View Full Version : Facebook Filtering the Newsfeeds you get ????

Earth Angel
22nd October 2012, 14:41
I know there are not a lot of fans of facebook on Avalon but the reason I keep it is there are many 'friends' I have made that I don't know personally but that are very awake and aware and I love reading their posts and status updates......I have just recently noticed that these people suddenly are not showing up in my newsfeeds, I have to go and look individually at their pages......when I think of the ones who were there daily because they had lots of amazing posts, pictures, thoughts to share.....and suddenly they are all missing from my daily news feeds I have to wonder WTF is up with that???? Anybody else experienced this or know how to fix it? I checked and these people are selected to be in my news feed.

Earth Angel
22nd October 2012, 14:53
perhaps this explains.......I just found this minutes after posting the above, serendipity !! gotta love it

22nd October 2012, 15:29
I suppose this is a good possibility that this is happening.

However I am surprised by something that happened to me on FB a couple of days ago...someone that is NOT a friend had posts popping into my news feed? Due to my radio work I have a lot of friends that I do not know personally. I have only unfreinded or blocked a couple of people over the years. So the one that popped up a few days ago was someone I was going to unfriend because I did not like the content that they were posting however when I found they were not a freind I had no way of stopping them...

I like facebook...

Much love to us all! :grouphug:

Earth Angel
22nd October 2012, 18:46
I like it too.... but its become another one of those things that is replacing actual conversation though, like texting ......everything is email, text, facebook and as a last resort actually make a phone call. (not for everyone but this is a growing trend I see )........I have also had several friend requested accepted that I know for sure I did not send, and so has my daughter. I dont like the way they track me and I also have had friends suggestions and I can't figure out how they came up with that person unless they had access to my regular email .....just a bit worrying.

22nd October 2012, 21:11
in order for thier new "pay to promote" posts feature to be valid and viable it was necessary for them to hobble the efficiency of the previous "free" news feed ratio

ie why would people pay money to use a feature they already had for free

23rd October 2012, 00:43
To fix this -- in your news feed - just hover your mouse on your friend's name or in your friend's timeline hover your mouse on the "Friends" button, in both cases a pop-up will appear- click on/Select "Show in News feed".

Similarly, friends or posts which you don't want to see in your news feed - you can uncheck them.

Hope this helps little bit

much love