View Full Version : Matthew Stein, when technlogy fails.

778 neighbour of some guy
10th October 2012, 13:38
I thought this was very enlightening when i saw it first and bumped onto the videos again and wanted to share, might come in very usefull, a suggested watch, do with it what you will.

O yeah, i also have the e book but have no clue how to post a pdf file, so if you do and you have it, feel free to stick it in this thread, thats what its for.






For those who do not go the off grid threads, there is sooooooooooo much usefull info there,one does not have to be a doom and gloom thinker at all to pay that section a visit, you just might learn something usefull/ lifesaving/extending in a fun way.

10th October 2012, 13:44


778 neighbour of some guy
10th October 2012, 13:48
Thank you WF, thats what its all about, hope it will be usefull/informative for others too.


11th October 2012, 02:55
I have this book, tho i have only had a qucik flick through it while it sits in my BOB....

The stuff in there is exactly what will get you through the poostorm.

I would not tell anyone else that you have that book should SHTF, as it would be worth more than Scrooge's money-pool.