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Maia Gabrial
23rd October 2012, 15:08
Do any of your towns or cities blare a siren from time to time?

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania that is no different from yours. When we moved here in 2010, there were none being set off the whole year. But now in 2012, they've been increased from zero. There have been several since the beginnning of this year; and just 2 in the last month. I wonder what they're NOT telling us? Is this a case of they'll tell us when they absolutely have no choice and the SHTF?

The thing that bothers me about it is that people will get used to hearing them that when the REAL emergencies happen, no one will respond to them. I wonder if this is intentional....? It could be detrimental to survival if people respond quickly to them....Okay, so I sound too suspicious, but getting used to hearing the sirens is not a good idea....People will hesitate, not even wondering if it were the real deal....It seems simlar to the boy who cried wolf....

What do you guys think?

23rd October 2012, 15:16
hi Maia. i live in a small western pa town and the same thing is happening here. although maybe not as often as where you are. we have a university here and twice in the last six months they have run the sound sirens for potential emergencies on campus. this was done both times while sessions were out. i am inclined to agree with you that people may become lethargic about responding. i do not think that you sound too suspicious. in this world today, one must question everything.
warmest regards, corson

23rd October 2012, 15:22
Don't expect them (tbtb) to warn you about anything.
I don't think they will even know when the time will come.
But I'm sure we will.

Zoe x

23rd October 2012, 15:43
I live in Oklahoma. They use the sirens here to tell us when a tornado is close so we can seek shelter. They also test them every Saturday at noon.

23rd October 2012, 16:18
We test ours in ohio, every friday at noon.....

23rd October 2012, 17:10
In Illinois around Chicago its Tuesday 10:30 I think every 2nd week of the month.

The Axman

23rd October 2012, 18:12
There are sirens here in the UK too. Same problem.

Thinking outside the box: when all electricity fails the sirens would be useful to enforce CURFEWS.