View Full Version : HELP ! any dentists or dental hygienists out there.....Broke a tooth

Earth Angel
10th October 2012, 21:58
I broke a chunk off the outer side of my back upper molar last night eating popcorn ....called my dentist and since its not actually casing me pain they can't see me for 3 weeks......its obviously a filled tooth and I am worried that in 3 weeks the filling will fall out and my whole tooth will break apart.......anybody know if its okay to leave it that long? She assured me that it would be fine but this is over the phone not looking at the tooth.....any advice would be much appreciated....and why is it breaking a tooth is such an emotionally upsetting event??

10th October 2012, 22:19
I had that happen to me while eating a piece of toast. Three weeks seems a long time to wait, but I think it should be ok if you don't do a lot of chewing on that side of your mouth.

Earth Angel
10th October 2012, 22:20
I always turn down the popcorn! I knew it was evil lol

10th October 2012, 22:46
I have gone 2-3 months with cracked molar & filling, b4 visit to dentist.
Favor more chewing on other side.
Avoid sugars.
After each brushing squish between teeth 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide as long as you can to endure the foam. This get rid of all the anaerobic bacteria and yeasts. If possible during the squish massage the gum lines to work the peroxide into the tooth pockets to eliminate the silent & chronic gum diseases you may not be aware of.

To all who read this I send you Light, Love, health, tenacity and courage

10th October 2012, 22:54
Had the same sh!t...
with daily oil pulling, i could put it off for a full year [which i do not recommend!].

10th October 2012, 23:25
if it was a root canal tooth and filling, it won't last 3 weeks. You can go and pay someone to do it now in an office family practice, or take the chance and eat mostly blended or soft foods for those three weeks. Does this Dentist have an associate in the office besides him/her that they trust to do the work on your tooth? you might try calling and finding out. Good luck, I lost tooth 13 that way. Forgot all about it one day and bit down and the rest was cracked tooth and pieces in the gum line.

Earth Angel
11th October 2012, 00:49
this is a filling from my early teens......no root canal........the dentist is already referring me to an associate in his office, he is like a rock star! only the very few get to see the man himself!!
I might try calling around to some other dentists to see can it be done sooner......Im sure if I told them it was painful they'd see me sooner, guess that was my mistake!