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20th September 2012, 18:39
As I said before, ancient structures always fascinate me, and especially this one. I find this so amazing that an ancient civilization could take a hammer and chisel and create something like this! What really makes me wonder though, is who came up with the idea, who engineered it and why make it so hard. I guess if they had the knowledge to do this, it probably wasn’t that hard for them.

Just thought I would share this thread and short video.

Around 2200 years ago work began on an extensive series of caves and monuments in Maharashtra, India. Over a period of hundreds of years, thirty one monuments were hewn piece by piece from the rock face. Then, some speculate around the year 1000AD, they fell in to disuse.

The first caves were hewn from the bare rock at the time of The Sātavāhana Empire which started around 230BC. Although there is widespread debate about the time at which the second period of building took place most now agree that it was probably during the reign of Harishena, from 460AD and over a period of around twenty years.

There are narrative paintings everywhere – literally. Time has taken a serious toll on these marvelous works with many parts simply just fragments. There are 547 poems that was lovingly painted on to the walls by devotees. They were created using an ancient method. The surface was chiseled so it was rough and could hold plaster which was then spread across the surface. Then the master painter would, while the plaster was still wet, commence his work. The colors soaked in to the plaster and so became a part of the surface. Although this meant that it would not peel off as easily, perhaps not even the painters foresaw the temples persevering for over two thousand years.


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