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7th October 2012, 04:40
I had been listening to a Jordan Maxwell interview, and he stated that the UFO activity at Area 51 had moved northwards from Groom Lake, to an area 20 miles Northwest of Rachel, Nevada, and started scoping out that area on Google Earth.

I noticed two interesting installations with roads looping around them, south of the "Tonopah Test Range Airport. In both cases, buildings are built on the peak of a steep hill. Is this so that the person on the hill can observe the area well, or is this to isolate the people on that structure from the ground. In both cases, a great effort was made to build drivable roads up a steep hill.

The two structures are located at:
37 37'40" N 116 45'35"W
37 36'07" N 116 41'42"W

Images are attached below.

7th October 2012, 04:45
Also nearby, here is an interesting Hexagonal Structure.
37 40'50" N 116 38'24"W

The mysteries of Area 51 are unending!

Midnight Rambler
7th October 2012, 10:53
37 40'50" N 116 38'24"W

Very strange structure indeed! I wonder what it is used for.

7th October 2012, 19:27
The structure looks like a missile silo.