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29th October 2012, 22:09
An old video Sept 2007, worth watching.


30th October 2012, 02:19
Finally, something a Catholic says worth listening to. I wonder if he expounds on child abuse with the same enthusiasm.

30th October 2012, 03:09
Finally, something a Catholic says worth listening to. I wonder if he expounds on child abuse with the same enthusiasm.

He's also the one who said the Holocaust was exagerated and only about 500,000 died instead of the 6-9 million Jews
Considering 50- over 70 million people died including 4-12 million deaths war-related famine deaths in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India. It doesn't come across that Hitler was the real enemy.

Great way to bring in the UN.

30th October 2012, 06:29
The full sermon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZy93a3YT5s) is worth hearing. Thank you Kiforall.

30th October 2012, 06:52
From Wiki

He was excommunicated but that was good for all of us!

Richard Nelson Williamson (born 8 March 1940) is an English traditionalist Catholic bishop who opposes the changes in the Catholic Church brought about by the Second Vatican Council. He was a member of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and was expelled in 2012.
In 1988 Williamson was one of four SSPX priests who were ordained as bishops by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, for which they incurred automatic excommunication.[1] The validity of the excommunication is disputed, with the SSPX saying that the ordinations were necessary due to a crisis in the Catholic Church.[2][3][4] The excommunication was lifted in 2009, including that of Williamson.
Due to his public Holocaust denial, of which the Vatican was not aware at the time the excommunication was lifted, Williamson remains suspended from his functions as a bishop.[5] In 2010 he was convicted of incitement in a German court in relation to those views, although this was later overruled on appeal due to formal weaknesses in the initial charges.[6]
After a number of incidents, including calling for the deposition of Bernard Fellay as the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, his refusal to stop publishing his weekly email and an unauthorised visitation to Brazil, Williamson was expelled from the Society.[7]

There is a thread about this from about a year ago I had trouble trying to find it.