View Full Version : Multi-State Earthquake Drill To Be Held October 18th

11th October 2012, 17:23
Conspiracy websites are going wild over this one, FEMA sponsored earthquake drill...

Virginia is part of a multi-state earthquake drill that will be held Thursday, October 18th at 10:18 a.m. The event is known as the "Great Southeast Shakeout." Governor McDonnell has proclaimed it "Earthquake Shakeout Day" in Virginia. Other states taking part are Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Maryland as well as Washington, D.C. Emergency personnel say the safest response during and earthquake is DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON.

DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you)
Take COVER under a sturdy desk or table, protecting your head and neck
HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops... link (http://www.wina.com/Multi-State-Earthquake-Drill-To-Be-Held-October-18/14493568)

the timing seems more than coincidental with the active flares swinging towards us and Dark energy waves once again hitting us.

click charts in my sig to keep an eye on the inbound energies.

did they ever get the Washington Monument straightened out from the quake storm that hit a few years back? what's under the capstone?

anyone curious?

11th October 2012, 17:46
Ten eighteen on ten eighteen, my how we do love our numbers.

11th October 2012, 18:07
great catch, I missed that at a glance...

I haven't found anything on the California Drill, guess they figure we've been there done that and don't need practice...

hey Pentagon War mongers...

find your inner peace and step away from the bulls-eye...

troops in Jordon?

11th October 2012, 18:11
the dark energy has been a flat line for months, look now...

is there a dark hole on this part of our path around the sun this dark energy is coming from?

something just absorbed energy...

light purple each spike is a flare...

what causes a negative spike?


11th October 2012, 18:57
Fear porn. False flag prep. Mind control all wrapped into one.
With everybody carrying mobile phones, which identifies the owner too, then consider the combo as an antennae. So at 10.18 on the 18th of the 10th all those participating retards will throw themselves to the ground. To what purpose?
Well to fine tune the monitoring of our electromagnetic smog with respect to ground level. This would be approximately a metre drop (~3ft) to the ground.
Imagine a camera looking down on a population. The camera only sees energy signatures, not pictures. Then the camera will see the human body as one signature and the mobile phone as another, meandering around in an x and y direction. This camera will be on a space satellite. It cannot easily determine height.
So the local ground level telephone antennaes are brought conjointly into play. These can "see" the height dropped with respect to the fixed location of the antennae.

This is a means of targeting the population in the physical environment. This "experiment" does not need mandatory participation as there are zillions of retards out there only to keen to throw themselves to the floor.

Preposterous? Read Dr Judy Woods book: Where did the Towers go? Research Haarp, Dr Konstantin Meyl, scalar energy etc etc etc yawns

11th October 2012, 22:31
conspiracies are awesome aren't they...

now to really scare you have a dose of reality...

these dark spots are swinging towards us, they are packing flare energy that can nuke all of our electronics 9 minutes after leaving the sun...


the energy charges the plates, causing a release like a capacitor, creating quakes, we are already at 14-16 (on a scale of 1-10) continuously, toss these on top of it...

no phone, car, video games...

the orbs, maintenance crews for our sun, are upset leaders are moving for WW III...

to teach us a lesson, they just packed up and left...