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Bright Garlick
7th September 2012, 06:50
I have to apologize because I only came back to PA to post my articles on preparing for the solar catastrophe. It was not my intention to spend time here but I have to acknowledge that there are many good people here and so I am now calling upon the one's who can show love with their bank accounts.

These two little girls need all the support you can give :

12 year old Natalie from South Africa has a rare cancer called Chordoma cancer in her bones and needs treatment in the US. Her separated parents are having a hard time making ends meet and keeping Natalie in treatment.


As yet unborn Annabelle, is developing inside her mum Tammara's womb. Her heart is developing outside of her chest (Ectopia Cordis) and she needs in-utero surgery to save her life. Her mum and dad need all the help they can get, as young parents facing a dangerous surgery and getting through the most difficult part of their lives.

Please be generous and consider donating to both families. And please consider sharing this message with others. Your efforts will make all the difference to both families and to the lives of these 2 precious human beings.


7th September 2012, 13:26
Im going to post this video and info where i can. I will try and help as well. Children are my weakness. Esecially if they have an illness like this. Thanks B.G. All my prayers, thoughts and Love heading their way.



19th November 2012, 14:27
Baby 'Annabelle Rose' was born October 11th and passed October 16th sadly.
God's newest angel.
I truly feel for her very young parents, two broken hearts.
Thank you Bright Garlick for bringing this beautiful little life to our attention.
Love Caren

19th November 2012, 17:24
much love from me to them. :love: