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Lone Bean
19th October 2012, 13:08
I found out about Project Camelot (and thus found this great site!) by watching videos on the Anomalies Channel via Roku streaming. Unfortunately, a good many of the videos don't download at all, or are sped up and Bill Ryan, Kerry and David Wilcock all sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think over half of the videos work o.k. but a lot don't. I like to watch them on my big tv while reclining with my cat or dog keeping me company. I love this channel because it's loaded with talks given by all sorts of experts like David Wilcock, Richard Dolan, and tons more.

Does anyone know if this problem is just unnoticed by whomever is in charge of this channel, and could lead me in the direction of who to contact to see if it can be fixed? I would greatly appreciate it! :)

19th October 2012, 13:36
Hi Lone Bean,

I don't know anything about the Anomalies Channel but if you go to projectcamelot.org, the library will have most all of the interviews that Bill and Kerry have done since 2006. There are written transcripts of the interviews along with video and audio. The library is a wealth of information.

Enjoy, Sandy

19th October 2012, 14:01
They can't control what is coming, only the news we recieve visually with two material eyes, but the third eye and inner instinct and vibrations of love, they have NO control over.

19th October 2012, 15:14

I know the guys at AFR (American Freedom Radio) talked about having our videos on a channel at Roku, but not exactly sure what happened with that or if this is their channel.

Though I did find this e-mail for the channel: olav@anomalies.net

However, in time we will set up our own platform for internet tv, including Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and possibly others.

It should also be mentioned that we are making DVD's out of our interviews for those interested in having some in their collection or to share with friends, so once the DVD production finishes up we should be able to focus on IPTV more. Currently we have David Icke DVD finished and next is Jordan Maxwell. We are doing this as a small team so it takes a little time.

DVD's should start being available in January 2013 :)