View Full Version : New law promoting intolerance.

25th October 2012, 12:03
"If we want a more robust society we need more robust speech, we have a creeping culture of censorship." Changing the law slightly,gives the law enforcers a reason to over react.


25th October 2012, 14:18
Clearly that law is dickriculous but also no surprise. I was once in Manchester around midnight on a Saturday night on a main street and three guys were walking on the other side of the street singing. I saw a police car cruise by slowly and it stopped and out came the two policeman. Apparently it was deemed illegal to sing publicly. I was blown away. The freaking "singing police" had manifested before my eyes. WoW! I made my decision that night I was no longer interested in living in Manchester and soon moved to Panama City, Panama. Strangely I saw the same singing police appear soon after in front of the Veneto Hotel one evening when I was singing a bit too loud. They gave me that "stop singing look" and I gave them my Chester grin back. They went away, thankfully. What if one day this whole planet is simply an enlarged "manchester?" Not on my watch, amigos. justone

25th October 2012, 22:21
After the initial shock of Mr Bean being serious, and actualy speaking....

Absolutely beautifull speech! Need more of that for the whole world!