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5th October 2012, 17:37
With permission from the author Ben, I have posted this letter. He says take it and run!

Dear Monsanto,

I wanted to write you this letter thanking you for all of your hard work leading the food industry towards the future. I have seen some incredible things as of late and I believe that your efforts have been the main reason I and others have been so fortunate. I have always cared about healthy food just as many of my friends and associates do. Your recent push as the number one financial backer of the anti-prop 37 movement has produced such amazing results that I barely have words to express my gratitude. Below I have outlined some of those incredible things. I thought you deserved to hear from a consumer, an American, a Californian just what you have done for us.

1- My friends and family now pay much more attention to what is in their food and what they feed themselves and their children.

2- I have seen people who would otherwise not be aware of each other working toward the common goal of food safety and health. I have personally interacted with people from Russia and South Africa regarding the food on their dinner tables and my own. I love new friends.

3- Organic food sales have gone through the roof! The farmers markets in my home town have been growing at a magnificent rate. An entire new culture of caring about what our food really is has come into existence in places where people never really cared before.
4- As a consumer I merely have to look at the list of donors looking to kill prop 37 to know who gives a **** about human beings and who only cares about money.

5- The two larger community gardens in my town went from having a few volunteers each day to having anywhere from 25 – 100 volunteers EACH DAY!!

6- Local independent grocery stores are proudly starting to educate their customers as to which foods do not contain GMO’s.

7- Some GMO foods were sneaking in “under the radar” but now this is on “everyone’s radar.”

8- Farmers are realizing that they do not have to back down to big companies trying to bully them into submission so that they do not have choices.

9- People from all different races, political affiliations, religions, cultures, and places in the world have banded together ala “The enemy o my enemy is my friend.”

10- Girls LOVE guys who make an effort to avoid fake food such as what you supply the world with. If I go out to any gathering and start talking about how terrible GMO’s are I inevitably meet lots of pretty girls.

There are many more benefits I am realizing now thanks to you spending so many millions of dollars to defeat prop 37. So in summary thank you. It must be so frustrating to see your efforts backfiring on you and your friends Nestle, Bayer, Hershey’s, Abbott, Pepsi, Coke, and all the others. Thank you for your arrogance and lack of regard of the entire human species. It has served to bring us together and make us stronger.

Your Friend
Benjamin Lantz

5th October 2012, 20:16
What a brilliant letter!

In this universe of dualities and converging opposites, isn't it amazing that something so brutal as Monsanto's agenda really can have a positive effect in the long run in terms of more widespread knowledge of food and health?

Robert J. Niewiadomski
5th October 2012, 21:08
Every cloud has a silver lining :)

5th October 2012, 21:18
I agree walshy,
I can tell you many times in my life, something seemingly so negative has actually had wonderful and positive effects come from it !

Great letter indeed !