View Full Version : ‘People Have No Idea What Collapse Might Look Like’

2nd November 2012, 18:57
‘People Have No Idea What Collapse Might Look Like’: James Wesley Rawles 1&2



Author & founder of the SurvivalBlog.com, James Wesley Rawles joins us to talk about the financial issues we face, and the inevitable inflation which James says will be “Weimar-style”, which means HYPERINFLATION. Where it gets really scary is that precious few people are prepared and in James own words, “People have no idea what the collapse of Western civilization might look like.”

2nd November 2012, 19:05
I think this is very true and a salient concern for all who cavalierly call for what may be a cultural and economic 'end of days' scenario. It's not gonna be a romantic movie. It's gonna be ugly, desperate and mean.

There will be bright spots of unity and people coming together, but the overall scenario is not one that I personally wish to see happen at all, despite my understanding of the nature of the world and where we are headed. My own personal beliefs encompass the necessity of energetic conservation (http://rahkyt.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/true-awakening-the-conservation-of-energy/) at the personal and collective level, which demands material expression both negatively and positively, despite the macro-scale indicators that may posit the non-existence of such limitations at some levels. Here, it seems to be the way it works.

But that doesn't mean I want it to happen tomorrow. But, unfortunately, what we want does not often coincide with what must be.