View Full Version : We can't get a break!

6th October 2012, 15:29
We are enslaved to foreign countrys, " more now" than ever before!.
Number one has exacerbated racial tensions, on a people that have thrived to be as one!, ( ONE COUNTRY & ONE PEOPLES ).
It is with this, "we must choose", Are we doomed???

6th October 2012, 15:45
We have been doomed for years, you just now figuring this out?? LOL

6th October 2012, 16:03
TPTB,I think most would agree, own both sides. Even though he's 97 years old David Rockefeller gives his blessing to who will be President in which I believe he gets his orders from the Rothschild family and Israel who the Rothschild family backs. If that the case ,in which I believe it is,then Romney will be appointed President. Now remember with those crazies running things ANYTHING is possible. I don't vote and I don't give a crap about ether one or the whole crooked system......:(

6th October 2012, 18:51
they should all be fired and join the rest in the unemployment line. We don't need a federal government, we have a mayor , a city council, judges and lawyers and police, we can do it all local.

7th October 2012, 00:35
Someone needs to shake this earth shaped etch-a-sketch. The picture became a mess a long time ago. I hope the remaining specks of aluminium power are able to form a nicer picture and remember how the picture was ruined before. It can't be that hard to draw a decent picture, can it? After all it is just one point creating a path. Ah, but then again there are two dials... which is the right one to turn? At the moment the screen is such a mess it almost looks black.

Isn't it odd how negative everything seems as the winter months roll in. :)


If you mean:

Are we the 'straw men' of this broken control system doomed?
Then yep, of course the system will collapse under its own stupidity, a broken mind makes a broken game. Order out of chaos seems to been a wishful boast for beings harbouring such a colossal void in their being.

Are we human 'meat suits' doomed?
I doubt it. If the world was mostly destroyed I'd bet that you'd find a group of people still living their lives, completely oblivious to all that had occurred, wondering why the TV has lost its signal but still can't seem to look away. A glimmer of hope if you look really hard!


7th October 2012, 00:40
A book, "The Power of your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy states that our subconscious mind is an obedient servant that works diligently to fulfill our beliefs. He further states, "Never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately and wonders will happen in your life."

That book and those statements made a huge impression on me and my way of thinking. I was born to parents that were share croppers and my first real job was working in a chicken processing plant for $1.25 per hour, but I never felt doomed. I was glad to get that job and showed up early every day with a smile on my face. By age 35 there were 152 people working for me. Later, I made some bad decisions, lost my home and everything that I owned, but that only strengthened my resolve. Within five (5) years I was making a six figure income.

I've encountered hardships and may face many more in the future, but I like the advice of Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never give up!" and "I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened." - Wilma Rudolph, winner of three Olympic Gold Medals.

Please reconsider your situation. I don't know your individual problems, but I do have some understanding of current and future world problems. We are not doomed unless we give up. Major troubles, yes, but if we hang in there, better days are ahead.