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20th October 2012, 00:17
This series just made its debut on the HISTORY Channel in New Zealand (although in other countries, a few months ago). It "spills the beans" on popular conspiracies about Area 51 icluding reverse engineering alien technology, Roswell, faked Moon Landing, captured alien disks etc. IMO one of the best I've seen on the subject so far and deserves a thread of its own (originally posted here as a side commentary but lost in the maze :))


Includes commentaries by George Knapp, Bill Birnes, Jim Marrs, Dr Steven M. Greer, Peter Merlin, Michael Schratt, Richard Dolan etc

America's Book Of Secrets - Area 51


20th October 2012, 16:03
i think there is life on planets in our own system especially titan , i mean what of the emvs in the rings of saturn