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31st August 2010, 21:36
This is well worth a watch if you have an interest in the pyramids . Its refreshingly open minded for a fairly mainstream program :


For some reason i cant embed links .... if i wrap the link with [YOUTUBE] (and the other one) it just dissapears . Doh :) ....


Bryn ap Gwilym
31st August 2010, 21:46
I watched it a few weeks ago & agree it does make a refreshing change.

31st August 2010, 23:00
The Egptian Culture Ministry doesn't look well in the picture ! LOL :)

If people come and say in the TV that plunder is a common place...it is very sad indeed ! In the other hand we all take for granted the love and attention to the past.

The Cristal huge bowls are really interessing. And why ?... oh why, every time they don't know the use of an artifact, they say is religious connected...in this case a sacrifical bowl that collected blood ? Where is the evidence ?:p

And we the evidence a Summerian electric batteries.........the question is what they were use for ....

And yes, we are beginning to explore the uses of crystals (stones and gems) for so many porpuses, .......laser, etc

The stone sarcophagus are posterior additions to the pyramids.

From my archeologist friends, the word is that only a 10 percent has been dug up...so ....we have a long way to go... :)

I have also the experience of those energy Orbs in pictures of not so old monuments in Portugal....I thing it has to do with the place, not how old it is....

1st September 2010, 17:01
yep , lots of unanswered questions . Im going with the 'Ra Material' on how they were built and what they were used for though :)