View Full Version : Executive Order -- Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council

31st October 2012, 15:38
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31st October 2012, 15:58
Space-X has taken over supplying the space station because they can do missions for 1/100 the cost of Government shuttles...

Homeland Security ruined many of our lives when they slapped the DMV's together with programmers still working with punch cards...

they are ancient and archaic

the private sector has always been far advanced of the government when it comes to technology, not counting Black ops which is not being shared to help the public anyways.

Romney wants to move projects from Government to Private industries, so regardless of who wins this is a step the country will be taking.

Drones aren't much different than the satellites cable of watching a gnat on a monkey's butt from 200 miles away...

with the number of organizations calling for Obama's death, what does everyone expect.

the elites have played us like puppets, dividing the country to the edge of a civil war

what I do know, is us programmers taught them everything they know, but not everything we know... ;)

31st October 2012, 16:09
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31st October 2012, 19:00
me too, but I stayed away from Government and big blue, pushing the start of the internet onto PC's...

yeah, I'm older than dinosaur dust... ;)

31st October 2012, 20:18
They take advantage of every opportunity to enhance their power and diminish the people's freedom.