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22nd October 2012, 09:04
Has policing changed?

Politicians or rather those behind them are running amuck. This is creating poverty and stress in the populations, so people run amuck! Then this allow the police to be heavy handed and also run amuck!

Can anyone explain what is going on?

The rich seem to be getting very rich and the poor very poor. More money is spent on weapons and going into other countries, than caring for the elderly at home. Why are the police so heavily armed.

Why is zero tolerance being invoked. The populations are having such a tough time at the moment, due to government or rather those behind the policies, so people are suffering, and now they are going to suffer more.

Can anyone explain what is going on?

We see lot of youtube images of police creating fear. The policing structure is about to change, so who are the police going to be accountable to...who guards the guards?


22nd October 2012, 09:52
I just came across another of those videos. Perhaps it's fake...there does seem to be a lot of them!
Is this sort of policing going to creep around the world?


22nd October 2012, 11:14
I wish I had answers, pie'n'eal, but only more questions. Has hospital care changed? Has education changed?

I talked to a former teacher friend who just left her job as an inner city school teacher after 10+ years. She said the whole system has been dramatically degraded in that time. Kids are taught to take tests. There is no room for joy in learning, the ability to teach critical thinking skills and encourage creativity is being destroyed by the curriculum.

I took my mother to the emergency room a month ago and was shocked how things have changed. The patients are left alone on one side of the room. The nurses and medical staff on the other, staring into computers. When the med. staff cross the great divide to attend to a patient, they bring a laptop and stare into it so they don't have to deal with the patient. A nurse friend of mine was just complaining about how stressful their new computer system is, how senseless the system is.

My question is, have law enforcement, education, health care been changed, and who is orchestrating these changes. Are we all being continually downgraded? Who is behind it?

I have to say, they may have gotten their plans through, but we are waking up and seeing what is going on. They aren't going to succeed.

22nd October 2012, 11:36

I was in the Specials around 18 years ago, started off having a wooden truncheon and the non-rigid handcuffs, but transitioned to a Casco baton and rigid handcuffs. I think some changes are due to practicalities - eg the truncheon used to be stored in a hidden pocket against the leg, and was quite uncomfortable, whereas the rigid cuffs were brought in because they were quicker to deploy and allowed the officer to more easily subdue an offender as used correctly pressure could be applied against the wrist which was quite painful... I left just before the CS spray was introduced though.

Some changes occur because of high profile incidents that make it into the news, some as part of government legislation, some as part of budget cuts, some due to society changes etc... For example, when I was in we did a lot of foot patrols, but that seems to have largely been phased out in favour of doubling-up a single-manned patrol car instead. In addition, the "community bobby" section was effectively disbanded. Blame budget cuts for that.

22nd October 2012, 14:31
The more people are stressed, the more they move into individualism, backed by the rising ego fears and desires (me,me, I, I, us vs them). It is a natural phenomena that needs be overcome. It won't ever be, if no moment of silence of contemplation is allowed to occur.

Neptune is now fully into Pisces (and Pluto is in Capricorn), so we can expect some near global movement about 'humanity' to catch on like wildfire.

Any moment now. (next few years, at best)

It may be that the fire (or water) is high enough (burning or drowning, which is it?), so any proffered solution will be grabbed, en-masse.

But first, the loss of all hope (system beyond repair), and the finality of 'upset'.

Fred Steeves
22nd October 2012, 14:52
Any cop with half a brain, should look to where the money is going. It's not going to them, it's going hand over fist to their ever advancing arsenal and equipment. The individual is readily expendable in lieu of the next uniform filler, who may be more receptive to their given nation's "interests".

Of course history is no longer relevent in today's ever forward looking society, so such regularly occuring historical events like The Night Of The Long Knives are of no concern to most. Even if they knew some of the history, it still couldn't happen here of course. Anyone who thinks differently is a kook, and quite possibly even a security risk.

22nd October 2012, 17:50
Who's working behind the scenes?



23rd October 2012, 03:12
I get the feeling this is about keeping the masses busy, keeping them frustrated and separated by false distinctions.
Meanwhile "while you were busy", the books are cooked, atrocities are in play, wealth is stolen, land is taken. And this is how the games are played, nothing different, and for thousands of years now. I hope we can manifest something different for ourselves... and for the Planet's sake.