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2nd November 2012, 04:05
The video has been removed from youtube.

Here's the transcript:


What The City Could Be Doing -- And Is Not


That’s what the gangsters who run New York rake off the top from every transaction that takes place in the city.

And that doesn’t include fees and fines and real estate taxes and the games they play with city worker pension funds.

Not even the Mafia in its heyday had it so good, but at least the Mafia showed some concern for the people in its neighborhoods.

Today’s gangsters, Andrew Cuomo (the governor) and Michael Bloomberg (the mayor), only seem to have mastered the extraction part. And the self-glorifying grandstanding part.

And the lying part.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and I actually hope I am wrong:

[I]There is no way Con Ed’s 14th Street Substation is going to be back online in “three days” (as promised on 10/29/12) and I doubt the most recent promise “by Friday or Saturday” is accurate either.

To get to something approximating the truth, you have to dig:

“We’ve got — whatever it is — two, four, six, eight feet of water that’s sitting there with our equipment under it…We have folks pumping water and then trying to get in. I think they may even have rowboats in there.”
- John Miksad, Con Ed’s senior vice president of electric operations

To make sure you understand this, here are the issues:

1) The 14th Street Substation is the only way electricity can get into Manhattan and into the downtown neighborhoods that currently don’t have power.

2) The substation didn’t just get doused with water, it was under water for days (and still may be under water for all we know as of today).

3) No one earth knows the condition of the equipment under all that water.

4) This means no one can possibly know:

A) How much needs to be repaired vs dried off and cleaned;

B) What cannot be repaired (recall that there was an explosion there); and,

C) If they have all the parts they need on hand right now to replace what cannot be repaired.

5) The 14th Street Substation is a massive facility. It covers an entire New York City city block. Is it realistic that they are going to be able to pump it out, find all the problems and fix them by Friday? Saturday? Thanksgiving? Christmas?

Here’s what is most likely the truth:

No one knows.

They’re hoping. And until they’re forced by reality (after they’ve pumped the place out) to think otherwise, they’re going to be guided by hope.

I don’t know about you, but in circumstances like this, this is insane.

Beyond the immorality of knowingly feeding over 250,000 utility customers (and over 400,000 people) a line of bull**** about a serious public health and safety issue, what is the city and state doing for its citizens in downtown Manhattan?

About as close to nothing as humanly possible.

There are a few cops directing traffic at a few intersections and that appears to be it.

How about going door to door and seeing if there are people behind those doors who need help?

I guarantee there are.

Right now, as you read this, there are thousands of handicapped and frail elderly people in lower Manhattan trapped in high rises without elevator service, without water, without light, without news, and possibly without food and needed medicine.

Ever been in an apartment hallway or stairwell with the lights shut off? It’s blacker than black.

So why isn’t the city going door to door to find these people and offer them help?

Is it too hard?

Well, they did it in New Orleans. They went door to door harassing law abiding citizens to take away their guns after the levee failures in 2005. There was no shortage of enthusiasm for that government door-to-door campaign.

It is too expensive?

Give me a break. Some water. A flashlight and/or electric lantern with batteries if they need one. Some food. Toilet paper. Medications as needed. We’re talking chump change. Probably a fraction of what anyone who needs the help pays in sales taxes in just two months.

Who is going to do it?

How about the cops taking the doughnuts out of their mouths, getting out of their cars, and doing some work?

And the city’s meter maids (there are 2,000 of them)?

And the restaurant inspectors?

And the legions of other people the city employees to enforce and harass and generally make life difficult for people?

Some of them, like restaurant inspectors, literally have nothing to do right now as everything south of 38th Street is closed?

This is the Convention Center at New Orleans all over again, except this time the people cut off without water, food (and heat) are isolated and don’t make for a photo op.

Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg are intelligent men. They have to know the consequences of leaving thousand of handicapped and frail elderly stranded for an indefinite period of time. They also have to know that the Con Ed story is wishful thinking at best and a con job at worst.

Is it to much to ask for them to take minute or two from their endless grandstanding and self-congratulation to look after some of the people they’ve been extracting taxes from?

Well, I was really pissed off when catastrophe of New Orleans / Katrina happened.

Now it's New York / Sandy. This is the true face of the goddamnfvckingsonofabitchmutherfvcking corporate government today.

Will they do this again? You can be sure as **** they will!

What city is next? Detroit? Chicago? St Louis? East LA?

Think of how many collapsed inner cities that we have that are loaded with frail/weak "useless eaters" sitting on prime real estate that's ripe for the taking when enough of them die to the point of "needing" to condemn the buildings, then raze them, then put up more goddameffing Trump Towers.

How much more of this sh!t are we stupid-assed, dumbed-down Americans going to take?

I am sure that they'll take ANY amount of sh!t, any amount of bullsh!t, as they are TOO EFFING DUMB, not to mentioned lacking balls, to do anything about it!

People are being Darwined, I suppose, but I will not stand for it. But I cannot effect the change that we need by myself, nor can just a few of us do it. It has to be huge, like the bulk of the US Military.

But how in the flying eff can we do anything effective about it?

Storm the headquarters of various government agencies? Who's going to do that? Storm the media centers? With all the SWAT teams all over the place protecting the corporations? Yea, right.

Military? Ha! Drake's full of ****, there. Military mutiny? Ha! Where? Where are the effing, alleged 80% of the military who allegedly support the overthrow of the criminal Cabal? Where?

How in the flying EFF are we going to effect real change?

Consciousness/spirit? Yea, right ... after we return back to the Stone Age and Feudalism.

We effing gotta do something, but what? How? When? Where?

Sh!t! What an effing mess!

I wish that I had something positive to say, but I've had ENOUGH of wishy-washy positive sh!t on "paper". I want to see results, but we, the People, do not have the numbers, nor the organized power/force to force out the goddamneffingsonofab!tchmutherfvking corporate government out of here without triggering a massive collapse of the entire economy/society of the stupid, dumbed-down USA.

OMFG, what an effing mess!


2nd November 2012, 04:52
Mozart, i love your deeply disturbed attitude towards this situation. it shows that you give a FUQ! and i appreciate your honesty. and you are correct, nothing will be done expediently. haven't you heard, there's an election going on....... more billion dollar commercials to make!
warmest, corson

2nd November 2012, 05:02
California is next - they're working on setting off the Andreas fault line with HAARP - http://www.haarpstatus.com/status.html

2nd November 2012, 05:10
Occupy Wall Street was actually doing exactly what you are talking about, going building to building to help people inside...

those with nothing are the ones who always seem to give the most...

2nd November 2012, 05:24
The transformers would take at least a week to get into place,and would only be available if stolen from somewhere else, some other place that is using them. Even then, it is not a wise idea to simply 'fit' stuff in.

If it was to be new transformers, expect that about, oh, 1.5 months? 4 weeks at best?(4 weeks is impossible, from my understanding-months is the minimum IIRC) for one or two transformers. It may be possible to get partial power, or rolling blackouts, to share power.

It is November - the cold is just beginning to roll in.

And that is about the best scenario you'll ever get.

2nd November 2012, 05:25
Nothing really new or what was not already assumed ... but from Kerry's blog:


Thursday, 01 November 2012 18:28
Written by Kerry Cassidy

This is a very good article from Press Core on weather modification and how Hurricane Sandy was 'steered' into NYC:

The US government is using the HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform to intensify and steer the man made Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy is Obama’s October surprise – create and steer a hurricane and cause mass destruction. The US Air Force / Navy SBX is steering Hurricane Sandy into New York City.

All 3 of the US HAARP Weather Modification systems – the land based system in Alaska, the Sea Based SBX and the mini shuttle X-37B were all built for use as military weather modifying weapons of mass destruction – in direct violation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques..."


2nd November 2012, 12:55

Katrina didn't hit New Orleans, it hit Mississippi. They didn't go door to door confiscating guns in New Orleans, either. The Nat'l Guard did have a bit of a problem with armed *gangs*, however, who were looting the city and doing all manner of horrible things to the population who didn't evacuate. When a hurricane even gets too close to NO, the Corps of Engineers destroys particular levies, flooding certain areas of the city in order to preserve others. The damage done by Katrina itself was mostly in south MS, and much less in LA. AL got it worse than LA, even, IIRC. The media tries it's damnedest not to mention MS, at all, which was rather comically illustrated during Isaac when we were referred to as "the landmass between New Orleans and Mobile" and even better as the "Louisana Alabama border".

2nd November 2012, 13:42
I do wonder, with the glaring point of misinformation in regards to New Orleans, how much more of the info quoted in the OP might be more misinfo for the purpose of provoking a fearful reaction. New York is going to have a tough time recovering, to be sure, but how is such an article going to help anyone, much less an eff and effing filled commentary.

2nd November 2012, 15:06
Its was to get him re elected, A disaster is the best way to get a President re elected ! Old Trick It worked for Thatcher after the Falkland war,
before the war she was predicted to lose the first election after she was originally elected.It even worked if 'Idiot' Bush after 9/11...So its going to be a shoe in
for Obama now, I would have thought!


Prior to the war, Mrs Thatcher had been one of the most unpopular prime ministers in history, but victory in the Falklands
helped ensure a Conservative victory in the 1983 General Election. Political casualties included the Foreign Secretary,
Lord Carrington, who resigned with his ministers at the beginning of the conflict.

There maywell be other agendas , but a sitting encombent always looks more
statesmanlike then the challenger in times of crisis usually !!

2nd November 2012, 15:23
Time to break out my copy of 'Wag the Dog'. (film)



Prodigal Son
2nd November 2012, 16:08
Well I'm at the Public Library and this is the first time I've been able to get online. I have no power at my shop or home.... I don't know how many people have their power restored but initially after the hurricane it was announced that 91 percent of Long Island was without power. I live in Plainview Long Island and my neighborhood is an absolute mess. Probably more than half the streets are still blocked with down trees and countless homes were destroyed by trees. Down on the south shore I have three personal friends who lost their homes, two others lost their businesses and many more who will be able able to salvage their homes after extensive repairs. Deductibles are huge and some are not covered for floods at all. The mainland of Long Island is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a huge bay and a long strip of beaches forming an intracoastal waterway. The city of Long Beach which is on the strip, population more than 33,000 was totally devastated. On the mainland, I am told that up to a mile inland the water rose to 8 feet above street level.

Some good news: While its true that many of the people in my life and in my family are also among the semi-conscious, I am quite surprised by how many that I would never expect to be are suspicious of this storm, and how many people know about HAARP. It's a start.

2nd November 2012, 17:19
'Illusions of Democracy'......Good title for a thread !


"Who would have thought any President of the USA would be hit with the Flu, a war and be accused of
sexual misconduct by a teenage girl all in the same seven day period before he runs for re-election "


4th November 2012, 10:05
I have found out that, although tens of thousands of people were severely affected by the fake "hurricane" of Sandy, the shutoffs of power were more from man, than from the damn storm.

I have found numerous anecdotal reports that indicate that the reality of the storm -- lots of wind, but very little rain/flooding that normally accompanies such storms -- was FAR from the hype of the storm, even including "footage" on TV that was faked.

I have gathered up anecdotal reports of the event, pasted below, and I encourage others to do the same here:

The famous “dry” hurricane Sandy. That’s one major thing we all noticed about this supposed storm, no rain. We got brief sprinkles mixed with the wind gusts the day of the storm and the event itself was only strong powerful gusts, nothing sustained like Andrew in Fla.

Also another strange anomaly I forgot to mention was my cell phone losing its signal right as the power went out and returning as the power returned. I know this because I had full battery power during the storm but no signal. Okay, I understand they said power was lost to some towers, but I tried my phone right when the power came up and I had full signal, coincidence? Maybe, but I’ve also not seen any of the hundreds of crews that were supposedly staged days in advance of the storm. None.

I saw one PSE&G (local) truck for the first time today since the storm hit and that’s it. One Verizon truck drove through the neighborhood the day after, checking damage I guess. We’ve talked about the power switching on and off arbitrarily and being restored the same way without ever seeing any repair crews. It’s as though it were being done by a system of ‘remote control’ and it all seems like a piece of a larger picture.

People here seem to be remarkably savvy to what’s gone on with the power situation according to their ’storm experience’ and media hype, combined with the lack of any type of emergency support to match it.

The election itself just seems to be a side show that’ll never really fly, but also seems to be part of the shell game here using multiple shells of course. What’s ‘heating up’ out west? These guys seem to be pulling out all the stops and no one seems to be buying it. Keep spreading the word that all is okay here in the east but attention should be paid to what they’re up to in Manhattan and along the Jersey shoreline where they were decimated by the surge combining with high tide.

This whole thing was a ‘busted fake’ and they’re still scrambling to prop it up. Even the gas stations and grocery stores are saying, enough already, turn the power back on.


Glad you are well my friend. I have many friends in the northeast and the ones I have talked to are perplexed and very leery of the entire “perfect storm” ordeal. folks who have been through hurricanes in Florida say this one was “weird”,something was wrong. The ocean water was way too cold for a hurricane……… Hopefully this will help with the waking up process.


MANHATTAN — A massive explosion rocked a Con Edison plant near East 14th Street and the FDR on Monday evening as Hurricane Sandy continued to batter New York City.

Area residents shared photos and video footage of the explosion, which plunged much of the neighborhood into darkness, via social media websites shortly after it happened.

A New York camera operator has filmed a transformer erupting in a huge ball of blue light in downtown Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy made landfall.

Shot from across the East River in Brooklyn, the video posted online shows a series of bright blue flashes illuminating the sky from explosions at the Con Ed (Consolidated Edison) power plant.

Con Ed has announced that it has already shut off power to customers to part of

Lower Manhattan so it can be restored faster after the storm passes.
Much of Manhattan is now without power, with millions of homes elsewhere also facing blackouts.

Water levels are now at record highs in the city, with the Fire Department of New York headquarters evacuated by boat.

The sea surged a record of nearly four metres at the foot of Manhattan.

xdrfox says:
October 30, 2012 at 8:12 pm
It must be higher there, the Hudson River rose and flooded Manhatten !

James says:
October 31, 2012 at 4:57 pm
Of course Manhattan flooded to a degree, there was a storm surge. What he is saying is that there were no heavy rains, and that the MSM is full of it. I agree!

soho says:
October 31, 2012 at 9:34 pm
Even the news said ONLY 1-2 INCHES of rain. Thats IT! was out in Nyc several times during the day and night- wind was wild but not more than a big gale wind and only near coast line. at night the transformers in downton nyc began to blow out for what reason? there is alot of realty down here the developers want to clear of current tenants to build billionaire highrises etc. like katrina- they are friends of bloomberg and want us all out- ESPECIALLY the low income govt housing projects all along the picturesque east riverfront. HAARP and they will delay power to get riots going- like they do in Arab spring. MSM and govt are LIARS. This is pres reelection stunt for Obama and the landlords

Marilynn says:
November 1, 2012 at 12:45 am
More mainstream mythology, this disinfo piece by a co-founder of the Weather Underground:

“The only other hurricane to hit New Jersey since 1851 besides Sandy was the 1903 Category 1 Vagabond Hurricane.”

Having grown up in New Jersey (Bergen County, just west of the George Washington Bridge) from the late 40s to the early 60s, I can assure you that hurricanes came through the area from time to time, ripping up trees, causing power outages and sending storm surges over the Jersey shore.

EastGhostCom says:
November 2, 2012 at 6:43 am
A youtube clip compares footage from a “news” video crew (“NVC”) in England with footage of the very same NVC that was shot by a bystander, looking down from an apartment high above the street scene and NVC. The incredible difference between what REALLY happened (thanks to the bystander’s video from high above) versus the total invention that was portrayed later on the evening news (reality was highly distorted by creative video editing) made me at once and forever completely doubt all “news” — if one relatively meaningless piece was so distorted, what in the hell is being done to news that matters more?