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11th October 2012, 19:13
Lately life has changed, I suppose that is the nature of life. I'm looking for a "show of hands" if you will, I wont bore you with my personal challenges and the details within. I notice things around me, not just the world, feeling more and more aggrivating, relationships (almost all), circumstances. I wake up as if I am waiting for "whats next." I can feel it to my core, if a day goes relatively smooth I am suprised, honestly. Is this a world I have created? Is this how the river of life flows sometimes? Does anyone else feel like they are at there "whits end" at many different levels? And is this a new feeling? I dont expect too many responses, as usual all are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Fred Steeves
11th October 2012, 19:44
"Spiraling Downward Or Onward"? I would say that's where we have to make that choice, whether we like it or not. Me thinks we are all undergoing our own individualized version of a human pressure cooker, and either we hold it together, or come apart at the seams in the process. If the latter happens, no biggie. We'll pop a beer like those sassy Bad News Bears, tell em where to stick it, and to wait til next year! http://www.bigtenfever.com/forums/images/smilies/cheers.gif


The Universe has a certain funny respect for that attitude of irreducible rascality. Roll with it brother, and hold on to your hat. http://nexus.2012info.ca/forum/images/smilies/newadditions/smile.gif

11th October 2012, 20:02
It is an indication that you have turned your attention to something that is not in alignment with who you are. When you are feeling bad it is simply your intuition telling you something like this:
What youíre noticing right now is not in alignment with who you are Ė find something else to look at..
Remember the Buddhist principle that life contains 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows and keep the door ajar for the next joy to enter.

11th October 2012, 20:03
As you say Fred, "All is well" :)
So many people are talking to me about the Mayan end of the year story, people I would have never ever thought were interested in the stuff. Just shows how widespread this is.
I think the nerves of many are on edge because of the fear and unknown future. I remind them of the 2000 story and tell them our calendar also ends this year.

I think many will calm down on Xmas day after a few laughs and a bucket of wine :)

Love to All

11th October 2012, 20:25
Spiraling may only be felt as a circular motion, but it does take you somewhere - as it's a spiral, not a mere circle.
It's always onward; the up or down direction is negligible, in the end:
Sometimes, one needs to "drill" into the basement to emerge on top;
and, it will center you eventually, like it or not.
Hang on, maybe not even need to adjust coordinates.

BTW: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?6505

11th October 2012, 20:50
I have been making hard decisions and eliminating the people and things that were part of decisions I made at another stage (earlier) in my life. My experience is one of rising and lightness, on a personal level. Those who undertake similar "sweepings" are also experiencing an improvement. Don't know too many doing it, but enough to see how the spiraling effects others based on their choices.

11th October 2012, 21:44
Iím tired of the whole December 21, 2012 thing which has now become the March 21, 2013 thing.

Iím impatient. There are times where I just donít care about my evolution. This is a good thing. Itís the first time in my life where Iíve given myself permission to vacation from all the chatter. (Almost ready to make that permanent.)

These days, I live how Iíve always lived just more efficient with quality rather than quantity choices. Keep what works and chuck the rest. Thereís more awareness of thoughts, behaviors, beliefs that donít contribute to balance of what feels right for me.

I am eager to assist humanity, but Iím okay if there are no takers. I still shine Light it in small ways that go unnoticed by most.

When Iím around others, I feel detached and in the next moment Iím part of the whole package deal. I just watch. No desire for an answer. (which is unusual)

The only burning question: ďWhat do I want to do when I grow up?Ē

12th October 2012, 04:47
Spiraling Downward or Onward?

Neither. How about inwards, toward your centre. ;)

12th October 2012, 06:26
I am feeling very agitated the same we you are. But I feel and my mindset is that good changes are coming.

12th October 2012, 12:14
To me it seems as though things are going in cycles...the difference between now compared to previous is the quickness of the changes from day to day. It literally feels more like a roller coaster At Times....

Standing within while ALL this Stuff whirls around has been my saving Grace...as all is different the next day