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Cognitive Dissident
3rd November 2012, 20:38
This issue has been mentioned in a few post but I think that it is important to have its own thread.

Partly because of the subject matter, but also because it presents an interesting opportunity to make a specific prediction, based on astrology, which can be proved true or false, within a few days.

Here's the prediction: the result of the 2012 US presidential election will not be settled by 6 November, or even by 7 November.

Just to be clear: “settled” means agreed – so there may be a “result”, but it will not be clear, or it will be disputed, or there will be two competing “results”. It will be like the 2000 election all over again.

But to step out a bit further, and make another prediction: it will not be the same as the 2000 election. It will be even more confusing.

Now, these predictions come from the astrology of 6 November itself, and specifically from the Mercury retrograde station which occurs on the evening of 6 November in Washington DC.

(This means that Mercury, which usually has an apparent forward motion, goes retrograde only three times per year – the “retrograde station” is when Mercury comes to a full stop, and starts to go backwards. It is one of the most powerful points of the Mercury cycle, and one of the most confusing. One online astrologer commented: “The period surrounding the station is known as the “Mercury storm,” and that’s a very apt descriptor, as the period can be chaotic, random, and turbulently hectic”).

Obviously all the astrologers are jumping up and down about this, and there are plenty of interesting and well-written articles about this.

The best I have found is at: http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/election-days-mercury-station

AND, this Mercury retrograde station just happens to occur at the same place in the sky as a black hole. Yes, one of those black holes! Black holes are not something that figures for a lot of astrologers, but from an esoteric perspective it is very, very interesting.

So, it's very unusual. And get this: the last time there was a Mercury retrograde on a black hole was during the 2000 election. As Dave Barry would say: I am not making this up.

There's more analysis on the astrology below.

But for now, let me just put this out there as an idea, a thought experiment. And if you want to flag this for those people you know who are not into astrology, you could just mention that you have a funny feeling that there's going to be something weird about this election. And then, if it happens as predicted, you can have an interesting conversation about how there might actually be something to this whole astrology thing.

If it doesn't happen as predicted, well then, my bad. But I do have a feeling that there's going to be something weird about this election ;)

On the astrology, to sum up: “Retrograde Mercury is the most commonly known astrological signature for Murphy's Law ("If something can go wrong, it will"), and is one of the first features intermediate astrology students learn about. Say it to a seasoned astrologer and you'll likely get an amused smile and some delightful stories about how things can get quite unexpectedly unhinged.”

Mercury “rules virtually every aspect of the electoral process, from the data processing and decision-making of the populace; to the voting places, machines, and ballots; the advance and exit polls; and the tabulation, recording, and reporting of the vote. And on Election Day 2012, Mercury forms its retrograde station, at 5:58 p.m. EST, just as after-work voting heats up on the east coast.”

“There's an especially interesting factor in the chart for the retrograde, which suggests the potential for even more complications than normal. Mercury will be in Sagittarius, and Jupiter will be in Gemini. If you know a little astrology you might recognize that Mercury will be in Jupiter's sign and Jupiter will be in Mercury's sign. That's a rare condition called mutual reception.

It can have several effects. One is that the planets can seem to trade places in their influence. We have to look carefully what's coming from what direction, who is projecting and who might be blaming someone with doing with what they just did.

Another interpretation is that of a hostage situation. The two planets are in a sense held captive in a sign they have little in common with. This suggests that seemingly different political theories and approaches actually support one another. In an election, we're supposed to be differentiating between the candidates, but we don't usually notice the ways in which their approaches and conduct are similar or identical.”

“The importance of this event is highlighted by Mercury’s placement, from the perspective of the nation’s capitol. (1) Mercury is exactly on the Descendant at 4° Sagittarius, an angular position that emphasizes Mercury’s pivotal role in determining our choice. Angular planets are strongly emphasized, “louder” than they normally would be, and carry an out-of-proportion weight in the chart. The Descendant symbolizes how we relate with others, the alliances we form, and the ways we use these to structure our interactions with each other.”

“Adding fuel to the fire is Mercury’s contact with other celestials at its station, principally a square to Neptune and Chiron at 0° and 5° Pisces and a trine to Uranus at 5° Aries. All these points are also retrograde, implying a less than helpful stance in how they manifest and a willingness to go against the grain or promote reversals.

Neptune here suggests that confusion and illusion will be the order of the day, along with a healthy dose of deception or misdirection. Beware electoral sleight-of-hand in the tabulation process, with electronic voting systems that are notoriously easy to hack and amend. Chiron evokes maverick behaviors and suggests a wounding of some sort, while Uranus rules shocks, upsets, regime change, and sudden, unexpected disruption, and also ties directly, via its rulership of electronics, to potential e-vote fraud.

Whatever the outcome, the 2012 election is likely to be another for the record books, as Mercury stationing retrograde on a Black Hole says, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” ”

3rd November 2012, 20:42
There will be flying eggs?

3rd November 2012, 20:45
Time will tell!.....and it won't be a long time to wait ........ Interestingly, Patrick Geryl is predicting another 7+ earthquake somewhere on the planet between Nov. 7 & 8, based on the astrological lineups. In the short time I've been monitoring his predictions, he's been accurate.

Prodigal Son
3rd November 2012, 22:52
Astrological patterns are nice, but the elections are rigged. Why Michael Connell, IT software guru who rigged both elections for Bush and was set to testify about it, kept flying after 5 sabotage attempts on his airplane and receiving death threats from Karl Rove is beyond me.....


3rd November 2012, 23:42
I was just listening to Jeff Harman on Veritas, and he says something similar. He thinks Romney will have a few more votes than BO, but it will be a hotly contested election. He also mentioned something interesting...a friend of his ran into BO in Oxcidental (sp?) college. BO was playing a boom box very loudly, & when his friend gave him $hit, BO told him that he was going to be president one day, & basically to shove it.

I remember in the late 70's being told in school that a black man would be president by the time we were adults.

4th November 2012, 00:40
The Mercury retrograde thing leaves me with a serious case of nausea here. My only hope is that the "best laid plans" of those who plan to steal the presidential election via electronic voter fraud will themselves be caught in Mercury's net.

Hey, it could happen.



Cognitive Dissident
4th November 2012, 02:57
Thanks everyone for the comments. I do agree that the elections are rigged. Actually it may be bit more complicated than that, because both sides are trying to rig them in their favour, and there is another side which has already decided which side is going to win.

On some level, the PTB do know about astrology, but I have the feeling that the Mercury alignment is going to make the whole situation more complicated and hard to handle.

There are stories about BO having foreknowledge of being president, they may be true. Pretty stupid of him to boast about it, though. I wouldn't be surprised if Shrub did, though.

As for Patrick Geryl, he thinks there will be an apocalypse around 20 December 2012. It's nonsense! Take no notice of him, please. Even though, there is a real danger if another Carrington Event occurs, it is not possible to time it so precisely.

4th November 2012, 06:08
I agree with you about Patrick. The first time I saw him interviewed on PC, I thought he was a little overboard with the doomsday rhetoric. He seems to have made some good coin off it though.