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20th October 2012, 00:22
Conspiracy of Silence (Banned History Channel Documentary)


"Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians.

Based on DeCamp's riveting book, The Franklin Cover-up, "Conspiracy of Silence" begins with the shut-down of Nebraska's Franklin Community Federal Credit Union after a raid by federal agencies in November 1988 revealed that $40 million was missing. When the Nebraska legislature launched a probe into the affair, what initially looked like a financial swindle soon exploded into a startling tale of drugs, money laundering, and a nationwide child abuse ring. Nineteen months later, the legislative committee's chief investigator died suddenly and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case.

So why have you never heard of the Franklin cover-up? Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, "Conspiracy of Silence" was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians. Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary.

You may find yourself becoming angry or upset while watching "Conspiracy of Silence." Many people do. However, consider that each of us has at times in our life acted out of selfish motives when it comes to sexuality and ended up hurting others in one way or another. Let us take this information not only as a call to stop this kind of abuse at the nationwide level, but also as a call to examine our own sexual relationships and make a commitment to deep honesty and integrity in our own lives around this most sensitive issue. Thanks for caring and may we all work together to build a brighter future for ourselves and for our world.

A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

NOTE; This film had to be reassembled from remaining VHS fragments after an all-out effort was made to block the films release and destroy all extant copies. Every effort has been made to restore it to the original and complete "meant to be broadcast" version.

For additional information, scroll below the video on the YouTube site.

20th October 2012, 00:45
The documentary in the OP has been posted before, but it's good timing to post it again now, I would say, considering this story that was in the news today and likely will be for some days to come:
And this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.


Boy Scout ‘perversion files’ released
Boy Scout ‘perversion files’ released

Video: The Boy Scouts of America have released nearly a decade of confidential files never before made public. The Scouts kept track of suspected pedophiles they banned from their ranks, but kept the list secret until now.

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By Paul Duggan,

Thousands of pages of once-private records detailing sex-abuse allegations within the Boy Scouts of America from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s were made public by an Oregon court Thursday, including internal reports of alleged child molestations by more than 1,200 scoutmasters and other adult volunteers nationwide.

The records — formally called the Ineligible Volunteer Files but commonly known among Boy Scout officials as “the perversion files” — were submitted under seal as evidence in a 2010 sex-abuse lawsuit in Oregon. The state’s highest court ordered the documents released under Oregon’s open records law.
“Unlike previously released summary information on the existence of the files, the files released [Thursday] contain every document associated with each case, including handwritten notes and internal communications between Boy Scout executives,” the Oregon law firm O’Donnell Clark & Crew said in a statement.

The firm represented six former scouts who alleged in the 2010 lawsuit that they had been sexually abused by a scout leader in the 1980s. The Boy Scouts of America, which lost the case, was ordered to pay the plaintiffs nearly $20 million.

The 14,500 pages of newly released records offer details on about 15 cases of alleged sex abuse by Washington area Boy Scout volunteers from the mid-1960s to 1984, including the names of the alleged perpetrators. Many of them have involved criminal prosecutions, but whether future criminal prosecutions might result from the records is not clear.

The names of alleged victims were redacted before the files were made public.

Thursday’s release of records follows a series of stories by the Los Angeles Times describing a decades-long culture of secrecy within the Boy Scouts in its handling of sex-abuse complaints against adult volunteers.

After reviewing thousands of internal Boy Scout records introduced as evidence in court cases across the country — before the Oregon files were made public — the newspaper cited hundreds of incidents of alleged sexual abuse since the 1960s, many of which apparently were not reported to police by Boy Scout officials.

Adults accused of molesting boys were often compelled to leave the Boy Scouts under the guise of being too busy with jobs or other activities to continue as volunteers, according to the Times. Many volunteers who were expelled for suspected sex abuse were able to slip back into the program, the newspaper reported.

The Boy Scouts in 2010 adopted a policy requiring local scout leaders to report sex-abuse allegations directly to police. Previously, such accusations were reported up the Boy Scouts’ chain of command. The allegations often were handled confidentially within the organization with alleged abusers being gently forced out, the Times said.

“There have been instances where people misused their positions in scouting to abuse children, and, in certain cases, our response to these incidents, and our efforts to protect youth, were plainly insufficient, inappropriate or wrong,” the national president of the Boy Scouts, Wayne Perry, said in a statement Thursday.

“Where those involved in scouting failed to protect, or, worse, inflicted harm on children, we extend our deepest and sincere apologies,” he said.

Many of the cases detailed in the Oregon files already were cited in an online database created by the Times based on its earlier research.

The database includes information on about 5,000 people, mostly men, who were kicked out of the Boy Scouts because of suspected sexual abuse from the late 1940s through the mid-2000s. More than 50 of the cases were in the Washington suburbs.

The Times listed 103 cases statewide in Virginia, including 27 in Northern Virginia, some dating to the 1960s. In the past two decades, adults were banned from Scout troops on suspicion of sex abuse in Woodbridge, Warrenton, Arlington, Springfield, Dunn Loring, Manassas, Vienna and Alexandria.

Ninety of the 5,000 people blacklisted by the Scouts were expelled from troops in Maryland, including 27 in the D.C. area. The database lists cases in the past 20 years in Gaithersburg, Potomac, Takoma Park, New Carrollton, Waldorf and Silver Spring.

More here:
and here:

21st October 2012, 09:13
I remember a disturbing interview a couple of years ago with the actor Cory Feldman (of Stand By Me, Goonies, Lost Boys fame) who admitted both he and his friend, Cory Haim had been molested by studio executives when they were both still child star actors, and he blamed those events for attributing to Cory Haim's drug abuse and eventual suicide at the time. Feldman claimed that, "Hollywood was run by pedophiles" and that the public at large didn't have a clue of what was really going on and just how large these pedophile rings were.

21st October 2012, 12:09
Hi Kiwielf, been a long time since we last spoke, Just to add that we have a very similar case being disclosed at the moment in the UK, The BBC are at the core of an institutionalised acceptance of child abuse and it looks like it just doesn't want to go away.

Shame, I don't know, what with the Holy Roman Catholic church, the BBC and the Boy Scouts. Who can you trust? thank god we have McDonalds and Walt Disney????

Keep up the good work

21st October 2012, 13:39
I may as well add our own Hollie Gregg in this thread. http://holliegreig.info/

Hollie Greig ( a little Downs Syndrome Girl) and 7 other known victims were systematically raped and tortured by a known paedophile ring.
The paedophile ring included a judge, care workers, a policeman, an accountant and other leading men and women of Scotland.
Robert Green was jailed in Aberdeen for reporting the story to the public.
The Uncle of Hollie Greig was brutally murdered with what appears to be an axe handle. He was found dead in a burning car in a situation that appears to be arson. This was a few weeks after he reportedly walked in on Holly being sexually assaulted by her father.

21st October 2012, 13:49
This is just another way they are destroying the pure innocence of our children.

What is it they think they can gain from this? Does manipulation of our DNA come into this as well?

Nearly one million children under 18yrs go missing everyday. Granted not all will have been taken with malicious intent ( broken families, run a ways etc)

I think society has enough screwed up individuals to explain why some turn to pedophilia, but it doesn't really explain why the top bods do it.

Zoe x

21st October 2012, 15:58
NOTHING can explain why some turn to pedophilia. It is an act of pure unadulterated evil.

21st October 2012, 16:27
Oh, I think I saw this one a while ago but I ended up very confused when victims withdrew statements and then decided to testify again but then ended up withdrawing again and so on.