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18th October 2012, 18:14
This is very interesting!!

'The staff at the National Declassification Center in College Park, Md., knew they found something interesting when they cracked open a cardboard box and saw cutaway schematics of flying saucers printed on the pages. The pages describe an Air Force flying saucer program that started in the mid-1950s and ended in 1961. In the upper right hand of each page was the icon of a flying disc stamped over a red arrow, the insignia of Project 1794.

Last week, the NDC staff released a summary report from the project, dated 1956, and the global media went into a frenzy. The documents related to a flying saucer program by a Canadian firm, Avro Aircraft, that the U.S. military funded. Back then, the Air Force wanted a supersonic fighter while the Army wanted a flying jeep. In the end, after $10 million, the saucer was nothing more than a glorified, 18-ft-diameter hovercraft that lost control and stability after it rose above its 5 foot cushion of air. (Itís never a good idea to build an aircraft with an aerodynamic center far from its center of gravity.)"

Full article, October 17, 2012, and links to the documents found here:


18th October 2012, 20:52
Wiki n the Anonymous and ChinaMittGate?

Ahhhh....the great feeling and rejoicing of revelation of the hidden mysteries, thanks to the freedom of Information Act, Wiki, and American and Foreign Nations that have honest Patriots bringing in the Sunlight and transparency.

It's like Biden said: "Folks the math doesn't add up. We spend 3x's as much on the worst healthcare for a developed and technologically saavy Country. That money for the Oil companies substidized since the gas lines in the 1970's that NONE of the energy companies, oil, gas, or coal, EVER did. $$$$$$$$$$ trillions since the 70's.
They get paid from the dark money and when the country is doing well, they get paid even more.

People are fed up, with the insatiable greed that is permeating the seats of power to the point of appointed puppetry.
Billionaires wanting more favors/goodies as John McCain said, paying to put their corporate puppet in to BAINASIZE American businesses from coast to coast, shipping jobs to China, faster than you can send an e-mail.

C'mon Creator, bring on the knowledge that will see US through their treachery and deceit.

Equal Justice under the Universal Law. The millenia of intentional pain and fear inflicted upon the people around the world by the few, must end.


19th October 2012, 00:41
this is funny because I have officially known this for years - it was not hidden in Canada. They were working on ultra special jets for the time and this tiny flying saucer. The saucer was presumably a fiasco while the jet was outstanding but scrapt anyhow US made jets being preferred (wonder, may be the Canadian envelope to potential buyers was not big enough...)

sincerely, no mystery here.
Well, the mystery is that I cannot embed