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22nd September 2012, 16:53
Since I followed the Drake thread, mostly because of the nature of the energies which surrounded that thread, and the social implications, social memes, and polarizations it brought forth and triggered, I thought it would be interesting to follow this social phenomenon and see where it is now going.

This is my subjective take on this, as others strongly disagree that the movement is part of the old Savior meme, but is an emergent new paradigm being heralded by forces outside of our regular 3D consciousness.

Some call these movements the "love and light hippies" who want to sit around and hold hands singing "KumBaYa" around the issues and intend for them to shift, while others are adamant that something needs to be done and right away, since the timeline is closing and we are headed for major catastrophe.

Yet, this movement is suggesting that, very soon, large amounts of wealth and money will be released and it is time to start thinking about how we want to distribute this wealth. This site is taking suggestions, before the deadline of September 24th (so you better hurry if you want your voice to be heard).

"There is a tremendous amount of wealth that is about to be released to all of humanity. The equivalent would be as if everyone won the lottery at the same time. The problem is, everyone who knows about this money is just thinking about how to get it. No one (at least not publicly) is thinking about what we are going to do with it once we get it. This is part of the reason why the funds have not been released yet. We need a plan on how to release this money into our world without destroying society. We are working now on creating this plan. I do realize that there are many plans in place that cover all different areas and many individuals and groups working toward the Golden Age of humanity.

My part in this (which is of my own divine direction) is to give the rest of humanity a chance to have their say at what the solutions should be based on their own knowledge and understanding. This as you can see, will also get people to start thinking about solutions, rather than negativity, which will help raise their consciousness in a tangible way that people can sink their teeth into to get them actively involved.

I’ve put together a pointed set of questions that make people think about solutions and am asking for them to submit their ideas. I’ve been gathering this data and will continue to do so until the deadline date of Sept 24, at which point I will be presenting this “Book of Answers” by the people for the people to the individuals that I am in contact with that are in positions to implement the change. I will also be publishing it on the internet. The strategy here: people will not accept this engineered financial collapse if they know they have a choice and that there is a better way. This “Book of Answers” is the better way. It could be powerful enough to assist the rest of the resistance movement in making the attempts of the dark agenda obsolete."


So, all the hidden gold and prosperity packages, the global settlement accounts, the St Germaine Trust, all of the resources and wealth of this planet, which have been absconded by the global elite, will soon be returned to us.

Here is the inspiring video which lays it all out for you, with nice soothing music and very good graphic landscape scenes to make it feel good:


And a quote from HopeGirl 2012

"Please know the information you submit will be taken very seriously. The most I can say now is that, through Divine intervention and your input, your response to these questions will be presented to entities in charge of implementing these changes. Your help is needed and your response to these questions has been asked for. In addition your input will be posted here on this blog for people to see."

So, how you want the prosperity funds to be handled will be submitted to the Galactic Resistance Forces, who are making great progress, and will be considered and implemented for the great "Event" and help with the direction of the shift.


I found the video at Avocadees blog:


Which is directly linked to from COBRA's blog:


22nd September 2012, 17:45
Those who believe TPTB, are now TPTW, are so extremely gullible, that I feel sorry for them.

22nd September 2012, 17:49
The dark agenda of the elite has been to keep us trapped in a financial system in fear of scarcity and ever needing abundance, so it is easy to see why people would believe that more money would be the answer to all our problems.

Even if the above was true and we were all going to get more money, it would be the same system, the same programming, the same dark agenda of the elite.

I think people will not wake up to this until they are personally ready, no matter how much effort others put in to wake them up.

Although it may seem that these people are very lost, it's not always as it appears. The hopelessly lost often are the nearest to home and cycles of hope and despair can very often force the condition of 'hopelessness' which can lead them there.


22nd September 2012, 17:52
I wasn't even going to respond to this thread grip as I am well assured that you already know how I feel about this stuff :)

But here I go anyways!

Picture this Gripreaper....

There is a small group of people living in a mansion built out of gold bars, eating thick steaks all day long, drinking fine wine, and laughing all the time....they have everything they need and actually quite healthy etc.

...and those in the mansion are surrounded by billions of others that live basically in shacks and struggling just to eat a pile of tainted rice or funny looking cheese burgers that never seem to fill them up but constantly cause them tumors etc....at the same time they are crying because they don't know how their children are going to make it in the world.....wiping the tears away they are wanting everything that the small group of people in the mansion have so every thing will be "alright".

The small group in the mansion = wealth and happiness. (full)
The large group elsewhere = poor and sadness (empty)

This is an illusion thinking those in the mansion have it all and the rest of us have nothing..... But let me continue....

Let's say those in the mansion are drug dealers and have mega tons of heroin and the rest of us need a fix, we need something to make us feel full and happy like those in the mansion......we want what they have!!!!! We want to feel like they do, we want what they have!

Then someone comes along and says that a savior is coming to "steal" everything from those in the mansion and divide it equally among all the billions of others on the planet and everything will thereafter be "alright" and as you say, everyone will be happy and singing "Kumby ya!" forever....A golden age!!!!! everyone in a state of bliss!!!!. Everyone will get their fix, hence everyone will be "fixed" or saved/rescued.

Well, personally I see all this gold and or wealth no differently than the largest stash of heroin that ever existed......both are equally as destructive and are only a quick fix to a fear in humanity that has gone on for way to long......at the end of the day whether it be the money or the heroin that runs out we end up hitting rock bottom needing a savior..............a cycle that keeps repeating itself.

Nothings going to change until the cycle is completely destroyed and also when people stop making up these savior stories.....BTW, once the cycle of currency/materialism/addiction is broken, I doubt there will ever actually be a need for a savior to rescue us.

22nd September 2012, 18:06
Spend the "money" dismantling the current financial system and distributing the world's land and resources to all while building a resource-based economy.

But before that, detain all people who hold destructive power, and render their killing machines useless. We will work with these people to bring them into the new society.

22nd September 2012, 18:28
Very good responses, the Savior meme based on old scarcity and fear and lack, and the idea that the 1% hold all of the goods that we need to extract and redistribute.

The stranglehold the cabal have on the consciousness of mankind which holds the meme of scarcity and the need for a savior, is held in place through energy. Energy is abundant and free, and is the divine matrix of all held in the cosmos. Only 4% is matter, the rest is the void from which all energy comes.

The only way to break the old paradigm and shatter the savior meme, is to release free energy, which eliminates scarcity and opens the door to the infinite power, energy and possibilities of creating from this new paradigm of abundance.

14th October 2012, 06:24
Update for the “Fix the World” Project…deadline extended due to amazing response.

Your submissions are astounding! We’ve received so many from so many different countries I’ve had to assemble a team of wonderful volunteers to help us in processing them. Not only is the response so overwhelming, but the vibration is raising tenfold from each and every one of you as you think about solutions. I don’t want to cut off this incredible energy just because of a deadline. Please continue to contribute your ideas in the submission form even after the deadline. We are currently processing them and entering them into a qualitative analysis system to create the presentation. I have faith in this process and our team, we will figure out how to incorporate all of your submissions regardless of when they are sent. Keep the energy flowing!


¤=[Post Update]=¤

But COBRA has it all under control!

The Masterplan

Experience especially in the last few months shows that human nature is very susceptible to Archons' physical and non-physical influence.

Archons succeeded in fragmenting the liberation movement. Surface positive groups were infiltrated and corrupted, those that remained pure were ridiculed and attacked. Any ideas from you about how to reduce the fragmentation of positive groups and achieve more unity among them before the Event would be most welcome.

Also, there were many supposedly positive individuals and groups fighting for their control over the collateral accounts. It appeared that greed took over the motivation to bring that money back to humanity.

I have received intel from a very credible source that Keenan is not the trustee for the collateral accounts. The real trustee's identity must remain hidden for now so that he can work for the benefit of humanity uninterrupted. There are a few positive groups working for the same goal of returning the funds back to humanity but you will not find intel about them anywhere on the net. They will not announce anything. When they are successful, things will just start happening.

All above mentioned factors were the cause of delays that frustrated many. Therefore the original Plan was expanded and will be presented here.

The first part of the Masterplan pertains to the breakthrough of Light on the non-physical planes. The Light forces use advanced vortex technology for clearing the non-physical planes. All those vortexes create a network of Light that gets stronger and stronger day by day. At a certain point a critical mass of Light will be reached and it will result in a massive arrival of the Light forces on the mental, astral and etheric non-physical planes inside the thin layer that surrounds the surface of planet Earth and now still contains a few Archons and their many reptilian minions with their negative technologies. That breakthrough will remove all remaining darkness from non-physical planes.

This is a crucial step and must happen before the Event. Otherwise the Archons and their reptilian minions would exert pressure on the psychological weak spots of humanity and this could easily lead to widespread wars and violence. Human masses are very open to regressing to violence under stress combined with Archon physical and non-physical influence, as experience with Nazi Germany and Rwanda genocide clearly shows. Under Archon influence, humans are also quick to accuse and attack and this could easily lead to witch hunts and mobs lynching people that are not to their liking. Anybody could be attacked and labeled as »cabal collaborator« or anything similar. Such things need to be prevented and therefore the Event will NOT happen before the non-physical planes are taken care of.

The second part of the Masterplan pertains to the physical part of the Event itself. Since most surface positive groups are now fragmented, they will not take part in the Event as groups. The Pleiadians and the Resistance Movement as two main non-surface positive groups will implement what is called Fluid Group Masterplan Management. First, impulse will come from the Source that the time is right for the Event to start. The Pleiadians and other positive ET races have complete overview of every human being, their thoughts and motivations and they will easily determine who can be a part of the initial fluid physical group that will trigger the Event. They will forward that intel to the Resistance Movement.

Resistance's surface operatives will then contact key people of that fluid surface group. Some of those key people are in positions inside Russian, Chinese and US military. Those key people will be contacted in person or over the phone and will be offered a simple choice. They will be invited to be part of the Event operations. They will either accept or decline according to their free will decision. They will be given a few minutes to make that choice. If they accept, they will receive further instructions who to contact and what to do. If they decline, they will not be contacted anymore. Those people that will be then contacted directly from the key group will make their own decisions and so the fluid group will spring into action. This whole process will be very fast and it will be a surprise for the Cabal. There will most likely be no advance »Green Light« notifications over the internet because the surprise element would then be lost.

As the Event operations will progress, the Pleiadians and other ET races will have complete overview over strengths and weaknesses of every human being that will be part of the operations. According to this, they will give constant real time intel updates to the Resistance about how to shift the roles and positions of people in the fluid group. People making crucial mistakes will have to leave the group and will lose access to operations intel and other people will be accepted. Thus this fluid group will be protected from Cabal infiltration and also from negative aspects of human nature. Resistance operatives will not be directly involved in operations themselves but will only assist with intel and instructions. This whole operation needs to be coordinated by beings wiser than surface humanity to be successful.

After the Event, human masses will receive psychological help and spiritual healing to be disinfected from Archon virus. Archon virus was maintained among human masses by passing the trauma-induced mind control from generation to generation. When this will be removed, human beings will discover that violence is ugly, does NOT solve anything and is not inherently part of the human nature.

One of the key factors that was maintaining control of the dark forces was that people were taught not to support each other. One of the first lessons humanity needs to learn is the lesson of support. People will start utilizing their free will and will choose love. They will receive massive assistance from the Light forces to learn again how to love each other.

No revenge against the Cabal will be tolerated. Every member of the former Cabal will have the right to fair trial and those willing to confess and cooperate might be able to integrate into the society. The Event is not about revenge, it is about stopping ALL violence on this planet by removing the Cabal from power.

Because of all human factor induced delays, only the first part of Plan 2012 (the Event) may happen in 2012. The rest of the plan (Restructuring and First Contact) will happen later.


14th October 2012, 14:24
Hey folks,

In my opinion, basically, this is about a large group of unsatisfied people transferring their responsibilities to others, which is the very fundamental mistake of our messed up society.

You know, people have transferred their responsibility over the world to corporations and governments. Now they want to transfer it to Ets or whatever.

It just shows me that humans are lazy and whenever they have the opportunity to pretend they´re doing something by transferring their responsibilities to others, they´ll do it.

Most people just can´t live with the idea of governing their own lives; They pretend they can; but they can´t. So they always chose a leader, an avatar, so they can blame someone else when something goes wrong.

Just remember the crucifixion...It happens all the time, only a bit differently.

Whenever there´s a big oil spill, people blame the corporations, but they ignore the fact that they were extracting oil so people can happily drive their cars.

Oh! The air is polluted! Let´s crucify the industries!

Oh God! The nation is in debt! Let´s lynch the cabal!

This is all ridiculous...

The same thing happens with the Drake/Cobra/You name it/ scenario. Whenever something goes wrong, people always have someone else to blame.

So, this whole thing is not, even remotely, about hope. It´s all about always having someone else to blame for anything that goes wrong, so people can continue to pretend to be innocent.

That´s what this Savior stuff was and still is all about. People don´t really want a savior to save them from their current conditions. They want a savior to save them from the shame of being ignorant.

By the way, a few effortless mouse clicks and written words on a computer screen may contribute to, but wont necessarily change anything in the real world.

Real change requires real sacrifices.

Allow me to cite Cobra himself:

"The Event is not about revenge, it is about stopping ALL violence on this planet by removing the Cabal from power."

This statement is so childish and idealistic. If only things were that simple...

Do you honestly believe that? Really? Do you think that, by removing whoever is in charge, something will change for good?

What would happen is something that always happened. Orwell´s Animal Farm little book is a perfect reflection of the human mind set when confronted with the opportunity of assuming positions of power.

Violence and greed is inside all of us, and, except if you´re really enlightened, these feelings are always just waiting for the opportunity to assume control.



14th October 2012, 17:33
Thank you for your post.

What do you think about the whole Ascension to the 5th dimension meme? It seems to be the "we're going to be saved" meme writ large.

16th October 2012, 02:53
Remote Viewing Monks See 2012 ET Intervention


Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.

In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.

And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

Scientific interpretation of the monks, statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.


16th October 2012, 03:24
Real change requires real sacrifices. I am just quoting part of it but really I might comment on the whole thing or one piece at a time. This statement is really true. But I think that people don't always realize the type of sacrifice they must make for change. I really don't know what other people think the sacrifice is but I think it is similar to the sacrifice made by that Architect, now Biotect, Michael Reynolds, when he lost his licence which he held so dear, but plugged on anyway and found, ultimately, that he didn't need to be an architect at all. Then he recreated himself as a biotect and what he is doing could change the world. I think that is the type of sacrifice required to make changes in the world because that is what brings in the new.... the phoenix from the ashes...there are many examples of this.

So the question is...I guess...can Western society reinvent itself before being reduced to ashes or do we have to pulverize ourselves before we can rise up? I would have said that Canada was okay and could be an example to follow (at least for a while) until we started getting interference. Having said that, the very fact that the interference is working is a sign we aren't on the right track anyway...and come to think of it...certain things have been going wrong for quite a long time.

Anyway, the moral of the story is we don't just get saved. Its not like the phoenix comes before the ashes. I think that might be a rule. So we have to save ourselves first or plug on after what we hold dear has been destroyed. But usually what is required to save ourselves is hidden from our own view so its hard to be preemptive.