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25th October 2012, 14:09
Among many thoughts, he asks us to look at his latest book, entitled:
If You've Forgotten the Names of the Clouds, You've Lost Your Way : An Introduction to American Indian Thought and Philosophy

The Video:


Video Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xNUm3wOAHq4

An excerpt from his book:

Once a language is written down, it’s speakers suffer immediate consequences. One of the first casualties is memory - as soon as you can write something down, the power to remember goes quickly. Also lost is much of the richness and expressiveness of language.

Ironically, not only does creativity and expressiveness suffer once a language becomes a written language - it also becomes easier to lie. When a story or account is written down, history for example, it becomes the accepted version of truth no matter how false the information, or how biased the source. People who live in the oral tradition, however, have to be able to remember what they said. The only way to be sure of this is to tell the truth. Liars are frequently found out because their stories are inconsistent - when they’re not drawing on truthful memories, they frequently can’t remember what they said. The stories of liars become inconsistent with the accounts of others. Lying just doesn’t work when you’re face to face with oral tradition. Writers, working alone, sometimes under a pseudonym, or even anonymously, are not really accountable. They can write anything they want without regard to fairness or truth.

In the Lakotah language, the language of the central plains of North America, there are 52 different kinds of clouds that we have names for. With that knowledge and wisdom, by recognizing the often subtle differences between types of clouds and their characteristics, we can accurately predict the weather up to two days and nights in advance.

Hence the name of our book, “If you’ve Forgotten the Names of the Clouds, You’ve Lost Your Way”.

For purchase here:http://www.amazon.com/Youve-Forgotten-Names-Clouds-ebook/dp/B007V91ENK

25th October 2012, 14:16
So sad... His heavy breath is most probably from pain med's...

25th October 2012, 14:17
That's how I operate. People don't like it though: I never write anything down.

I do it that way... as it is a progression, in motion, not a dogmatic history.

And thus I always come from what I know and live in the flow.

(Grew up with a few Native American friends)

As for his statement about wording and so on. I do believe he's absolutely correct about that. Those who lie can't hold it up under the constant pressure of coming from what you know and are, verbally.

The police hold/have long interrogations for a reason. And they repeat them, for this very reason. Sociopaths are good at this... but even they eventually fail (found out/discovered/seen through) under such pressures as a verbal system. They make it seem so impossible in films and movies, but these things..they are written and scripted.

Also, the idea of separation and communicating with people/groups in isolation, that is how they keep the illusion going. We do not know if record keeping is evil, but it is inherently dogmatic (by definition). It can be used in multiple ways, in the end.

What is going on, is that they want to get us to being in a verbal and greased system, back to no records that are permanent, as in 'cloud computing' and 'cloud records' and they are the ones keeping score and keeping control of all formation and specifically...recall. We, the populace, will be going back to portable and verbal....and THEY will be the sole record keeper (which will change at their whim).

Thus, the original verbal system, but they being in charge of recall. Thus, still no capacity for memory, as Russell states...but all records are theirs...which they change at will. Fluid mutable memory. INCREDIBLY insidious and INCREDIBLY dangerous.

So you want books on tablets and everything in software form? That is the tradeoff, good friend. Mutable memory, enacted with someone else's desire and will. Think about it.

THAT is our electronic future in the coming 2000 year long age of Aquarius. (Aquarius rules electricity and computers)

25th October 2012, 14:33
More Good Videos Of Russel Means Here:

25th October 2012, 14:39
In programming, this is known or might be called a master instruction set, one that is tied to the processor (brain patterning) ,and thus the software (language) is more capable of a larger number of complex instructions and/or actions (expression). Add that to what he is saying, and it might be a bit more clear.

People chide me as to not doing something, and they tell me to write it down. If I don't write it down, and I have forgotten, and failed to do or complete the given thing/task...... then maybe it has little to do with my flow and who/what I'm trying to be and where I'm going?

25th October 2012, 19:57
Thank you Russel from the heart.

Many blessings to your family.