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9th October 2012, 14:44
I like to watch WWE wrestling every Friday
and Monday and until a couple of weeks ago,
i never ever heard of Susan G. Komen and
her "For the cure" campaign, to find a cure
for breast cancer. I'm not saying that it never
existed before, only that i never heard of it

Anyway, anyone that watches WWE will have
seen John Cena lay claim that it was him that
got this Susan G. Komen ("For the cure" campaign)

Fast forward 2 weeks later and i'm seeing pink bows
everywhere and people looking for handouts for this
cancer scam.

In the past, i've done some research into many different
charities and in most all cases, unless the donated monies
is hand delivered personally, to the organizations in need
of the money, almost all of the donated money is seriously
used up for administration fee's, utility bills, mailing costs
and just downright theft. By the time the money goes through
many different hands, the organization for which the money
was intended for gets it, they will be really lucky if they see
one dime out of every dollar donated.

I personally, will never donated to anything for this reason
because they all are nothing but scams.

Another thing that bothers me is why is everyone looking
for cures for breast cancer when there are so many more
types of cancer in the world? Instead of looking for breast
cancer cures, couldn't people be looking for cures for cancer

I'm no doctor and i know next to nothing about what causes
cancer but just from watching all those breast cancer institutes
on tv, trying to get people to come to their hospitals to help
them heal their cancer and what i read online, cancer isn't
even a disease. It's all the bad foods and medications that we
put in our bodies that causes cancer. Now don't go jumping
on me because this is just what i have read and seen on tv.
I'm no doctor and i don't know that for sure.

Anyway, here are a couple of articles that explain the breast
cancer scams going on and if you do a search on "Breast Cancer
Scam", you will come up with a whole lot of other links, that
deal with this topic.

The "Race for the Cure" scam exposed

Breast Cancer Industry A Scam?

If you want to help other people out then find
a needy family and personally hand deliver them
some money or food to help them out. Never give
your money to charities....

Earth Angel
9th October 2012, 14:55
I was talking with a friend on the weekend about the whole pink ribbon campaign.....after yet another friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer.....(boobs will be extinct at this rate)......and she said she felt that women were being programmed to expect breast cancer.....all this breast cancer awareness, pink ribbons on everything you buy even bread packaging and pink trays for the mushrooms! its just putting it in your head everywhere you look . breast cancer, breast cancer, breast cancer, its everywhere!! keep it front and centre in your mind!

I used to be the local door to door beggar for the Canadian Cancer Society fundraising every April, then I realized that Cancer has become an industry, all the money that I collected and that was just me in a small part of a small town, and add it all up and what have we got ??? after about 12 years of it I said NO sorry, I can't do it any more. When my daughter was asked recently to donate to help find a cure, she said No thanks, we already have a cure they just wont let us have it. The person asking was blown away.

Playdo of Ataraxas
9th October 2012, 15:09
My wife and I were discussing just this, HumanAlien, after seeing some NFL games on Sunday. The teams' uniforms, the refs, the stadium, the commercials, the banners, etc. were highlighted in pink. Mirroring what you said in your post, my wife said immediately; "Ugh, it's pinkwashing. If we really want to make a change and cure cancer, how about removing all the carcinogens from products and foods." And Earth Angel, that's a great point about the expectation programming. If you don't control your mind, someone else will.

Whenever cancer and possible cures come up in conversation, I always ask people to research Royal Rife, Max Gerson, and even Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, and go from there. Alternative treatments proven to be successful have existed for years.

The links are from the In Tribute page from the old archived ProjectCamelot.org site. I always like that page.


9th October 2012, 15:12
And, lets not forget the big reality of "FIRST THERE WAS THOUGHT". We actually manifest what we think. If you think ab out it and have that fear in the forefront of your thoughts, how can you NOT get it.

Also, they want to fake everybody into thinking they care and are trying to find answers. After all these years, and they still have nothing to offer but bodily mutilation,chemo and radiation??????????????????????????? Actions speak much louder than words (and pink ribbons).

9th October 2012, 15:24
Yes the Koman effort is a scam and is designed to promote fear not education and to milk the coffers of insurance companies and personal wealth.

Breast cancer is a real disease that will affect one out of eight women in the United States.

Its cause is multifaceted including parasites both large and microscopic, poor nutrition, exposure to toxins of various types, the inability of tissues to normally detox, the lack of minerals in the diet, emotional states that promote disease and any combination of these to create a physiological terrain that can promote the growth of cancer.

The Koman center does nothing to educate woman on how to prevent breast cancer, only in how to detect it.. and their detection methods are known to cause cancer.

Never never never have a mammogram. Intensive radiation on sensitive breast tissue and breast tissue that may already be unhealthy may lead to the development of cancer. Dont do it.

Instead seek out a thermogram or an ultra sound.

If a biopsy is required and you believe that actually knowing what is going on in a lump will be beneficial to you do not get a biopsy or a partial lump removal. . Biopsy can spread cancer. If you think you need to know get a full lumectomy done with the same considerations that would be in place if you actually did have cancer in the lump in a procedure called a lumpectomy. It costs more but may save your life.

this site is an excellent site to learn about breast cancer, the reality of the treatments and alternative solutions to prevent and cure.
http://breastcancerchoices.org/index.html (http://breastcancerchoices.org/index.html)

Women should pay particular attention to the use of iodine for prevention
http://breastcancerchoices.org/iodineindex.html (http://breastcancerchoices.org/iodineindex.html)

and they should understand the role that hormones play in breast cancer
http://breastcancerchoices.org/iodineindex.html (http://breastcancerchoices.org/iodineindex.html)

and lastly they should consider taking bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy.. BIO-IDENTICAL I say, not the crap that conventional medical doctors will give you. It must come from a compounding pharmacy

9th October 2012, 15:46
I had to have a breast lump biopsied 3 weeks ago. I was in the waiting room with 3 other women. We were all in our 50/60's. I started talking to 2 of them and I said that I thought they already have the cures for cancer, they just won't let us have them. They BOTH agreed. The other woman actually worked as a nurse for an oncologist and didn't chime in but seemed benevolent towards our conversation.

I too am sick of seeing that pink ribbon everywhere. I'm getting much better at seeing this propoganda for what it is. I bought the Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski video to support him in his effort to get his treatments for cancer approved by the FDA. They harrass him continually - at least 30 years.

Then I see my husband (not awake) pledging $ during that 'Stand up to Cancer" show on tv a few weeks ago. I try to educate him. He keeps reverting to his old thinking. I'll keep trying...

By the way, I'm lucky. I don't have cancer but do have to have the lump removed. Visit the surgeon on Friday. Not sure if I'll go through with surgery. Even w/o cancer it will probably be disfiguring. I'm not that vain, but if I get a whif of this as being unnecessary and they are just using me to collect $ from my insurance, I'm out of there. One of the mammographers was telling me there was a certain type of non-cancerous growth that they do mastectomy for.
WTF! More conditioning?

9th October 2012, 18:16
Women, please take supplemental idodine and selenium to prevent breast cancer. They are critically important.

Yes, the pink ribbon thing is a scam. The authorities have no interest in finding a cure. Or rather, they have no interest in stopping the supression of cure information.

Playdo of Ataraxas
9th October 2012, 18:52
I have been taking the Cayce-recommended Atomidine from Heritagestore.com. Great stuff, highly recommended. Take one drop each morning in water, it contains 600 micrograms of iodine per drop (400% RDI).


Joe Akulis
9th October 2012, 19:45
One book I've read that really opens your eyes about the cancer industry and how big of a scam it is: Forbidden Medicine, by Ellen Brown.

It's hard to read and not want to lash out at something though. Then when you realize that this is just a story of ONE doctor's struggle, and that this type of warfare has been going on for decades against hundreds of doctors. Ugh. Hard to let that anger go, but that too can be a good exercise.

Suppression has many forms, but when you are able to take a step back, you can see that similar tactics are used. Many situations described will remind you of some of the experiences Wade Frazier describes on his site.

10th October 2012, 02:13
I recommend lugols iodine for superior thyroid support. The potassium aspect to it really helps with utilization. escpecially in the thyroid. I recently read the total metabolic process for utiliation of iodine in the thyroid as the potassium is a key.

10th October 2012, 06:41
This sits home true with me in many ways as I believe money has to do with not presenting the cure. Really overboard with the ribbons as it keeps it on everyones mind.

10th October 2012, 06:46
What you said below is great. Teach women how to prevent. I also dont believe in mamagrams. Thanks for the alternative suggestions that you can do that are safe.

The Koman center does nothing to educate woman on how to prevent breast cancer, only in how to detect it.. and their detection methods are known to cause cancer.

11th October 2012, 12:17
Playdo of Ataraxas, it doesn't stop there. For those of us who enjoy Football video games, if you play online, the severs are programmed to change the characters uniforms to also reflect the pinkwashing propaganda. Yes that's right, even if you play the football videogame 'Madden 13" on line, the servers upgrade the uniforms to reflect the whole breast cancer pink campaign. This has been going on for over 3yrs now. It's disgusting!!!

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Playdo of Ataraxas
11th October 2012, 16:06
Wow, I did not know that, Pharaoh. Quite deviously thorough. I came across this article yesterday:

Pink Ribboned Soup Cans that Contain BPA: We Can Taste The Hypocrisy.......