View Full Version : The Future of Online auction sites and media programmes.

27th October 2012, 01:21
Imagine a world with E-bay for paedophiles, no reserves, buy it now prices, links to pornographic videos so you can see what you are bidding for.

Media with subscription TV channels with Legal films of adults having sex with babies.ETC

Absolutely abhorrent!

The journey these evil controllers are taking has got to be stopped, the truth must be protected and promoted and we must support the truth seekers who need us over the next few days.

The reality to me is that we need to forgive these mutants who have enslaved us so cruelly for so long.

But does that mean we have to love them?

Zoe x

27th October 2012, 01:33
I think we should stick to comedy. Do you need a laugh?

Bill Hicks Revelations.....Apt


27th October 2012, 09:51
Not going to imagine that kinda world, as we're not going to allow that to happen! Are we!?

And, some cheering up for you!




27th October 2012, 10:10
In the UK of the sixties and seventies we had an anti-rude stuff campaigner Mary Whitehouse. She was ridiculed at every complaint. Not in a dissimilar manner to that affecting David Icke and other truthers.

At the time, around 1966-68 the BBc ran a "Nine O'Clock Play". Typical BBC, dorky theatre play method acting, cardboard sets and totally unbelievable actors. Anyways, I was around twelve years old and the "one tonight" I wanted to watch was called "I, Android" which after much persuasion I was allowed to watch. It centred around a robot that wanted to be considered human and it was rebuffed as it was not sentient as humans were and furthermore could not reproduce as humans. The reproduction of humanity as explained to the robot was so important to humans now, that the act of copulation was now televised to all humans in contested shows broadcast to home viewers.

Well here we are fifty years later and we have sex with everything. No limit. So how do change this paradigm of indifference?

28th October 2012, 10:01
Perhaps we need to look at sex itself.

Instantly when you think of someone having sex you think of two things.......

one that its beautifull that the couple feel the way they do about eachother to do it...

and the second thought... the one where its broadcast for all to see... is oh.. how naughty... how dirty.... how wrong.

Why is there such a big jump from two people having sex in private being a beautifull, loving, intimate thing, to how wrong, disgusting, inapropriate for the very same act to be viewed by others?

Why is there so much shame around it purely when others know? (other than when people gloat because they know jealousy is involved somehow)

As someone who was sexualy abused as a child - i fully understand how a young person is not meant to be exposed to sex in any way shape or form... (perhaps just basic sex ed? boy + girl doing that = baby)

but why all the shame? why all the secretism? why all the condeming when it is shared with others?

Perhaps if we addressed the subject better it would not be such a taboo? It would not shock and awe, disrupt, mess with people so much?

Trying to make a point, but not sure if its making any sense. Sorry, had a few vodka and oranges tonight :S