fame(imfamy or the positive it doesnt really matter)

Oh IMHO ;)

5th September 2012, 13:04
It's $ 907,000.00 U.S. dollars an hour spent since christ was on the earth if you want an explanation, 5.6 trillion of this was added by the guy that slammed on the gas pedal and ran with absolutely no budget in the last 44 months in the U.S. ruly an olympic record.

Next year will be in the bonus round as our interest on the debt will now exceed the defense budget. Wouldn't that money be better off feeding hungry people or help others build houses.

Should this guy get reelected the good news is there will be no change in the spending , yes you guessed right 1.3 trillion more a year every year for again the next 4 years.

By the way if all the millionaires and billionaires did pay in higher taxes in the U.S. for 1 year, like lets take for example a 100% of what they made. It would only lower the deficet for the year by 12% due to the drunken spending all the captains on the boat are doing.

Just grab your favorite beverage and watch the show because when xxxx hits the fans it's going everywhere to fertilize the garden.:sing: