View Full Version : The 'Tet-Offensive' against animals for Guy Fawkes/5th November in UK

4th November 2012, 20:49
Good grief! On 2nd November the fireworks started (Friday night), then last night it was akin to the 'Tet Offensive' (the last humongous blasts in the Vietnam war), cat's went ballistic with fright - so plugged in 'Feliway' feline nerve relaxant. Tonight was the same - yet tomorrow IS THE 5th NOVEMBER! The culmination of all this nonsense. I can hear the pitiful yeowls of next doors' petrified dogs. This has to stop! Ban explosives until 5th November in't UK when we are prepared for pet-madness! My cat's are in soporific mode at the moment due to Feliway, but it's very expensive, and the laal devils will 'come round' at 3.00am wanting to tear the house up!!!
Fed up with mopping up and picking half-spent rockets from my garden... GRRRR!!!