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27th October 2012, 03:49
Seems like evidence is already being tampered with. Monsanto fire the scientist who discovered the hazards of GMO and dismantle his team.


Nanoo Nanoo
27th October 2012, 04:03
I wonder who they supply gmo stock to in each country. Would be interesting to find which supermarket chains are selling gmo products and perhaps avoiding them all together.

Does anybody have a list of pro gmo stockists for each country?



27th October 2012, 07:26
I wonder who they supply gmo stock to in each country. Would be interesting to find which supermarket chains are selling gmo products and perhaps avoiding them all together.

Does anybody have a list of pro gmo stockists for each country?

Avoid them COMPLETELY! Find out, whatever it takes. We probably haven't even touched on the worst of it.

I found this post by MorningSong helpful, from the GMO Ticking Time Bomb thread. I can find most of these products in Australia.


... a very long list of food products that contain GMO ingredients in the USA.... I'm would think that any brand name products listed here sold outside of the US have GMO's too.

In other words, just because someone lives in the EU doesn't mean that their favorite US brand breakfast cereal, for example, aren't made with GMO ingredients. Kraft, Knorr, Kelloggs, etc...many brands come to mind.

Any additional info on products sold in the EU (or anywhere) containing GMO ingredients would be useful.

Unless your country requires labeling, it's like Russian Roulette.

27th October 2012, 08:46
I have just discovered after months and months of inconvenience and pain that I have an intolerance to Gluten. Now, it has only been since this that I have to carefully look at ingredients on packets to help keep myself in the comfort zone I have now found.

I am gob smacked by the amount of rubbish that is put into our so called food. I suggest we all start looking at them hard and avoid such things as my prior ignorance.


Nanoo Nanoo
27th October 2012, 16:21
Ok heres an awesome page from IGA in Australia, it also has sub links to other sites that declare GM free product lines.

IGA have strict agreements that no GM products be used in their own branded products. Here is their link.


And a general link


Lets start building a global data base and lets get every one we know to avoid GMO s, tell your friends and get in here and contribute to the lists :-)



27th October 2012, 16:25
Eat only Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Berries. Non genetically modified. Grow your own or purchase at farm shops.

Death promoting indigestible foods include supermarket products, all prepared oil cooked products, indigestible products with salt and anything containing commercial sugar.

Support all fresh food campaigns and stand against the proliferation of genetically modified industries.

google: Don Tolman

Nanoo Nanoo
27th October 2012, 16:33
Here we go, Greenpeace have organised an email you can send directly to our beloved prime minister the ever so caring Julia Gillhard

Please get everyone you know to fill out and send :-)



Nanoo Nanoo
27th October 2012, 16:44
Here is another great site :-)




27th October 2012, 21:53
Please excuse my realist rant
Im not pro GM , far from it although studying a plants gene's certainly has a lot of uses when it comes to growing our food.
If done correctly it can indeed work to our benefit when trying to make disease resistant strains of grain fruit and vegetables without the need for genetic modification.
Pollen lasts many many years and so the GM pollen is out there (Fact) and IMO its really too late to start kicking up a fuss now as this is controlled by those pulling the strings and nothing short of a global revolution targeting labs and silos all over the world will change all this. Lets face it this just is not going to happen.
I feel sad that the world we are going to be living in is not the one we would choose if we could.
Please do not get me wrong i am not saying do nothing about this, far from it, but my main concern is that i feel in reality the increased amounts of aluminium being found as a result of the chemtrail spraying will finish us all off way before genetic tampering does and would have a much faster catastrophic rate than genetic tampering of food stuffs.
We all have so much to worry about in our wounded world but i feel this is getting rather underestimated in the magnitude of the impact it will have on our world in comparison.

My apologies for straying from the original point of this post.

27th October 2012, 22:32
Ok heres an awesome page from IGA in Australia, it also has sub links to other sites that declare GM free product lines.

IGA have strict agreements that no GM products be used in their own branded products. Here is their link.


And a general link


Lets start building a global data base and lets get every one we know to avoid GMO s, tell your friends and get in here and contribute to the lists :-)



I will bet there is a link to the financial woes of IGA and Monsanto ... bet they are attacking from behind as they do but presenting it as commercial problems etc..
Little bit of a war has been going this year http://qcl.farmonline.com.au/news/state/agribusiness-and-general/finance/qld-iga-stores-cost-metcash-100m/2511541.aspx

27th October 2012, 23:29
Here is some more....


28th October 2012, 03:19
This is a great organization and resource!

28th October 2012, 03:24
Monsanto should be charged for their crimes against humanity.

Nanoo Nanoo
29th October 2012, 19:29
Monsanto should be charged for their crimes against humanity.

We are by avoiding their products :-)



Here are some great links :-)

Dont be shy, share links to avoid GM food stocks.


Nanoo Nanoo
29th October 2012, 19:35
Excellent video


Operation  Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting - Bait Organic, Switch to GMO


29th October 2012, 19:46

Infographic unveiled: Top Ten GMO Foods to Avoid Eating

Redactie Earth Matters
source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) We here at NaturalNews.com pride ourselves in providing our readers with the most valuable, up-to-date news and information on a wide range of health-related issues, but we especially like to discuss nutrition because so much of our health depends on what we put in our bodies - and what we don't put in them.

See the NaturalNews infographic at:


Be aware and beware

With that latter thought in mind, we've developed an infographic to highlight the top 10 GMO (genetically modified organism) foods to avoid, in no particular order:

1. Tomatoes: What? Tomatoes? Yes, that's right. It's probably the No. 1 symbol of a GMO food, having been on the market since about 1994. Still, some think modifying them genetically is okay, including those who traditionally shun GMO foods, which is perplexing. The most recent converts are hailing a new technique developed by researchers for extending the shelf life of tomatoes and other crops from the traditional 15 days or so to a full month. This is accomplished by suppressing two enzymes (A-Man, B-hex) which accumulate during the ripening process. Backers say this modification can decrease waste and increase efficiency, but again, it's a process that genetically alters the product, and there have been reports that some animals have died shortly after consuming GMO tomatoes.

2. Cotton: Considered a food item because its oil can be consumed, cotton - in particular, genetically modified Bt cotton, common to India and China - has damaging consequences. According to recent Chinese research, while Bt cotton is capable of killing bollworms without the use of insecticides, its decreased use has increased the presence of other crop-harming pests. Also, Bt cotton production has been linked to drastic depletion of soil nutrients and lower crop yields, as well as much higher water requirements.

3. Canola: This is probably one of the most misunderstood, misguided "healthy" food choices out there right now, but there is little about canola - and similar oils - that is good for you. Extracted from rapeseed, canola oil and others must be chemically removed from the seeds, then deodorized and altered, in order to be utilized in foods. They are among the most chemically altered foods in our diets.

4. Aspartame: An artificial sweetener found in a number of products, aspartame - discovered by accident in 1965 by a chemist testing an anti-ulcer drug - accounts for as many as 75 percent of adverse reactions to food additives reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to some reports. Some seizures and even some deaths have been blamed on aspartame.

5. Dairy: A disturbingly high number - as many as one-fifth - of dairy cows in the U.S. today are given growth hormones to increase milk production, a figure that has been rising since the FDA approved a genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone known as rbGH or rbST for use in dairy cows in 1993. While said to boost production by 5-15 percent, scientists have expressed concern that the increased levels of IGF-1 (insulin growth factors-1) from hormone-treated cows may boost the risks of colon and breast cancer. Since 2008, Hiland Dairy has stopped using milk from dairy farmers who inject their cows with growth hormone.

6. Corn: Modified now to create its own insecticide, as many as half of all U.S. farms growing corn for Monsanto are using genetically modified corn, with tons of it now being introduced for human consumption, according to the FDA. Doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec recently found Bt toxin from modified corn in the blood of pregnant women and their babies, as well as in non-pregnant women.

7. Papayas: Genetically modified papayas have been grown in Hawaii commercially since 1999, designed to combat the Papaya Ringspot Virus. Approved for sale and consumption in the U.S. and Canada, GM papayas cannot be imported or sold in the European Union.

8. Potatoes: That favorite of American starches, potatoes, especially those that have been genetically modified with Bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki Cry 1, have been fed to mice and those mice have been found to have toxins in their systems. Also, according to Dr. Nina V. Fedoroff Willaman Professor of Life Sciences and Evan Pugh Professor at Pennsylvania State University, "rats fed the transgenic potatoes had significantly lower organ weights [...]".

9. Soy: Like other foods, soy, too, has been genetically modified to resist herbicides. Soy is included in soy flour, tofu, soy beverages, soybean oil and scores of other products, especially baked goods and pastries. According to one report, "[a]fter feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups."

10. Rice: One of the most prevalent starches in the Asian and U.S. diets, rice has been modified to contain a high amount of vitamin A. But despite the goal of boosting rice production in countries with high demand, it's not being universally accepted. China, for instance, suspended distribution of genetically modified rice within its commercial food supplies over growing concern about its safety.

29th October 2012, 20:37
Warning . . .huge ugly rant about to ensue . . . .

So many here think that buying food products with a little sticker that says “USDA Certified Organic” means they are eating GMO free and organic food????

Well I am here to tell you that this is one of the most infuriating stupid assumptions among the general public today.

I was one of the organic farmers who truly grew organic food right down to the organic food I fed my animals. I cut my cost to the bare bones so everyone could afford the food grown on my farm . . . . and you know WHAT????

My prices were undercut by many farmers in the Kansas City area who grew herbicide pesticide laden fruits and vegetables and bought the “usda organic labels” and stuck it on their products. ANYBODY can go to many websites and purchase that stupid little label.

I know for an absolute, clear, 200% fact that the buffalo meat that the Whole Foods and Hen House in Overland Park Kansas sold and probably still sells under the label New Grass Bison Co. of who says their product is all natural, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free is a bald face filthy liar. I have been at livestock auctions and specifically buffalo auctions where we sold our buffalo that were no longer completely organic and natural usually from an illness that required a strong round of antibiotics. No only did he (the owner of New Grass) buy our buffalo that were no longer clean he bought any and all buffalo that was dirt cheap usually because they were sick or so old they were about to die. I confronted him more than once and his answer was to laugh and say what ‘they’ don’t know won’t hurt them and when I pressed him he would laugh harder and say well ‘sue me’. We could not get a contract to sell to Whole Foods and Hen House because New Grass undercut our prices with his nasty bison. . . . .

So yeah . . . be naïve and stupid . . . .buy food with that cute little label . . . it will be all right . . . . . eat and be happy.

29th October 2012, 21:27
So yeah . . . be naïve and stupid . . . .buy food with that cut little label . . . it will be all right . . . . . eat and be happy.
I buy my meat from a local farmer I trust :).

30th October 2012, 02:49
Ammit, amaranth should help your gluten intolerance.

30th October 2012, 02:57
One advantage the big stores is that people feel somewhat safe buying there, that they can't go wrong shopping there. The time when people will feel "not safe" buying in big stores is the time when people will turn to local stores. I did some research into terror drills and apparently, terrorists and terrorist governments prefer big stores, malls, places where people gather.

30th October 2012, 13:51
You just can't trust USDA. Period. Label or not.

Nanoo Nanoo
30th October 2012, 20:36
I have been for the last 2 years making connections with country farmers. There are a lot of small pockets of home grown fresh foods you can buy from the side of the road. You can tell non gmo, it looks real, slight imperfections and they fruit has seeds in it that grow.

When you get gmo free fruits and veges, keep the seeds and plant your own little garden. Even if its a few bit of peas and lettuce you will have great pleasure building your crop, and greater pleasure eating nice food.

I had a wonderful salad last night with beetroot un cooked, kale, cucumber, green olives, parsley, balsamic vinegar and olive oil with some toasted turkish bread :-) i can say without a doubt it made me feel like a million dollars!

Dont stop the links. We want to create a data base of places to get Non GMo food stocks. And in the same breath lets not poke fun at Monsanto. Its not about hate, its about getting on with OUR plans, our POWER, and taking controll of OUR LIVES AS WE! SEE FIT :-)

So dont feel powerless, our power is right here. Dont for a second give in thinking they will win lol thats just fear and apathy. The answer is right here. We in the alternative community want to have success in our direction and beat these sad people trying to harm us. We get angry and feel helpless at times but we dont need to any more. The most peaceful solution to take back controll is uniting and directing our power as market share holders of their companies. WE ARE UNITED! THE CEOs OF THEIR ORGANISATIONS! and as such our board meeting will direct out consumer needs to NON GMO food stocks.

Our consumption will be what WE want to eat and live long healthy lives and evolve our human family to where we ant to be.

Our future is to give back to our loving mother earth, to clean her of disease and have a healthy beautiful planet to live upon. We can do this!

We just need to peacefully move TOGETHER in a decent and progressive direction.



31st October 2012, 16:48
I just watched a video last night about a farmer from canada
that had a run-in with monsanto.

This farm had been working for 50 years, to produce a good
hardy canola seeds. Next door to him or somewhere near-by,
some other farmer had agreed with monsanto, to use their
seeds and raise the crops produced by them.

A high wind developed one day, after the crops from both farmers
were almost mature and some kind of material from the second
farmers field, blew over and into the first farmers field.

What-ever it was that blew over from the monsanto crop, it
mixed in with the first farmers crop and stopped his seeds
from maturing.

Monsanto go wind of what had happened and took the first
farmer to court and sued him, for growing food with monsanto
seeds and they won the case. Monsanto got over 200,000
dollars from that case.

The courts made the ruling that if monsanto plants, even if
it's only one plant, is found in a farmers field, even if the
farmer didn't monsanto seeds, all the plants in that field,
belong to monsanto.

The farmer was sued for not having a license to sell monsanto
produce and he was sued for a certain percentage of what
that farmer had sold that year. This was way back in 1995 -

Since then, the farmer learned all he needed to know about
monsanto and the evil seeds they sell. He went traveling
abroad, every once in a while and gave warning speeches
to unaware farmers about monsanto. Monsanto found out
what he was doing and actually started making death threat
to this farmer but he continued on.

Monsanto took the farmer back to court again, eventually and
tried to sue the farmer for not using their seeds. They wanted
one million dollars from the settlement but in the end, they
only got just over 100,000.

This isn't only happening to this farmer but many farmers, all
over the world. Judges have been payed off to win cases for
monsanto. Monsanto has a very large supply of lawyers that
will win cases for them. Monsanto even has their own monsanto
police of a sort, to ensure that farmers are using their products
and when they don't, these police are all over the farmers.

As far as trusting the FDA to do the right thing, don't. They
have been bought and payed for to, by monsanto.

If someone tells you that all their food is organic, don't trust them.
Seeing how easy it is for monsanto's plants to invade other fields
and corrupt those plants, this type of guarantee isn't possible.

If a farmer is growing corn and the wind blows and his field gets
infected with monsanto gmo's, at the least, the seeds from that
farmers plants will not mature.

Corn is a seed and if you eat that infected seed, who knows what
will happen. Not to mention that farm animals are fed with gmo
plants to, so your meat will be infected to. There is no way to
guarantee that your food is gmo free, even if it comes from an
organic source.

Nanoo Nanoo
3rd November 2012, 09:14
Just been doing a few weeks of experiments with food from Aldi chain and found their food stock to be extremely cheap but highly acidic.

Average ph is 4.2 = not good. Their electrical and clothing goods on the other hand are actually quite good value.

My opinion, avoid Aldi food stock.

Next one on the list is IGA. Be back with a report in about a week :-)