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3rd November 2012, 19:19
Friday, November 2, 2012 19:24

What in the world are ‘they’ up to now? Seems like “all the truck drivers are talking about it” and that 30% of Russian and Polish truck drivers in Canada are, for some reason, ‘mysteriously disappearing’… The interesting video below is from the Reverend Michelle Hopkins and was released by her on September 30th, 2012.

http://youtu.be/4pCpwukhw1M (8min.)

3rd November 2012, 20:01
I wonder if there is going to be a big earthquake out west?
A man made earthquake, of course.

Something is definitely up.

3rd November 2012, 22:07
OK, guys!

I am a visa specialist in Russia so I know what are the visa procedures are.
Please explain, keeping in mind that the getting USA visa is not that simple for Russians and in case you did get the visa the limits of your stay are certain, how on Earth the Russian can manage to disappear in the States? I mean really. Do you know, for example, that if Russian exceeds the limit of his stay he is prohibited to apply for a new USA visa for 5 years? Even more, no one of his family would be allowed to and same for 5 years.
In case they steal Russian citizens, don't you think that Russian government would investigate the case?

Do I miss something? Honestly help me grasp it.

Thank you,


3rd November 2012, 23:32
Which government would do something about simple truck driver(s), Russian, Polish... they don't care. I wrote a letter to a TV station in Poland about it. But deep in my heart I know nothing will be done in their case.

3rd November 2012, 23:48
Well, I wouldnot be that pessimistic. It's not even aboutpessimism, you see.
If those were the russian/polish trucks, they had their official order, so they had kind of business visas. Not on time, then americans would be first questioned.
Or I totally miss the point here and those were from russian/polish mafia? If that is the case than I understand.
The truckers, of Russian/Polish origin supposed to diliver russian/polish stuff to a named location and the MUST come back to Russia. If not at location, they are searched for/ WANTED. That's an official thing, you see?
I mean I would swallow the story but russians/polish truckers... That's the same as the story I read here about russian military in the states that was expecting a signal to invade the USA. For any russian that sounds just insane, ridiculous.
But that's my reality...))


4th November 2012, 00:25

In Canada, the work of Truck drivers is demanding, often lots of driving, the continent being very large, probably the same in Russia, cold, as in Russia, and the hours of driving are long. Furthermore, often times, the truck driver owns his truck, which has cost him hundred thousand dollars and more, which must be paid fast enough. On the other hand, companies pay less and less for transportation, the contracts they give are erratic and often truck drivers do not make enough money to cover their cost if we include payments for the trucks. They have to live on poor conditions.

Therefore, two things happened. Canadian truck drivers are quitting the profession, Eastern block truck drivers have taken over (I personnaly know Hungarian and Romanian truck drivers). For two reasons: First, they will stand poorer working condtions than Canadians would. Second: the Russian mafia loves it, being able to transport their things across borders in North America and pressure the Eastern block truck drivers.

Furthermore, the temptation for Eastern block countries trucks driver is very high to flirt a little with illegal transportation since the payment of their truck is difficult to do, the working conditions bad and profits margin if remaining legal are very thin.

My bet, if any Polish and Russian trucks drivers are disappearing, it may have a link with the Russian mafia in North America.

4th November 2012, 02:42
In the interview the FEMA driver said he had to make several stops and end in New Orleans. This rung a bell with me check out this video below. A large amount of Generators were recently shipped to New Orleans via Home Depot. I am starting to wonder is something goint to happen in the Big Easy? 7:15 mark on the below video


4th November 2012, 05:19
i'm confused,
is this about russian and polish drivers disappearing, and working eventually for fema (in which case, its like a fear monitor,..that is 'our own people won't be stupid or animal enough to do this to our own people and therefore only, .. foreigners would do it')

or is it that the american, or lets say north american mafias are absorbing truck drivers from there own land..{perhaps the scale u guys are talking about, is to large for a mafia,...goal being money, and that it would be to expensive to hide all these truck drivers}

..oh flash, just comes to my mind, that is why the 'urban legend of reptilians persist', cause this place is so badly run.
assimilating more thought trends from other threads,...this is why human kind is kept in 'eater mode'....that is why apparently human kind is on a roller-coaster going along the ride planned (invasionist) by the dark cabal.
well its disgusting.

4th November 2012, 06:50
It looks like Canadian truck drivers have already "disappeared" and the Russian drivers are just following suit. As someone who has driven around Russia, I'm all for keeping Russians off our roads! I heard Russia is getting very tough on fining drivers - now fines are deducted from wages automatically.

4th November 2012, 08:29
In the interview the FEMA driver said he had to make several stops and end in New Orleans. This rung a bell with me check out this video below. A large amount of Generators were recently shipped to New Orleans via Home Depot. I am starting to wonder is something goint to happen in the Big Easy? 7:15 mark on the below video


Louisiana bayou corne will lose power, the sinking will continue and the ptb know about it.

4th November 2012, 20:51
OK, Flash!
I understand what I was missing. You mean ex-russians and ex-polish citizens. I got the message meant the real russians (polish). OK! If they work for cash noone even has any idea. I just then wonder why russians and polish are specifically mentioned here, no mexicans and from other countries.


4th November 2012, 20:58
Dear Mulder,

Is the situation in the state you live in is so disasterous because of Russians? And if Russians visit your state should they go with buses? Was your trip to Russia so devastating for your soul that you say those things about the whole nation?
Lately I really wonder what is going on the forum.
Lots of things declared but in reality there is just the opposite.
Things change...

4th November 2012, 21:28
Has any body else noticed that the whole recording is HERESAY! And that there are enormous blanks spots on the recording? That the caller professes to know nothing about trucking or geography?
And you're taking all the recording as fact?

Army installations are supplied via trucks. Armies use bullets. Armies also need generators. So what's suspicious there?

I doubt anybody really knows how many independent truckers have Russian or Polish backgrounds and it's less likely that that they know just how many 30% would be.

Home depot contracts with independent companies to move inventory around from store to store. How else would they get there? A truck load of generators to a town whose electricity blows out every hurricane season seems to be just good business.

Question before you buy into this stuff.