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19th October 2012, 18:53
Since today is my 59th birthday, I have been thinking about the future and what it might hold. Will this be the last birthday I celebrate?

As we draw closer to 12/21/2012, I wonder if any of you ever ponder to think how things might turn out? I'm pretty sure we will be waking up on 12/22/2012, saying, "Good Morning, great new day but S.O.S.".

Bill has often said we need to clean up this huge planetary mess we've made. I dread to think that the year might be 2018 and we are still in the same mess. Maybe even worse.

The sad fact is the majority of people don't even know about any theories, and those who may, really don't care. People don't want to be bothered. Don't alter their agendas or schedules and don't mess with their ideology. Just let them continue on with their life doing what they are told and believing what they are taught and told to believe.

As I perused a few sites, I found several theories, the list is below. Feel free to add more. There is even a website about theories:


Bee Deaths Theory

Bible Code Theory

Egyptians Theory

Galactic Superwave Theory

Global Warming Theory

I Ching Theory

Interstellar Plasma Theory

Mayan Theory

Mother Shipton Theory

Niburu Theory

Nostradamus Theory

Pacha Cuti Theory

Pole Reversal Theory

Sixth Extinction Theory

Solar Storm Theory

Super Volcano Theory

Web Bot Theory

There are so many researchers and opinions, good and faulty. To name only a few, we have:
Marshall Masters, Patrick Geryl, Lawrence Joseph, John Major Jenkins,

Greg Brayden, David Wilcock

Dimensional Shift/Evolution;
George Kavassilas, Delores Cannon

The Bible - New Testament: Revelations and Rapture

New Age;
Heaven only knows, it probably involves the Galactic Federation

Anyway, what do you guys think? I would love to have feedback from you as to where you currently stand, and what you believe.

What do you think will happen in 2012?
Major natural disasters
Minor natural disasters
Aliens will come
World War 3
Great Change
Humans evolve
Major shift in thinking
Minor shift in thinking

19th October 2012, 19:09
Happy older day!

as a fellow libra I'm also on the fense (imagine that.. haha)

personally I think nothing will happen that isnít happening right now, the date of "2012" is just another year; that's not to say that it's not "interesting times" I just don't see any one major event happening with the exception of a possible Solar event, but that's always been a possibility really.

19th October 2012, 20:48
The sad fact is the majority of people don't even know about any theories, and those who may, really don't care. People don't want to be bothered. Don't alter their agendas or schedules and don't mess with their ideology. Just let them continue on with their life doing what they are told and believing what they are taught and told to believe.
These kind off things make me wonder if groups like skull and bones came out of masonic traditions of building certain aspects of society in an attempt to try to help people understand some of their theories.

Then when people didn't care they just said F it, guess we'll use our information to conquer instead.

19th October 2012, 22:58
hey Happy Birthday to you and many more on channel four. I love birthdays. we will see more quakes than normal and volcanos but , the 21st of december is just a day when the central sun of the galaxy appears to set all around earth , an illusion because of our alighnment with the biggest star in whole galaxy .. then the ptb are out of scare tactics, no jesus return to burn evil in hell, no myan blah blah, no comet, no asteroid, just another day that moves us into the spiral arm in front of the one we just moved out of ...our solar system is in a very unique place in our galaxy, only once every 25,860 years we pass around the galaxy returning to the start point. Go out and enjoy the night sky, a beautiful place to admire , no one alive today has ever seen this part of space in all its glory . We are so lucky to be alive now and have Bill the hat at the controls, and all the wonderful minds here at avalon. I always feel honored to be a small part of something so big .

20th October 2012, 00:04
Happy Birthday, Mandala. I turn 60 in January. Then I will be a sexygenarian. At least, that is my theory. :p

With a little cooperation from the other gender that theory will come true. :pray::

20th October 2012, 00:41
The puepose of these theories is to keep everyone confused. Also,to build up people's hopes and dash them -e.g.21 Dec 2012 will dash everyone's hopes about "Rapture" etc.

20th October 2012, 00:59
I know what I would like to happen, and then there is what I think will happen. Here is what I think will happen..... December 22 2012 will be just like today, only I bet there may be a few hangovers. :cheers::cantina: LOL

I am not going to lie though. I would love it if the entire grid went down. Yes there would be chaos. But we have chaos already. I think if that were to happen, then and only then are we going to see some real changes. Beautiful GAIA needs a break.


20th October 2012, 04:02
.... I turn 60 in January. Then I will be a sexygenarian....

Chuckle - That's an excellent example of positive framing, and good luck !!!!

Happy birthday Mandala, my "prediction" is that the last week of this year will see a massive level of group disappointment and apathy. Then in 2013 the NWO will go into overdrive, by the end of the year the world government will be an open fact, firmly entrenched in a mesh of draconian laws (we're not far off now) and so visible that even the most idiotic of our brethren will be able to see it. Oops, too late.

I fervently hope I'm wrong, or do I ? Maybe this scenario is the only one which will serve to wake humanity up, and from that point on, the NWO is doomed.

20th October 2012, 06:11
starchild, there are many grids ... water, electricity, communicationsMANY
here's hoping the least worst one for you ...(...not the one where u can't wash or prepare for work, flush a toilet, and see people go into hysteria from thirst..{& its easy especially if people are stressed first ... trying to run many logistics, only not to get w, then realize they thirst and expanded})

the theories just like the grids are many
many layers.
so what, can't wrap your heads around some relational dynamics?

it is an undefined distance (& so mariposafe ur solution is why of many to a point, probably one ofthe worst, if not one of those from which a group might never accede )
an undefined distance ..........knowing is one layer, but in a society which is not unified in its decision making base, it is typically useless.
any acting mechanism ..govs being the one referred to now.. are to intransparent .....from the moment of acting desire to action...there are really to-many floors/flaws

will it be the same,
the biggest vouch safe point i have discovered in the reality matrix to maintain the constancy of reality, is something ones have not even began acting with ...those of the kabalic reality structural imperitives and lessons which people have not acceded above
[cpyright i :rofl:]

20th October 2012, 07:05
I will see it when I believe it.

there's -sadly/unfortunately- too many 'dirty' hoaxes/scams and/or human's clever/creative/cunning made-up wishful-thinking/escapism stories these days,
that they've somewhat made me trauma (even a misanthrope!) and find myself very hard to believe any of these things.... until I see the *REAL PROOF* by myself..

Here's my thread that used to talk about the similar thing too:

20th October 2012, 08:25
2012 is the mid-point in a 36 year window of human evolution!....... any one that says they know the date for any major event on earth is just guessing as SPIRIT has no clock, it is always NOW on the other side of the veil, and any prophecy is only a potential in that NOW! but we can create a new energy in any NOW moment and change the potential with our thoughts!....... as has happened with the prophecies of Nostradamus and the predicted ARMAGEDDON of the bible (anyone notice this didn't happen) well, only in Hollywood!.......

Humanity is experiencing a major leap in evolution at this point in time, but to believe that this will happen on a particular date is pure fantasy!!


20th October 2012, 13:09
Have you ever seen the Mayan long count calendar? If it had went on longer, they would have needed, a bigger rock. chuckle chuckle.

20th October 2012, 16:20

What do I think will happen in 2012?

All of the above.

Happy birthday!

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

20th October 2012, 16:26
Well, so far this morning, we have UFO wars, alien abductions, disappearing aircraft and submarines, depopulation agendas against the useless eaters in the central Mississippi valley, volcano's erupting, false flags, October surprises, election fraud, economic collapse, possible world war 3, oil and natural gas fracking dangers, food shortages, and end time scenario's.

And this is also the weekend for the "Event" to take the planet back from the cabal, place all the militia's on alert to get their guns and food ready, arrest all the bad guys, put them on trial, and release all of the prosperity packages.

Looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty busy Saturday in October. I think I'll go grab me another cup of coffee and get ready.

21st October 2012, 07:49
Things are happening all the time. Before or as WWII was starting, people probably thought it was the end of the world. For those in Europe it almost was, then the Cuban Missile Crisis, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the next decade, and dozens of conflicts worldwide since, as well as environmental disasters. These days with the internet, more information is going than ever before, everyone is more heightened to what's going on. People even know as much what is going on in peoples lives without needing to speak to them.
Anything that happens will be part of the many events that occur this century, just as any previous century.
I don't follow a lot of the theories, some make sense depending on where it comes from, though a lot are odd and mixed up with hype, paranoia, false facts, assumptions and speculation that has grown to become 'fact' in those minds.
People are looking for numbers in anything these days to get dates, they'll flip images, do multiplication, division just to come up with a date, which I have seen can be very ridiculous, when they start dividing whole numbers then adding them with some other number and making it to be fact. I think it was with someone's research on Rosicrucian's that they were trying to decipher some symbols based upon texts, they were pulling numbers apart without no basis.

Of course all theories, one or a few could turn out to become fact, have to wait and see for a few of them.

21st October 2012, 18:07
The thing that sticks in the back of my mind are the similar stories from Dolores Cannon's research which tells of two earths and a great evolution which creates a "new earth". Also I spoke with Dr. Brian Weiss at a conference and he said everyone wants to see what is going to happen. That's why we are so heavily populated at this time. Many souls came from off planet.

Many people chose to reincarnate now to have this experience of what is happening. George Kavassilas also indicates that that Earth and some people are evolving to another dimension. I place a good deal of value on what Dolores has received from so many clients about moving into 5D, and Dr. Weiss pretty much corroborating what information she has gotten.

21st October 2012, 18:12
If we dare believe that we are co-creators of our own reality, and we are connected through consciousness, is there a chance something might be coming that we possibly can not fathom? I still feel deep down (gut feeling) something big is coming.

21st October 2012, 18:39
May you live many more joyous days.

I always say: where there is smoke there is fire...

Black Panther
21st October 2012, 19:20
There is a lot of disinformation and it is a bad thing people looking out
for big events to happen to clean up of the mess we are in and everytime
we end up with dissapointment.

Of course 'they' want us to be confused instead of having clear focused
awake and aware people. So that's why there is a lot of disinfo and
there are a lot of trolls everywhere to mess with people's minds.

So instead of focusing on future events and others coming to save us
we have to keep focusing on ourselves and whatever will happen will happen.

According to DreamsInDigital this is a good site: http://www.2012hoax.org/.
2012 is of course a hype and a lot of people making money out of it.

That doesn't mean we live in very interesting times and more and more
people ARE waking up. But I don't believe 21-12-2012 will be the day that
everything instantly will be different. It's a gradual process, but we are
in the process for a long time already. That's why we are coming together
on this forum for instance and that's why people like David Icke and
Eckhart Tolle woke up and are teaching lots and lots of people to see
through the illusion, the illusional world we live in and becoming aware
of our own prison called the ego.

Nothing is set in stone, so together we can create our own future.
And like Godiam said, it's always Now, time is an illusion.

I hope you have had a nice birthday :kiss3:

21st October 2012, 20:21
People focus on 2012 with out knowing that it first happens in the spiritual realm and then it manifest in the physical.
That is why people do not see it coming. I did post about a Axe commercial called AXE 2012: Happy End of the World!
Why o why do they put this in a commercial ?

Its a spiritual ending first before you ever going to see the physical ending of this game and this is the time when people should get onboard spiritual

21st October 2012, 21:21
Happy birthday Mandala!

What I am working on to happen for me in the near future (I hope even sooner than december 21-st), is to stuff all my personal soul energy, or all my higher self into my body.

That looks and feels like trying to put elephant inside an ant body.

I guess other way to put it in words is - while many people from the new age community are looking forward to ascent, I am working on to fully descent :sarcastic:

My theory or hope is that many other people are trying and eventually will manage to do the same.

I managed to do it for a brief nanosecond couple of years ago. Somebody in a dream helped me do that and it was more than great, bliss,super cool thing - I lack words do describe the situation. Of course I almost died - my body was unable to sustain that great, wonderful, excellent, lovely, terrific, complete being that I am :p

But we will work together with my body and manage to do it (I hope)

Tane Mahuta
22nd October 2012, 08:52
The world will not end!!!...

Mother is recleansing herself...

Mother is currently infested with fleas & parasites...

She has more then the resourses available to rid herself

of these vermin....

This is not the end of the world...

nuff said


""This is my theory""...& I'm sticking too it!!

22nd October 2012, 18:24
Here is the fact I don't do theories ,because of what it means. If you call some one a conpiracy theorist then it means it has not been proven, it is just a theory.

And if your here on this forum you know it is not a theory ,but a fact.
denying it is not going help anyone.

I simpley have now the spiritual understanding what it means ,because of what I have been given supernatural and all have experienced in the last 4 years.
It is to mutch to put this a nutshell.

But it is in the spiritual realm what they are telling you and not the physical. They are saying get onboard now ,because I know that it takes at least about 4 years to progress from your 9th spiritual body up to your 12th.

And since of been given in a dream how long we we have and that is about 4 years to turn it around we need enough people onboard NOW to change that out come for that.

They call it the end of the world ,because where living in a dream world a lie. So the truth is the end for does who are a sleep.

Are You A Conspiracy Theorist ???

Alex Laker
24th October 2012, 02:51
There is a place for perfection, but I don't think we exist here to experience that. In a perfect existence, we wouldn't need theories to explain why things are imperfect. It seems we are bound to theorise since we need a cause to explain an effect. A perfect world cannot exist, because nothing can happen in such a world that would take it out of balance.

We tie up loose ends only for them to unravel and suddenly we find ourselves questioning what is the point if nothing can ever be certain? The reality is nothing is certain, things move in and out of balance all the time and it seems we're just oscillating back and forth around events which seem good and events which seem bad.

For some reason there has to be these two "end" scenarios, one in which a force of so called evil is victorious and the other in which a force of so called good prevails. The fact is neither of the scenarios can ever happen, even if there was a time limit. I just feel that this whole game is meant to go on forever. We know that balance is perfect and really, on some level the universe should be perfect. In that case, if nothing is certain at any one time, then for the universe to be perfect it has to go on forever, with all this nonsense of suffering and bliss in between.

Sure, there's nothing wrong in trying to predict the future, in hoping for the best or fearing the worst. The only thing I can be certain of is that the best and the worst will surely come in equal measure, and the game will be played out long after we're done with our respective incarnations. We will never experience perfection on this level existence. But hey - you only want it when you can't have it right?

You win some, you lose some.