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Charlie Pecos
19th October 2012, 17:07
Hello All,

It has been a while since I last posted here as I have felt that there was really nothing more I could contribute to the forum. The question has often been asked here- ''How do we go about changing the world?'' The answer to this question has and continues to be debated and argued. I sought out the answer to this question by doing a lot of ''inside work'', and I have had to face some startling (to me) truths, truths that fly in the face of conventional understanding. It took me quite some time to acquiesce to these truths.

It began with turning off the tv, getting rid of the premium television access I was paying for. I would still watch violent movies, but then gradually I began to lose interest in them, couldn't watch them anymore. I began to realize that watching violent acts and playing violent roles in video games was affecting the way I think. I realized that television programs us to think in certain, subtle ways. I was always picturing myself holding a gun, blowing away some unidentified adversary. I had this vision running through my head all the time. Why? Because watching violent acts, playing violent roles perpetuates violent thoughts. These thoughts drove me to aquire quite a collection of guns. I loved my guns.

Once I was able to recognize this truth, I began to search inwardly for answers. I was brought to an understanding that if I wanted to ''do something'', the best way to go about it was to make a change within myself. ''Get rid of the guns'', I was told, ''you don't need them''. I would argue this point, but the message was adamant- ''let's put it this way, if you do need a gun, one will be provided to you. You don't need any guns, you have never needed a gun.''

I was stubborn and refused to give up my guns, for a while. Eventually, I came to understand that what I was realizing was right. If I wish affect any change at all in my world, I must change the way I think about things, I must change my beliefs. I have gotten rid of my guns, I no longer watch violent tv shows or play violent video games. If I picture myself holding a gun in my minds eye, I throw it away, let it go.

This propensity for war, violence, anger and hatred- it shows only that we as a people, as a civilization have not yet matured enough on the whole to realize that these things are what doom the human race to extinction. That if we wish to evolve, part of that evolution is becoming consciously aware of those ideas and concepts, morals and beliefs that hold us back, prevent us from evolving. That each and every one of us must make a decision in every moment, to create or to destroy. What we choose to create or choose to destroy is up to us.

In the grand scheme of things it matters not, as this is all just an experience.

But it matters to me, because I can see a world very different from the one I live in. I am doing my best to create that world around me.

I gave up my guns because I no longer wish to live in a world where guns are necessary. I have given up my anger and hatred because I no longer wish to experience a reality where anger and hatred are predominant forces. I do not fear anymore, nor do I subscribe the thoughts and ideas that promote fear. I know that everything that I experience is perfect and right.

I am comforted by this thought, even when things are not going the way I would like them to. I let the experience wash over me and I take away only that which I find to be useful, and discard the rest- the anger, fear, resentment. It is not who I hold myself to be. These negative experiences have lessened substantially since I changed my beliefs.

We all know it's wrong, the way we sometimes treat each other. The foods we eat, the chemicals we ingest. The killing of others. Human beings were never meant to live the way we live. But we have chosen it, we choose in every moment of every day. I want to live in a world where we make better, smarter choices- choices to proclaim to the universe the best and highest ideal of what it means to be human.

So I started with me.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with those outside my world. Good luck and God Bless.


19th October 2012, 17:27
Thank you for sharing that with us. It really touched my heart.

19th October 2012, 17:39
Charlie, I wondered where you were and if all was going well. I see that it is. Well = meaning you are growing in consciousness at a pretty rapid rate it seems. Good for you. Where one person goes, others will follow.

I just watched the movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". One of the things the young Indian man kept saying was: In the end, everything will be all right; and if things are not all right, then it's not the end. The older I get in earth age, the more I understand that statement. Look at all the time we waste worrying over things, that in just a few years or months or sometimes days - when you look back, you realize it didn't matter.

19th October 2012, 17:49
Thank you, Charlie for posting this. What a wonderful piece of insight. Once you did a little inward searching about the reasons that you needed guns, you realized that you did not need one at all. I love it. I do not have TV, and where I live between the Columbia river and the foothills puts me where I do not even get radio. My internet is limited to when I visit someone who has internet. It is amazing the 'layers' of BS that are removed, once you get that crap out of your head, and begin to think for yourself. At least that it is what it has been like for me.

I have been shedding layers and bonding with nature. I grow a garden and work at an orchard. I had no idea where things were leading me. I decided to change MY world by looking inward (continually) and facing down any lingering fear/anger/hate/etc... and the world around me has magically changed, right before my eyes. I believe that we do, of course, create our realities. I also believe that we will manifest our doubts/fears/confusion/etc... before we manifest our passions/desires/joys... The trick is to look inward, and face ourselves, and in doing so,,, we silence the doubts/fears/confusion, and enable ourselves to create out of love and joy.

The point is to look inward and do some personal searching, and your world will change around you!!! Thank you Charlie... Jake.

19th October 2012, 17:59
Congratulations Charlie, you are verifying the same conclusion I have come to. Below is something I recently posted on the Drake thread.....here's the science to confirm you're headed in the right direction.

To the guests and fellow forum members, here's the deal......one person is not going to fix this. A small group of people is not going to fix this.....I've posted this before but it seems to fall on deaf ears. For those who are not familiar, take a look at the science behind Holographic Universe, because that's what you live in. When you understand that concept, you will begin to see how neither a small group of people or even one person for that matter is not going to solve this.....it's scientifically impossible. Why? Because the universe "mirrors" back at us what we are putting out. So until each and eveyone one of us begins to clean our side of the street, then and only then will love and forgiveness reflect(mirror) back at us. If we wait for others to do it, it's going to be a cold day in hell before the conditions change. And if I'm so wrong, please show me the science that says a small group of people or a one trick pony is the key to creating the environment that we all want.


So why oh why is anyone even still paying attention to Drake as clearly, he's not the solution. The solution is you, it's me, it's all of us. Clean up your problems through forgiveness and love. Stop worrying about being right all the time, quit trying to get even or one up on someone.

Until we as a collective group "get this" on a mass scale, the game of duality will continue. The key is forgivenss within your heart. It's the only solution and the science is there for those who are looking for something tangible to indicate that this is the correct direction.


This is where spirituality comes into play and this should be the main foucs of everyone's concentration,not Drake et al.

19th October 2012, 20:26
((((Charlie))))) Your personal integrity shines through. Good to see you posting.

19th October 2012, 21:27
Eventually I gave up on trying to change the world or the me.
Now that I am comfortable with the persona I have on loan till I exit this world--- I am comfortable with the world in that through acceptance everything changes including the me and my world.


20th October 2012, 00:01
''How do we go about changing the world?''


20th October 2012, 03:46
It's really good to see you back Charlie, you've always brought a nice energy here. Thanks for the insights, over the years I've done a ton of work on myself, shed more than my fair share of crap, and I suppose I then started to want some payback, for everyone else to deal with their sh1t and for the universe to give me a big pat on the back. But guess what - it ain't happening ! The reason of course is that not only do I still have some deeper issues that I manage to keep avoiding, but also as I've shed stuff over time, it's ended up getting replaced with new baggage !! So the work never stops.

Thanks for all the other contributions so far, it's true, the only place we can effect change is in ourselves, and we need to accept the possibility that maybe the universe is unfolding in exactly the way it needs to.