View Full Version : I claim my freedom.

23rd August 2010, 16:58
I've rejected slavery here at grandpa's ranch and am leaving for good today. I will be staying for awhile at Mount Shasta then on up to the Eceti Ranch, after that - we'll see. I won't be posting on my blog everyday but I will be so if interested please check it once in awhile. I also plan on stopping at Crater Lake and Yellowstone and will be posting lots of pictures.

Question, what would you like to see pictures of that can be driven to? It doesn't have to be just pretty stuff. Shall I go down to the Gulf? I'll check back on this thread later, but now I am unplugging the PC and packing it away. Give me you ideas!


Love to you all, Marguerite

26th August 2010, 19:04
It feels so good to be free! I'm at mount Shasta/weed about to leave for crater lake where I will camp and then on to .eceti at Lake Trout.

26th August 2010, 19:42
Greetings M~B!
WOW~ good for you! :fans:

take lots of pictures!!

i ~ do look forward to meeting you soon ~
as you progress and venture onward~ while on this new emancipating (spiritual) sojourn
;) Gio