View Full Version : Resin on a Stick.. by Fred Soll

26th October 2012, 17:25
Ok.. before I get b/slapped for promoting a product.. I don't know this guy, I don't get anything for this plug...I just want others here to experience the pleasure I have gotten from this guy - Fred Soll, New Mexico, hand dipped, sun dried....

I Do, however, know good incense from bad. No, actually it's not just good... it is the Best! Having burned for more than a few decades, I have searched high and low for quality scent. This stuff will actually alter your mindset, in a great way. I've been buying on-line for about 4 years now, and nothing compares.. and it lasts.. up to 2 hours per stick..

I average about $90.00 a year.. a bit pricey, but that's only a quarter a day for a total uplift..

Read his page and decide for yourself.. Just had to share......(nothing more)


26th October 2012, 17:28
Here is the front page ... https://www.fredsoll.com/