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23rd August 2010, 11:18
Please use this thread to share stories about people you feel make a difference

Let's use this thread to present people who make a difference..either in your family, in your community..or the world.

Here at PA we are introduced to so many that make a difference.

Big or small, all action counts...We are the power "they" are so affraid of.

We make a difference... you..me...the guy who likes me..the girl that hates you...we all make a difference.

So in honor of them, you and me..

i introduce you to

Ms Candy Kane..


A blues singer..an activist , a mother...a survivor.

Here is her latest blog

Hello all;

The summer is almost over and I am behind on my blogs and updates. Here is a good long one with some poignant and happy news. We have had a wild and amazing ride in the summer of 2010. Here are some of the highlights;

I am sure many of you have already heard about my ex-husband Thomas and his accident. He was struck by a train, on August 16th (the same day as the death of Elvis!) near his Oceanside home walking our dog, Swango. Swango and Tom have been inseparable since he was given to us as a puppy in 1998. Swango, an Australian cattle dog/dingo mix had been ill and was disoriented from medications and ran onto the tracks in the path of an oncoming train. Tom heroically tried in vain to save Swango and in doing so was struck by the train himself. Miraculously, he is okay but he has a broken leg and will be unable to do some of the handyman work he has done to survive financially. Swango sadly, did not survive the accident.

You can read about the tragedy here: (cut and paste in your browser)

We have set up a website for him at http://www.helpthomas.com and will be performing at several benefits in his honor. Tom was life flighted from the accident scene to the hospital and that will probably be the biggest expense.

I don’t know what the odds are that someone could survive a train accident and pancreatic cancer in the same family but my sons and I are all extremely grateful for this reminder of the fragility of life. I am so relieved Tom did not join Elvis in a shared death day anniversary.

We have had a wonderful summer. Our Northwest launch for my charity www.unitedbymusic.org was super successful. I have been involved in the project since 2005 in the Netherlands and beyond and it was thrilling to bring my lovely Dutch performers to the USA for the very first time. We raised a lot of interest in this worthy project that teaches people with disabilities about blues music. For info on how you can launch UBM in your town, please contact Barbara@ unitedbymusic.org Barbara Hammerman is our Northwest director for UBM and has been essential in raising awareness for this awesome project.

We have played some super fun festivals this summer – Monterey Blues Fest, Cincy, Colorado Springs Blues under the bridge and Gay Pride, Edmonton Alberta Labatts Blues Fest and have several more to go. Festivals are so fun because we get to hang out and catch up with our musician friends. Some of the awesome people we have hung out with this summer include Janiva Magness, Charlie Musselwhite, Debbie Davies, The Insomniacs, Teeny Tucker, Kenny Neal, Sista Monica, Jon Justice, Monkey Junk, Jimmie Vaughan and Lou Ann Barton. I am so lucky to have this amazing job and be able to visit with people I genuinely love and respect. What a thrill!

We are all so honored to be featured in Blues Blast Magazine in Illinois www.bluesblast.com and we are nominated for a blues blast award. Voting is open until August 30 and you don’t have to live in Illinois to vote for us. It would be so awesome to win! Please go and vote for us at the link below:


We are also nominated in my adopted hometown of San Diego and are super honored as well. Voting ends on august 30th also so please click on the link and vote. Again, you do not have to live in the states or in California to vote for us:


In other news, we are thrilled to announce that my stage play the Toughest Girl Alive, has an official slot on the regular theater season for the Moxie Theater in San Diego www.moxietheatre.com

Since Moxie is a non profit theater, we need help with underwriters for this wonderful, inspiring show that chronicles my troubled beginnings and features live music and original songs. If you are interested in helping us with a small, tax deductible donation, please write to me at: candyekanetour@aol.com

The show will be directed by Javier Velasco (San Diego Ballet Director) and Sue Palmer as our musical director. The entire Candye Kane band will also be performing. Please help us with your tax deductible donation and order your tickets now!

Thanks again to all of you for your continued love and support. Music heals and I am so grateful to still be alive to share my message of hope and empowerment thru music. I believe we have the strength inside of us to overcome every life challenge. Cultivate your own strength now by practicing positive words and visualizations so you will be prepared when your own life crisis hits. And please continue to support live music, played by live humans whenever and wherever you can!

Big Love and Gratitude,


Candye Kane Band Dates:

8/20 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Labatts Blues Festival
8/21 Chicago. Berwyn, Fitzgeralds
8/22 Kalamazoo, Mi/ 411 club
8/23 Maumee, Ohio/ The Break room Lounge 8:30 show
8/24 Tuscarawas, Ohio/ Canal House
8/25 Pittsburgh, Pa/ Club Cafe
8/27 Topeka, Ks/ Uncle Bos
8/28 Sioux City, Ia/ The Chesterfield
8/29 Bettendorf, Ia/ The Muddy Waters Club
9/3 Rockford, Illinois Waterfront festival
9/2 Chicago, Ill/ Heartland Cafe
9/5 Marquette, Mi Marquette Mountain Blues Festival
9/10 Oceanside, Ca/ The Royal Dive – a benefit for my ex husband Thomas yearsley who was recently hit by train
9/11 Las Vegas, Nv/ The Sand dollar
9/12 San Diego Music Awards
9/16 San Diego/ Croces
9/17 Solana Beach, Ca/ Belly Up Happy Hour Benefit for Casa De Feliz – a home for displaced people while they fight cancer.
9/19 Los Angeles, Ca/ The Redwood Bar w Karling Abbeygate and Exotiki! - a benefit for my ex husband Thomas Yearsley who was recently hit by train
10/5 St. Petersburg, Fl/ Jannus Live/ Benefit for Breast Cancer
10/7 Key West, Fl/ The Green Parrot
10/8 Boca Raton, Fl/ Back Room
10/9 Daytona, Fl Daytona Beach Blues Festival
10/10 Atlanta, Ga/ Sean Costello Tribute Show
10/12 Washington DC/ Chevy Chase Ballroom/www.gottaswing.com
10/13 Piermont, NY/ The Turning Point
10/14 Portland Maine/ Venue Music Bar
10/15 Bordentown, NJ/ The Record Collector
10/16 Baltimore, MD/ Wedding
11/6 Phillipsville, Ca/ The Riverwood
11/11 Portland, Or/ Duffs Garage
11/12 Seattle, Wa/ Hwy 99
11/13 MY BIRTHDAY! Nelson, BC/ Royal on Baker
11/18 Boulder, co/ The Outlook
12/4 Santa cruz, CA/ the Catalyst
12/18 Phoenix, Az/ The Rhythm Room
1/15 – 2/6 San Diego, Ca/ Toughest Girl Alive stage play opens at the Moxie Theater!!!!!!!
2/26 Phuket, Thailand/ Phuket Blues Festival
3/18/ 2012 St. Johns Blues Festival!
4/1 – 4/4 Long Beach, Ca to Ensenada Mexico/ Windrose Cruises


Big Love and Gratitude,


When we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success
- Deepak Chopra


24th August 2010, 03:34
I give kudos to the widow who gave shelter and friendship to a homeless mother and son, her kindness did not go unnoticed...

Rhonda- thank you and may God bless you many times over...

24th August 2010, 03:42
Ms Candy Kane..

is that her real name: i remember tutoring a girl with the very same name in grade (middle) school (mid 70's)?? wouldn't it be weird if that was the same girl?

24th August 2010, 09:24
Yup its her real name..she started out as a "punk singer" in the early 80's...when they told her she had to "get skinny" to be famous...she quit!

The blues suits her much better...

A blessing for rhonda! Opening your door to ones who need it , is the same as opening your heart...

Thank you Rhonda

Today i nominate my older sister..its her birthday today!! She has always been supportive, loving and a "mommy #2" to my kids.. She goes out of her way to also take care of the e;lderly in our family. As i say every year on her birthday..

"today's the day, my parents gave me the best gift of my life, 2 years BEFORE i was born...my sister!"

I love you!

25th August 2010, 05:57
I was just introduced to this musician yesterday. I feel so much Love coming from him. I'm thankful he is out there spreading his Light...

Until I can figure out how to embed the video, here is the link:

MC Yogi - GIVE LOVE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpVUih5nY9g)

25th August 2010, 08:01
A friend who lives in Australia sent me this yesterday.....

What a guy!


.................................................. .................................................. ...

Hey, Pilotsimone.....this is how I embed youtube videos....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= ciYk-UwqFKA

This is the url for the video I've posted above...I've left a space to show you which bit to use.

Put around everything passed =

25th August 2010, 17:33
I was just introduced to this musician yesterday. I feel so much Love coming from him. I'm thankful he is out there spreading his Light...

Until I can figure out how to embed the video, here is the link:

MC Yogi - GIVE LOVE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpVUih5nY9g)

there yer go :yo: