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31st August 2010, 15:15
So many things going on now here up on the ranch lately.

We already have a horse, 4 cats, 1 dog and lots of wildlife but Friday we have 1 old rodeo horse and 3 goats. One Nanny, one billy, one weather and the nanny is expecting two kids.

Does anyone know how soon you can pull the kids off the mothers milk.

Peace and Love


PS we decided to call the weather STEW
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31st August 2010, 19:20
Good Luck with your "Zoo!"..Wish I can visit one day! your place sounds awesome...With regards to Mothers Milk..a friend of mine stopped doing it after three months (by that time the major nutrients are already imparted to your sibling)..If you don't want to speak to a Doctor I'll find out more if you like.

God Bless Refuge 2012...Do me a favour friend will you?...Don't cut yourselves off entirely from humanity and seek help if you need it..Contact me and I will liaise anonymously for you..so will 90% of the folk on this site..I'm sure that neither Bill or Kerry wanted anyone to hide away...not yet friends.

Be strong..we support you..we love you


31st August 2010, 19:28
Umm no Rimbaud...

The nutrients and protective value of a mothers milk continue as long as one keeps nursing.

In ome countries do not wean children till 5 years old...

I know personaly, some people who have nursed up until 2 years old.

It is a very personal choice.. and these sites for some reading..



Unless ofcourse you are talking about goats...

them i dont know what sites to read ; )

31st August 2010, 20:00
Here ya go!

If you are letting the mother goat raise, and nurse, her own kids:

There is really no reason for you to have to wean the kids. It causes undue stress on the kids as well as their mother. The mother will naturally wean her kids when she feels the time is right (or she is just plain sick of them). The mother will slowly wean her kids over time, and usually totally wean her kids once she get rebred in the fall. This is the natural way of things. If you want milk, try what we do: milking once a day.

If you are milking once a day:

There is no reason to wean the kids (see above).Though, you should keep in mind that a doe should have at least 2 months off from milking before she kids again.

If you are bottle raising the kids:

For convenience sake, you can wean around two to three months, see bottle feeding. When we bottle feed, we do so for three months.

If you are selling the kids:

Kids are ready to leave for their new homes at two months of age. Weaning is simple in this case because the kids really have no choice in the matter, the day they leave for their new home, they do not get any more milk. The kid will be unhappy about this but will get over it fairly quickly.


31st August 2010, 20:23
Kindness abounds here...but I think two of you thought I was talking about pulling HUMAN kids off the tit:confused:...I MEANT THE GOATS!!!! LOL

Thank you all for the info.

As for removing ourselves from humanity...what we really want is for others "of like spirit" to join us here on our ranch, to help build/guide the new world about to unfold.


31st August 2010, 22:41
Dan, I'm packing up, see ya in a week :p

31st August 2010, 23:01
Dan, I'm packing up, see ya in a week :p

As we say in NM, "That don't confront me!":cool:

Translation - No Problemo!

31st August 2010, 23:12
ok its midnight here and some of us old wrinklies need their beauty sleep......so please i am asking for calm,
is this within the realms of reason?
i hope so........nighty night avalonians, sweet and pleasent dreams to all

and good luck with your goats refuge
love m

31st August 2010, 23:53

31st August 2010, 23:54
I am sorry refuge2012.

Namaste, Steven

No apology needed...thanks for taking it in hand. (I was about to say, "OK kids, play nice.")

Being a newbie, I really want to say that this is the most civilized forum I have ever been on.

Namaste to you.


1st September 2010, 00:02
As we say in NM, "That don't confront me!":cool:

Translation - No Problemo!

LOL, cya soon then ;)

1st September 2010, 00:09
...I really want to say that this is the most civilized forum I have ever been on...

Namaste to you.


Thank you Dan.

Namaste, Steven

1st September 2010, 01:02
Here is a great link about goats!

learned alot reading this one..


1st September 2010, 01:35
Hi there

"Aim at weaning the kids by 12 weeks of age unless you have plentiful supplies of milk, or need to push it's growth quickly."

Good luck :)

1st September 2010, 01:47
A goat should never mess with a rabbit though :p