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26th October 2012, 16:31

I noticed for sale on eBay, several figurines and images of a "god" name "Billiken", a cute kewpie doll-like figure who was briefly popular around 1910. Per Wikipedia, Billiken was first seen in a dream by illustrator Florence Pretz of St. Louis, Missouri and in 1908 she got a patent on him. Within a few years Billiken faded from mainstream popularity in US but seems to had a bit of a revival in Alaska and Japan.

What I find eyebrow raising is that he was adopted by two very different (ostensibly) organizations: the Roman Catholics and the Freemasons. He is the official of mascot of Saint Louis University, one of the largest Jesuit (Roman Catholic) colleges in the U.S. He is also the official mascot of the Royal Order of Jesters, a Shriner group - Shriners all being 32nd degree Freemasons.

If you have been around Roman Catholicisms, you are probably aware that church officials view Free Masonry with great distrust, and that there historically been much tension between the Vatican and the Jesuit order. The Vatican banned this order in 1776 and one Jesuit Priest started up a more secular secret order known as the Bavarian Illuminati. While the Illuminati officially dissolved after a decade of persecution by church and state, the Jesuits were re-enstated as an order and have continually an interesting relationship with the Vatican.

As most Avalon readers know the Jesuits have been the subject of much conspiracy theory. Their interest in astronomy and their investments in many high tech observatories have led many to believe that they are searching for Niberu or some other secretly prophesied occurrence coming to our planet. Many Jesuits have had something to say about extra-terrestrial life , and have dominated the field of "exorcism". And then there is Fr. Malachi Martin, who has written extensively on how Freemasons are trying to take over the church.

So, as synchronicity would have it, after having dismissed much of the hyped theories about the Jesuits, I run across this little guy Billiken, "The god of things as they ought to be". So I ask, who is he? A cute Buddha like figure developed for homespun Americans to pass time, or a sinister entity ushering an oppressive New World Order to enslave humanity?

Your thoughts, either serious and humorous, please.

The origins of Billiken


26th October 2012, 16:42
"The god of things as they ought to be"

I think that lil quote right there says it all.

Ought to be according to whom?

26th October 2012, 17:08

Looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters...

26th October 2012, 18:00
I followed St.Louis Billiken basketball for years and never heard what a Billiken was until now....

26th October 2012, 18:29
You can't make men "fat and healthy". Those two are opposites.

I guess that makes me quarrelsome and thin. :-)

26th October 2012, 19:51
Still working on my higher sensory perception, and this creepy guy screams negative energy to me. Also, ewwwwww! :p

Now going to take a bath in liquid light. :biggrin: