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23rd August 2010, 00:42
The discussion of multiple and splitting time lines has me asking you what you know or believe to be true and articles and materials relating to this.

Recently, we had a post from shiva777 asking which 2012 time line we believed we were on at the present.

As referenced by Steve in the Henry Deacon post, he presented this site for multiple time lines.

My questions are not so much about ourselves but others.

Do you believe we have multiple time lines running at all times?
Have they begun diverging? If not, when do you think they will?
Will our family members (who are not awake and aware) stay in our presence or will they be separated, disappear and continue on a different time line? or
Will the positive rendition of them remain on the ascension line? or
Are we all on the same time line and it depends upon the consciousness shift of the whole?

Will we ever realize who is on the positive or the catastrophic line.

If there are negative and positives of our physical being which one will we be aware of... all of them or only the one we actively pursue?

Tone3, you have great ideas, what do you think?

Humble Janitor
23rd August 2010, 01:35
I doubt my reply could be of much help but I find that changing timelines is much like changing channels. Compared to a year ago, I am definitely on a different timeline. I find that the choices I make on this timeline have far-reaching consequences, hence my reluctance to sink back into old (bad) behaviors. I also find that on this timeline, I am actually a pretty likable person. I've never had charisma but now, I have it.

Anyhoo, it won't answer your question but it's just some of my perspective on timelines.

23rd August 2010, 01:55
Humble J , you do have tons of charisma.

A New Hope Reborn
23rd August 2010, 12:08
I think the time line that we are on is overall positive, I'm not saying bad things are not going to happen (like earth changes, food shortages, social issues and other stuff) but the end result will be good for all. i don't think we each go on separate time line rather the decisions we each make combine collectively to make the future/time line were all on.

23rd August 2010, 12:33
My current take on it is that there are millions of parallel time streams that are vibrationally clumped together in subsets. When the vibration of our consciousness shifts to be inline with one of the parallel time streams we move into it seamlessly. However, sometimes we move into an entirely different subset all together and things are different enough that we notice. The segregation of time streams would be the positive subsets diverging away from the negative subsets. I believe that this is happening, however from the perception of normal reality we will never know it.

23rd August 2010, 12:56
I think 'Henry Deacon' was right when he stated that "You'd need an IQ or 190 to figure this all out."

I'm a bit skeptical of a good portion of the information surrounding "multiple timelines and parallel existences." There is a lot of faulty information surrounding the subject, especially that of which comes from "channelled messages."

The name escapes me, but there was an astrophysicist of some kind that did an experiment illustrating that what we call the past can be changed. We all should know by now that the future isn't set in stone, but is rather very pliable. I believe the past, as well as the future, are merely projections of the only moment that truly exists - Now. There is an unbelievable amount of power that rests within each one of us. Right now.

So, when it comes to parallel existences, alternate timelines, and "us from the future;" can we honestly say they're as "real" as we are now? They're only as real as we can perceive them to be.

Where's an IQ of 190 when you need it, anyway :p

23rd August 2010, 16:26
One method of achieving a high "IQ" (yes, it can be done) is to go though the effort of silencing the logic function and the murmuring of the mind, to allow the right brain function to speak and, over time, achieve balance in the cranial hemispheres. Ie, learn to fire on both pistons, not just the 3-d discernment one. Stop running as if you are in a one-legged race. :) Do such each day and the inter-communication will create a more consciously connected level of multi-level ruminating capacity.

Ie, To understand a problem in totality,and you are attempting to understand an aspect of totality, you must step outside of it. So in order to understand that which you do not, you have to go outside of or beyond it to a different level, plane, type or area of observation. Look up "Godel's incompleteness theorem".

Point is, in some respects, that, 'the properly framed answer begets the question's true shape.' One cannot be discerned without the other being in place. If you cannot discern/know what you seek to, then the question itself is incorrect. Or, the harder or more difficult the problem is to discern, the more incorrect the fundamentals of the question.

In essence, an IQ of 190 is not the real deal, it is more one that is contained within 'the cracking open of the head'.