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Lefty Dave
4th November 2012, 16:22
So wife and I set our bedroom clock back an hour before retiring...then got up this morning to find that the 'connected' clocks on cable box, computer and cell phone still read the old time...and our battery clocks had MOVED FORWARD AN HOUR..!! I think we entered the TWILIGHT ZONE !!!

Anyone else have discrepancies ???

Earth Angel
4th November 2012, 16:29
my husband got up last Sunday morning, turned on his computer and saw the time had gone back an hour, so he went through the entire house changing all the clocks and told me we'd gained an hour in the night.....I said no that's NEXT week, he said no my computer was back an hour this morning.....so I googled it and sure enough it was this week not last week........no idea why his computer , out of the three laptops and two desks tops in the house decided to turn back its clocks.

4th November 2012, 16:34
28 october was the day for turning back clocks .

wait... it's a week later for US. Hmmm

4th November 2012, 16:39
they wanted everyone well rested for the election... ;)

4th November 2012, 18:11
I turned back my clock last week because that's what we've been doing for ages on the last weekend of October.

I thought nothing more about it because my computer's clock also changed.

I was told last night that it's this weekend, not last weekend. WTF?

It hasn't made any difference to my schedule (because I have none), but I do wonder why the weekend was changed and WHO did the changing.

Any ideas?

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

4th November 2012, 18:42
cool , we moved back an hour, we time travelled. I wonder at it's inception did we move back or forward first ?? We have a three hour variance. it could be 2 o'clock , 3 o'clock or 1 o'clock.

4th November 2012, 20:30
apparently, somebody decided to extend the daylight savings time venue for an additional week. it was indeed the last week of october for as long as i can remember.


here's an interesting site that has some information.
warmest, corson

Dennis Leahy
4th November 2012, 21:15
When King George W Bush reigned, he and his pals in Congress changed the date for 'daylight savings time' (DST) to go into effect. (It was part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, that went into effect in 2007 - according to what I just looked up.)

Microsoft had decided not to fix the automatic time adjustment for DST their "older" operating system software (Windows 98 through XP), which was yet another attempt to coerce people into buying a new operating system (Windows Vista, which was launched in 2006.)

If you are running Windows XP on one or more of your computers (like I still am hahahahaha), then you may or may not have ever downloaded a patch to fix the DST issue in XP.

Or, you may have been affected by the Time Warp. :~)