View Full Version : Sister Charlotte - Entire Testimony - Confessions of a Roman Catholic Nun

4th October 2012, 19:15

I viewed this video recently. It's long (1 hr 34 min) but it was riveting from the very beginning for me. Truly heartbreaking and infuriating. The evil in the Catholic Church cannot be underestimated. (I was raised Catholic). I wish this would get as much attention as the pedophilia scandal. The abuse of the nuns in convents was mindboggling. Sick, sick, sick. I will pray for this woman. I feel relieved in that she escaped (literally) from the convent and was able to tell her story…for a while.

I wasn't looking for any more "dirt" on the church, but after listening to this audio, I can
only imagine what must be lurking over at the Vatican. I knew of the references to babies being killed in furnaces in church basements and I thought that was bad. Sr. Charlotte expounds on that and so much more.

I'd like to hear anyone else's opinion if they listen to this.

5th October 2012, 02:16
Right on line with the Satanist influence that has been troubling Europe for thousands of years.

5th October 2012, 05:14
OMG, there is something sick and evil about this video and the story being shared for sure. She sure tells her story like an evangelical preacher in tone, punctuation and volume so leaves me wondering what the testamony is really all about as it rings of salvation for the suffering more than anything else!

7th October 2012, 06:27

I don't have any personal knowledge of anything she said, but based on my recent learning about this crazy world I have no reason to doubt her story. There are many sick people in the Catholic Church, and elsewhere.

I was raised a Catholic. Many of the nuns I dealt with over 12 years were mean and usually tyrannical, so I can imagine that what Sister Charlotte said took place in cloisters and out of sight is--or WAS (I say hopefully, naively)--true.

Her story is horrific and my heart goes out to anyone is such a situation. I've been incarcerated, and I know that the feeling of helplessness and futility I felt was far from Sister Charlotte's because I could look forward to freedom. All she could see was endless suffering. Very very sad.

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

27th October 2012, 05:34
I have to say,I am emotional over this.My grandmother was a child in the convent. She was sent there as a orphan. She ran away when she was 21. She also had a convent name of a saint. I use to ask her questions,and she will turn pale white,and tell me its of the past. She will not speak of it,her time there was horrific, because she will sink in her chair when I asked her what was it like. My grandmother was a Indian born in the depression in MO.Two years before she died,she finally spoke a lil about her time there, she has scars, there was death,there was hunger, I wont go on and on in detail,but I will say listening to Charllot was listening to my grandmother fill in the gaps about what she didnt want us to know. She was a wonderfull women,and loving spite of what she went through. I sure wish she was here, so I can hug her and tell her I do understand now. Thank You Intruth for posting this video. I will pray for light to shine in these dark places. ~Christina~