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22nd September 2012, 23:11
Jan Irvin of "Gnostic Media" does an excellent in depth overview connecting the dots as to the beginning of the current "meme" of dumbing us down and leading us down the new age rabbit hole.

here is an excerpt:

A video explaining my latest short article on “How Darwin, Huxley, and the Esalen Institute launched the 2012 and psychedelic revolutions — and began one of the largest mind control operations in history.”

This video is the first to reveal the background origins of the Esalen institute through Aldous and Julian Huxley, both grandson’s of Charles Darwin’s “Bulldog” Sir. Thomas Henry Huxley. The Huxleys helped found the Esalen institute to promote Julian Huxley’s eugenics, humanism, transhumanism and feminism to manipulate middle class Americans into following their agenda through psychedelics and the new age movement.

I just watched the video and found it fascinating, the connections. Here is the link.


Here is the 5 year project which puts together all of the connections and how it all happened. This is the best I have seen anywhere.


Jan Irvin does a great job with "Who, What, Where, How and Why" in a concise and well researched manner. this is a huge rabbit hole, and Jan has made it simple to follow any trail on the path to the truth.

23rd September 2012, 02:51
Thanks Gripreaper,

More Dots? More Connections? More Truths? Who's Truths? Who Knows? :-}