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5th September 2012, 05:48
Today I visited David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos website where I found this interesting message from him.

"Our "past lives" are not dead relics of another time, permanently sealed away from us. Who we are as a soul -- and as a conscious, waking personality -- is very strongly influenced by who we have been before.
Many Mansions gives a staggering number of real-world examples from over 2,500 "life readings" given during Cayce's lifetime of how reincarnation affects us in the everyday world.
We are protected from knowing where these personality influences come from, in most cases -- but they very much shape who we are, and how we function.
There are many positive aspects to it -- such as children who are born with exceptional talents they remember, slightly below their conscious understanding, from other lifetimes.
There is also a full accountability for who we have been, and what we have measured out to others, in our previous lives as well. Some karma must be "suspended" until we are strong enough to be able to process it in a beneficial manner.
Trouble spots and weak points from other lifetimes will keep coming up, again and again, until we can successfully clear them -- and keep a positive attitude in the process."

I'm not disputing anything in particular that David Wilcock says. In fact, much of what he's been coming out with lately directly correlates to the things that I've been told during contact experiences. But there is one thing that disturbs me in the paragraph above. Take a took at it below.

"We are protected from knowing where these personality influences come from, in most cases -- but they very much shape who we are, and how we function."

Notice that he says "we are protected", as in we are protected from knowing our past lives, yet the influences of our experiences tend to bleed through and influence us in our current lifetime.

What are we being protected from and why? The natural state of the universe is for us to know our past lives. We are also supposed to have access to the universal field of consciousness that all intelligent life forms are universally part of. This also includes animals who are much better than we are at sensing earthquakes, spirits, as well as a host of other phenomena. The way we experience death is also not part of the natural scheme of things. When someone dies they are lost to us, never to be heard from again. And in rare cases when they actual do try to contact us, their attempts and our ability to communicate is heavily obscured. And for those who didn't go into the tunnel of light, we now have an entire sub culture of bodiless people referred to as ghosts. Most go unnoticed, while the trouble makers among them take pleasure in haunting those in bodies with no psychic awareness and no means of protection from them.
In the natural state of things human beings wouldn't be able to keep secrets from one another, nor would they be able to fully hide their thoughts from each another. Governments would be forced to be transparent and nothing could be kept from the people. Portions of humanity whose cries of poverty and suffering wouldn't go unheard of any longer because their misery could be felt by those had more and by those who perhaps even benefited from their bothers and sisters suffering.

And yet this is being sold to us as our protection. I'm not saying that David Wilcock is selling it to us, apparently it's been sold to him and he's just passing it on. I've experienced enough paranormal events in my life to understand that this isn't a good thing. No other intelligence in the universe has the right to undermine another groups awareness or development. In other words no one has the right to play god over another. For all of you who have never experienced alien contact and are just here to learn something, rest assured that when you die and then you will become a contactee yourself. Because when you die an alien presence will entice you down a tunnel of light using multiple means of comforting you only to be reincarnated yet again without any knowledge of your previous lifetime. If you are lucky you may have a break in between lives but for some don't even get that because they are being used in a program to influence our social development. That's what a social implant is and David Wilcock in every way appears to be one. But that doesn't mean that he's actually stuck in a series of perpetual lifetimes. There are different races at work in this world and many do it differently from one another. If the origin of his soul is true than he could only be here for a short period of time, or just a few lifetimes. Such a thing is hard for me to fathom if true because the damage to his normal existence perhaps on another planet would worsen the longer he would be away incarnated as someone else. But who knows, the vortex of lies is so confusing that I'm not hedging my bet on anything.
When they've put you here in this world they make it impossible to say know to them. That's not necessarily a bad thing because every sh*thouse has its silver lining. And the entire ET agenda isn't bad, there's just significant parts that really bother me. This world would be so much better off if they would just correct that mess that they've started. Let the people here rebuild a new world, and then they need to leave and stay gone for a long time. Long enough for the world and its people to heal itself.

The sad part is, is that they (the ET races) need you to be psychically shut down so they can go about their business with impunity. They incarnate their own people here probably by the millions some of whom receive direct intervention in their lives either masked for unmasked. The rest of the planets inhabitants are forced into a controlled afterlife and perpetual reincarnation cycle with amnesia. It's a big spiritual matrix that we are under. And if you count our lying corrupt governments, we live in a matrix within a matrix. It looks a little like this:

1. human ETs / reptillian humanoids
2. there biological slaves such as the greys and their many variations.
3 The old money banking oligarchy (secret government)
4 Every man, woman, and child on the planet (notice that we are at the bottom of the heap?)

Everyone is playing their own end game in this situation. The ETs need humanity for DNA for the purpose of preserving their own and to create new lifeforms such as hybrid grey/human children, etc. They incarnate their own people here for the sake of providing them with strong life experiences which they often manipulate to change their personality traits and improve them. They also use the solar system for its natural resources, when all of it rightfully belongs to the people who are native to this planet. And they've played god with everyone and everything. Both in their genetic engineering of homosapians and their portrayals of gods for the purpose of manipulation.

The long standing program of creating religions, manipulating cults, and spreading disinfo to contactees actually has a traceable footprint on the internet right now. I'm not just talking about new age galactic federation of light contactees who make up websites and write books. There's actually alien contact taking place within occult groups who have an online presence as well. In some cases an occult based religious facade is employed by the ETs in order to initiate contact with people who they put in this world as part of one of their programs.

This website in particular is interesting because it's been a hotspot for years and no one pays any attention to it. www.joyofsatan.com

It's being run by the wife of a top member of the national socialist movement. And there's all sort of agendas taking place including the promotion of racial hatred and overt Nazism. This is what it has evolved into now but previous to this when it first began it was almost entirely based on the books of Zacharia Sitchen. For those of you who are curious, go and read all of the writings on that website. The alien influence is very heavy and for added strangeness, the Nazi UFO/Occult connection was tossed in as a bonus. One of the main premises of the belief system is that Hitler made contact with human ETs and received technology from them. It's like the Alderbaron story in miniature. The JoS as it's often referred to has created many smaller Sitchinism based pagan groups with online forums where actual ET contact is taking place under the cover of occult magic. And of course such things are hocus pocus nonsense in today's modern thinking society. And ironically because many people are still very religious and superstitious anything displaying demonic, satanic, or miss understood occult themes gets a direct pass from the UFO community. Because everyone knows that the devil deceives and he's real, well at least we think he could be. Oops correction, we just can't take the risk. I'm being a little sarcastic but this is real, it's happening right now, and thus far, no one has done any investigation into it.

I've gotten off topic because I have too much to say. I'm just totally fed up with the fact that the ET presence has and is causing unnecessary human suffering, and the suffering of every living thing on the planet. When ever humanity decides to do something destructive at the level of the corrupt oligarchs, meanwhile 7 billion of the planets rightful owners sleep in ignorance, the planet and all life on it suffers.

And now we are at a crisis point in our history where the ETs will eventually be forced to step in again and clean up the mess that their self serving agenda has created. And the entire mess was all unnecessary if "they" would of just left humanity alone in the first place.

And in a poetic way they've stolen heaven from us, when it always could have been right here on earth. And that's the natural scheme of things.

5th September 2012, 11:29
You're not being protected from your past lives from anything other than yourSelf. That's what it said. Badly worded. Your past lives are no-ones business but yours.
Once you revisit the old stories they're as boring as the first time.
Screw the aliens too. They're just part of the story. The naughty neighbors and the nice ones. Don't trust stories at all.
The natural state of you (your universe) is to be fully and naturally you and not multiples of memories. The tests are true or false, not multiple choice or essay.
Until that occurs, there's a plan in place which yourSelf is in on.

You have lot's of experiences and confrontations that you've met and resisted before.
You can't meet them as an evolving self if you're dragging every conscious memory into the story. It's a new story. It's hard enough that every unconscious memory colors everything you see for you.
Hard to get to be 'new' when interpretation is interned in the past. It's a mental condition. We heal it with new information about a bigger reality. Lifetime after lifetime.
What a great way to discover we're slaves to our unconscious minds as we discover we've been slaves in our conscious minds the whole bloody time. Duh. One long story about slavery.
And about emancipation?

Don't be so concerned about the story. Forewarned is foredoomed? What's the value in that? All of the other doom stories you experienced passed.
Be concerned first how you react to each scenario, and then how you meet the next one.
You'll get all of your 'natural you' answers that way. They'll be true because they won't be about deceit. All the dark secrets are exposed, inside and out.
You know what I remember? That I've always been me.

5th September 2012, 15:13

Well said my freind. Nice to find someone with their thinking cap on.

I am me, too.


5th September 2012, 15:47
It's a Yankees cap. A real one.